How much is Paris Jackson worth?

Net Worth:$100 Million
Profession:Professional Model
Date of Birth:April 3, 1998
Country:United States of America
1.76 m

Who Is Paris Jackson

In a figurative/metaphorical sense? She is nearly the archetype of a tragic figure, someone who has been brought down by fate and forces beyond her control, ones she never asked for or deserved. She nearly reads as a character in a Shakespearean tragedy, or even a heroine thrown into the midst of an over-the-top Young Adult drama.

In a literal sense? Well, she’s Michael Jackson‘s daughter…maybe.

Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson was born on April 3rd, 1998, in Beverly Hills, CA. Her parents were the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, and Jackson’s second wife, Debbie Rowe. And that was about the last “normal” thing that ever happened to Paris Jackson in her life (well, unless you believe the paternity drama in the article linked above…then it’s never been normal).

MJ and Rowe divorced in 1999, and Rowe signed over all custody of Paris and her older brother, Michael Jackson Jr. (aka “Prince”), to MJ. After that, the King of Pop had sole parenting rights over the two children as well as their younger sibling, “Blanket” (now Bigi…whose biological mother, by the way, is unknown). Adding to the family drama, it was alleged that Rowe never really wanted to be married to Jackson, but instead was willing to carry Jackson’s babies (he wanted to be a father) for financial benefit. The foundation of a strong family unit, indeed.

During her youth, Paris and her siblings grew up at the Neverland Ranch, and when they did go out in public often wore masks to conceal their identities (at least she was never dangled off a balcony). Then, of course, on June 25th, 2009, her father died suddenly of cardiac arrest brought on by a drug overdose. This left Paris and her siblings in the care of their grandmother, Katherine Jackson (the matriarch of the Jackson family), but the custody was suspended in 2012 for…reasons that are almost too convoluted to get into (basically, more family drama).

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After that, things started to go even more off the rails for Paris. Today in 2020, she has a net worth of $100 million dollars, yet the story doesn’t end there…

Why Is She So Famous?

Again, she’s Michael Jackson’s only daughter. But she’s achieved quite a bit of fame in her own right…or maybe it would be better to call it infamy.

Paris and her siblings resurfaced at their father’s funeral and then made an appearance at the 2010 Grammy Awards to accept a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award for their father. She mostly stayed out of the public eye, attending high school at the Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, until 2012 when she resurfaced on Oprah Winfrey‘s Next Chapter to detail her life growing up and her experiences with cyber-bullying.

A year later, in 2013, after dealing with serious drug addiction and depression issues (including serious self-harm such as cutting) as well as an incident when she was sexually assaulted by an older stranger, the 15 year-old Jackson attempted suicide. According to reports, it was not the first time she had done so, though it was the first time her suicide attempt had been made public; after this, she attended a residential treatment program at the Diamond Ranch Academy in Utah, attending school there for her sophomore and junior year in high school.

After those rough high school years, things began to slow down a bit for Paris, and for a while her life started to get a little more relaxed and normal (as much as the daughter of a world-famous and controversial singer could be “normal”). in 2017 she signed with IMG Models and also appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine (the cover story has been linked to throughout this article); she also began pursuing a career as a singer like her father. However, in 2019, after the release of the incendiary Finding Neverland documentary, her upward trajectory was derailed again and she reportedly attempted suicide once more, though that report has been denied by Jackson (some language in the link is NSFW).

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How Did Paris Jackson Get So Rich?

Despite the fact that her life itself has been a tragedy bordering on horror show at times, one area in which she is not struggling is in her bank account.

Paris Jackson’s net worth is estimated at $100 million due to her family ties and side projects, and in addition (as noted in the Rolling Stone article), she and her siblings are the beneficiaries of Michael’s $1 billion (yes, billion) trust that will portioned out to the family over time. Between her current worth, and the wealth to come, this makes her likely to never need money again (unless she spends it all…it’s not unprecedented), and it’s certainly more money than any of us will likely ever see.

But this fortune has come at the cost (no pun intended) of so much in her life; her suicide attempts, her mental health, the constant attention and bullying from day one…it makes you wonder if, in certain situations, all that money is worth it.

What Makes Her So Successful?

I mean, is she successful? She certainly has a lot of money, she comes from a famous family, and is certainly a beautiful woman, with her intriguing mixed complexion and striking green eyes. She is in a band, she has a modeling contract, and more money coming to her than one could imagine.

But is she a success? And how much of her success – or lack thereof – is really her fault? She certainly never asked for all of the drama that has enveloped her life, and while she has done plenty of things to attract (mostly negative) attention to herself, it would be hard-pressed for someone as famous as her to disappear from the public eye. Perhaps she wishes she could. Perhaps she enjoys the public eye too much to give it up.

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If we only count wealth as the key to happiness, then yes, one could argue in that sense that Paris Jackson is “happy.” But as the Greek statesman Solon once said (via Herodotus): “Until he is dead, do not yet call a man happy, but only lucky.” Indeed, Paris has been lucky to inherit the money she has, but it is impossible to determine whether it has made her happy to any extent.


As noted in the introduction, Paris Jackson is very nearly a stock character in a long-running family drama; it would make more sense to see her life play out in a movie, or in a play, than in real life. How much can we reconcile someone’s material wealth – which she certainly has – with someone’s mental health and happiness in their lives? It would seem as though Paris Jackson is missing quite a bit in the latter department.

Perhaps her life will end up happy and she will be able to recede from the public eye. Perhaps she will remain a celebrity but land on her feet and come out of her trials and tribulations a healthier and happier person (see, for instance, Robert Downey Jr.). Perhaps, unfortunately, she will end up like her father – a tragic hero brought down by fate.

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