Gerard Butler Net Worth

How much is Gerard Butler worth?

Net Worth:$30 Million
Profession:Professional Actor
Date of Birth:November 13, 1969
Country:Scotland, United Kingdom
1.88 m

From Beowulf to hopeless romantic in P.S. I Love You, this Scot has range and an irresistible accent to boot. 

Who Is Gerard Butler

It wasn’t until he was in his late 30s that Gerard Butler became a household name, but his rise from small-town boy with a rap sheet to Hollywood superstar, who might or might not have bedded Jennifer Aniston, was monumental. In one fell swoop Gerard decided to give acting a shot, started landing big budget films and became one of the most wanted men in the business thanks to his chiseled body’s starring role in 300.  

Scottish actor Gerard Butler has a net worth of $30 million dollars, as of 2021.

On The Other Side Of The World

Gerard James Butler was born November 13, 1969, the youngest of three in a lower-middle class family in the small milling town of Paisley, Scotland. In adolescence, Butler would have cinematic daydreams but never really considered acting as a career. “The idea of me fantasizing about becoming an actor quickly led to depression,” he says. “No, it was never going to happen to me. I was a 16-year-old kid on the other side of the world from where they made movies.”  

Blessed with intelligence and a sly charm, Butler was a gifted but unenthusiastic student, and followed his easy good grades to law school at the University of Glasgow. He even became President of the Law Society—a position, he says, “I kind of blagged my way into.”  

Despite familial pressure, something about law school didn’t sit well with him, so he took some time off and came to California, for a year of odd jobs and some serious drunken revelry. “Something very compulsive and dark and lusty and pleasurable but damaging took over,” he says, an experience that gave him adventure and freedom and an L.A. Country rap sheet.  

After spending a night in jail for being generally drunk and disorderly, Butler returned to Scotland, finished law school, and got a necessary two-year “trainee lawyer” job, but immediately knew that the law wasn’t for him. “When I put on a suit and tie,” he said, “I became desperately unhappy.” It’s very difficult to get fired as a trainee, but Butler pulled it off. His employment ended just one week before he was to qualify. He went home, broke the bad news to his mother, and after being inspired by a stage production of Trainspotting, moved to London the next day to pursue an acting career.  

Making Up For Lost Time

Butler worked a series of odd jobs in London, including handing out pages to a Steven Berkhoff play. On a lark, he read for the main part of the play and won the role. His talent for an untrained actor was remarkable: he starred on stage in Trainspotting, the very play that had inspired him to begin with.  

After a few bit parts, his breakthrough came in 2001 when he was cast as Attila the Hun in the made-for-TV movie, Attila. The next year he was alongside Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale in Reign of Fire, and the year after that, just six years after his first small role, he shot love scenes with Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life.  

With no musical experience save for a brief stint with a rock band, he took four voice lessons and won the starring role in the Phantom of the Opera in 2004. But his transition into superstardom came in 2007, where he and his abs played King Leonidas in the Frank Miller film, 300. The film was an enormous popular success, and from then on, Butler could write his own ticket.  

Butler’s’ choices since 300 have demonstrated his curiosity and passions. He’s starred in two romantic comedies, P.S. I Love You and The Bounty Hunter, as well as sci-fi (Gamer), providing voices for animation, (How to Train Your Dragon) and morally ambiguous action heroes (Law Abiding Citizen). When he’s not bouncing between twin homes in New York and Los Angeles, he can be found on the set of a new film, joking around, causing trouble and filling the big screen with the same irrepressible, charismatic realness that’s been winning him starring roles for the last decade.

Defining Quote “Just like, as a human being, I wouldn’t want to work every day of my life, I want to have some leisure time, I want to have some sexy time—you know, you want to experience all the parts of your psyche and all the parts of humanity and life, and it’s like that in films.”

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