Tarek El Moussa Net Worth

How much is Tarek El Moussa worth?

Net Worth:$10 Million
Profession:Professional TV personality
Date of Birth:August 21, 1981
Country:United States of America
1.78 m

Who is Tarek El Moussa

Together with his then wife Christina El Moussa, Tarek started the show “Flip or Flop”. A reality TV series that followed the couple as they purchase homes, renovate them and aim to sell them at a profit. If they are successful they make money with a “flip” yet if it goes wrong and “flops” they lose money on the property, as well as all the time and effort they put in to renovate it.

As of 2021, Tarek El Moussa has a net worth approaching $10 million dollars. It hasn’t always been easy for Tarek however and while nowadays he has a formidable net worth, in 2008 he and his wife at the time, Christina, got completely wiped out. They went from living in a beautiful big house that cost them $6000 per month, to living in a tiny apartment for just $700. Fortunately as the economy began to recover so did Tarek and Christina, even making use of the crisis to invest in properties that had been foreclosed. Yet it was their next idea that really secured their fortunes.

How did Tarek get rich?

Tarek El Moussa began to earn money early on by buying properties at a deep discount and then investing time, energy and money into revamping them for sale. Tarek honed his skills from an early age looking for investment opportunities in the market. He specifically looks for undervalued homes that may be selling cheap because they have a lot of interior problems, yet the actual build is solid. He knows that if he can acquire a property that is selling for less than it’s actual value, whether that’s because it has a lot of interior work to be done, or simply because the seller is trying to unload the property quickly, he can earn a good profit by flipping it later on.

Tarek added to his net worth by creating the show “Flip or Flop” with his then wife Christina El Moussa. Tarek El Moussa is now paid about $60,000 per episode so this helps, especially if he makes a loss off the sale if a property. When they bean the show the couple together only earned about $10,000 per episode. Yet later as the show built a large audience they were paid $40,000 per episode in season 3. Now in season 9 they are paid at least $60,000 per episode.

Despite Tarek and Christina El Moussa getting divorced, and Christina remarrying and changing her name to Christina Anstead, the pair continue the “Flip or Flop” show even today.

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