Pierce Brosnan Net Worth

How much is Pierce Brosnan worth?

Net Worth:$225 Million
Profession:Professional Actor
Date of Birth:May 16, 1953
1.86 m

Who Is Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan is an Irish actor who rose to fame after starring in the TV crime drama, Remington Steele, but most people may know him as Timothy Dalton’s successor to James Bond, starring in four films as the iconic british spy. The actor has also gone on to star in the movie adaptation of the ABBA broadway musical, Mamma Mia, act alongside Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire, and he has been made an honorary Officer of the Order of the British Empire for his outstanding contribution to the British film industry. Outside of his work in movies, Brosnan is well known for his charitable work and he spent most of the 90s speaking up against the nuclear arms race and supporting same sex marriage.

As of 2021, Pierce Brosnan has a net worth of $225 million dollars.

How Did Pierce Brosnan Get So Rich?

Being a deadly assassin doesn’t come without a fat pay check, as Brosnan earned four million dollars for his first outing as Bond in Goldeneye, which is around $7 million adjusted for inflation. And with each globe trotting movie his salaries got bigger and bigger, making more than double in the follow up, Tomorrow Never Dies, with $8.2 million. Two years after that he made $12.4 million for The World Is Not Enough, and finally, $16.5 million for Die Another Day, which is the most money any actor has made from a single Bond movie, adjusted for inflation.

In total, Brosnan made just short of $50 million for his tenure as James Bond. And as his role as the gadget carrying master of seduction, clearly made him the vast majority of his wealth, the actor has also made a lot of financially smart business decisions when it comes to producing movies too. Some of the movies that Brosnan has served as executive producer on include Love Is All You Need, The Greatest, and The November Man.

Why Is He So Famous?

In 1983, Brosnan starred in the NBC romantic crime drama, Remington Steele, which follows a female private investigator who opens a detective agency under the name of Remington Steele, as potential clients wouldn’t hire a female investigator. Playing a conman, Brosnan takes the fictitious name of Remington Steele and starts working for the company. The show was massively successful as it lasted for five seasons and 94 episodes. Influenced by film noir, critics have mentioned that the show has stood the test of time due to it’s terrific acting and ahead-of-its-time storytelling, and it didn’t only launch Brosnan’s career, but it spring-boarded him in to stardom.

His first starring role in a major hollywood movie was as Stuart Dunmire in Mrs. Doubtfire, a businessman who starts dating Robin Williams’ ex-wife. The film is a classic, as it follows Robin Williams pretending to be his children’s nanny just so he can spend time with them, and it was a smash at the box office as it made over $440 million worldwide. It become the second highest grossing movie of 1993, only just being edged out by Jurassic Park. Brosnan was praised for his performance in the movie, and though many people thought he’d be typecast to this kind of role, he managed to surprise everybody with what he’d do next.

1995 saw the release of the first James Bond movie starring Brosnan, Goldeneye. Not only was the movie famous for introducing Brosnan in to the franchise, but it was also the first James Bond film not to follow any story written by James Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming. The movie also brought James Bond in to a more modern setting, bringing in more technology, and a much smarter narrative than what fans of the series were used to. Overall, critics and audiences thought Brosnan settled in to the decades old character well and the movie went on to gross $360 million worldwide. In total, Brosnan helped the franchise make $1.4 billion from the four movies he starred in.

His next tent pole movie after handing over the keys of the Aston Martin back to the studio subverted expectations once more, as after spending the last 10 years as the most iconic spy of all time, Brosnan starred in the movie adaptation of the ABBA Broadway musical, Mamma Mia. It was the feel-good movie of the year, becoming the fifth highest grossing movie of 2008. The film racked up $615 million globally, which is almost impossible for a movie with a budget of just $50 million to reach.

What Makes Brosnan So Successful?

Brosnan is has scored a lot of his roles thanks to his dashing good looks, perfect hair, and fascinating charisma. In 2001 he was voted as not just one of the sexiest men in the world, but the sexiest man in the world by People Magazine. However, it wasn’t just his dashing looks and Irish charm that got him roles in Mrs. Doubtfire and the James Bond movies, as he has seen most of his success thanks to his dramatic acting skills. For his role in Goldeneye, the actor was nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Actor, and he even won the Empire Award for Best Actor.

Brosnan had a rough childhood, as his grandparents passed away when he was just six years old, and he had an even rougher adulthood, but the actor has said that acting found him when he was at his lowest and it completely liberated him. Brosnan used his pent up frustration, anger, and sadness, and funneled it in to his acting, which is what helps him reach the heights of his hair-raising performances. It was for these performances that the actor was made an honorary Officer of the Order of the British Order by Queen Elizabeth herself.


With ridiculous good looks coupled with amazing training in dramatic acting, Brosnan has a variety of movies that show him as an actor at the top of his game and as the movie star that most people know him as. Thanks to this, Brosnan has a huge net worth of $200 million, and though most of his wealth comes from playing James Bond, he has starred in dozens of popular movies since, and he is set to play the King in the live action remake of Cinderella, which could hit the billion dollar mark at the box office.

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