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How much is Tai Lopez worth?

Net Worth:$15 Million
Date of Birth:April 11, 1977 (age 45)
Country:United States of America
5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)

About Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is an American marketer and public figure, born in 1977 in Fullerton, California. While not much is known about his early life, during his thirties, Tai focused on internet marketing, self-branding, and online education. Over the last few years, his entrepreneurial life turned Tai into an internet celebrity advocating for personal growth and online business opportunities. Not to mention making headlines with his acquisition of various well known brands, including Pier1 and RadioShack.

You may have also noticed that if you type “Tai Lopez scam” in YouTube, for us anyway, it pulls up many results claiming to expose Tai Lopez and so on. However perhaps that’s just troll culture nowadays? Lopez paints a target on his back by displaying a life of wealth and luxury, yet from the best of our efforts, much of what Tai is saying is true. And in terms of Internet Marketing, the guy also clearly does know what he is doing.

American internet entrepreneur Tai Lopez has a net worth as high as $15 million dollars, as of 2023.

Prior to 2015, Tai Lopez was relatively unknown, with a negligible social media presence. He came into the spotlight through a series of flashy YouTube ads, showcasing his successful life as an entrepreneur. His fame came through the eventual morphing of his adverisement into a kind of internet “meme” with the associated catchphrase “here in my garage” with Tai Lopez.

That “here in my garage” video showcased Tai next to a brand new Lamborghini, and segued into an ad for his product. We do not know the facts about the items Tai Lopez claims to own, lease or rent. However, even if he does rent the massive mansion and lease the sports cars… so? Even billionaire Peter Thiel is said to lease one of his mansions, instead of buy. That is not some kind of proof that Tai Lopez isn’t extremely rich.

As his following over social media started to gain traction, Tai also shifted his efforts towards building a personal brand rather than selling a lifestyle. This strategy landed him an appearance on a TEDx Talk about self-development. According to Tai, he reads a book a day and that has served as the support for his many businesses, including a book shipping and e-learning company known as MentorBox.

With the aid of his initial YouTube ads selling his digital products, Tai Lopez was able to build an online presence with a loyal following that continues to grow. He releases regular videos and makes guest appearances to preserve and grow his brand and his following. Often being seen with other internet gurus, like Grant Cardone. Not to mention having the likes of Mark Cuban come to his house. For us, Tai Lopez is legit.

While his extravagant and luxurious lifestyle shown in the ad received mixed reactions, his following grew exponentially. Tai Lopez began marketing his self-improvement, business development, marketing, and financial success programs to his ever-increasing following. His online presence, persona, and marketing tactics allowed him to increase his social following which he then monetized to build leads and sell digital products. Kudos, there’s nothing wrong with that.

In the early 2000s, Tai says he became a certified financial planner and started working in wealth management. He has said that he was the “founder, investor, advisor, or mentor to more than 20 multi-million dollar businesses.”

Tai Lopez is likely most well known for a selection of dating sites, including EliteMeeting.com, ModelMeet.com, and MeetingMillionaires.com. Each of the sites dealt with complaints ranging from fake profiles to unauthorized charges on credit cards tied to accounts, according to Vice.

Possibly because of criticism and competitiveness in the industry, Tai shifted his efforts away from dating websites and in 2015 he emerged as a marketing guru, selling digital learning programs, instead.

Starting in 2015, from what we can gather, Tai Lopez began making significant amounts of money with his online marketing programs. His first YouTube ad must have been extremely lucrative considering how long it ran and how many people were talking it. It seemed to grab the attention of almost everyone in the Internet Marketing world. It was everywhere and it created curiosity for his 67 Steps program which is also said to be one of his biggest sources of income to this day.

The 67 Steps program seems to claim to help just about anyone obtain (just about everything?) such as wealth, health, love, and happiness. According to Tai Lopez, the program has more than 150,000 active, paying members. The program costs something like $37.00 for lifetime access but I’m pretty sure there is an upsell $49.00 per month, which would make it a substantial revenue stream for Tai.

Another source of income for Tai Lopez is his book business and his e-learning company, MentorBox. On the site it says, “Get access to the most powerful lessons taught by the authors of hand-picked, best-selling books”.

Tai also sells multiple online courses covering internet marketing, entrepreneurship, cryptocurrency, real estate, and many others. For private customers, Tai offers coaching and consulting. He even offers free content describing his marketing process, tactics, and how he grows his businesses. From what we can gather, Tai Lopez uses advertisements to attract people to sign up to his email list which he uses to regularity promote his various products. Likely earning millions in the process.

While for most people, these sources of income alone would be sufficient, Tai Lopez is a businessman and has since expanded and created additional businesses, including selling sleeping glasses.

Tai Lopez seems to earn well directly with his YouTube channel and his podcasts. It seems that he has frequent sponsors that likely pay top dollar to be mentioned or be part of his videos or podcast.

Over the past few years however, Tai Lopez has been getting in the news for the apparent aquistion of a number of well known brands. Including Pier1, dressbarn, Linens ‘N Things, RadioShack, FarmersCart and The Franklin Mint.

Tai Lopez would have not reached these levels of success if it wasn’t for his focus on personal branding. Tai Lopez is the brand and most people that have heard of Tai know him for his personality first, and often know very little about his various digital products. The popularity of the Tai Lopez’s brand is what drives the sales, though. As more people discover his free online content, some of them convert into paying customers. Maybe only 3 or 4% of people who come into contact with Tai Lopez end up buying something that he sells, but that still surely equals millions of profits for him. After all, once Tai produces an eBook or video course, the costs are virtually zero to sell it again and again and again. These huge profit margins are likely the reason why Tai Lopez has become so rich.

For this to happen however, Tai Lopez still does need to employ a team of people. However most of what he appears to be doing is virtual in nature leading to far lower costs, compared to traditional or brick and mortar businesses. Although nowadays, he owns those too.

Most of all, Tai Lopez relies on his mastery of marketing techniques common among internet marketing professionals. Some of these common methods can come under scrutiny however. Like creating product scarcity (when there really isn’t any?), painting a picture of a lavish lifestyle (can the watcher expect to achieve the same?), possibly even using future pacing; a type of almost-hypnotic NLP technique that can cause the viewer to think that by buying a product they will get the result they desire. These are commonly used online. We have not viewed Tai Lopez’s advertisements closely enough to confirm whether or not he does indeed use these types of strategies, however even if he does, they are not illegal and we are aware that he offers a refund policy. So no harm, no foul.

Plus, from what we have seen, the production value of his free content is very good. He provides a lot of value and does seem genuinely interested in helping people. A young Tony Robbins, perhaps? People tend to forget Tony Robbins caught flack too.

Some have told us that a contributing factor for them buying a Tai Lopez product was actually his honesty about how much income could be earned. Perhaps his quite upfront attitude combined with carefully planned marketing campaigns, is the reason why Tai Lopez has become so successful.


Tai Lopez is an excellent internet marketer, entrepreneur, and successful YouTuber. His attempt at earning in the online dating industry seemed to end in temporary failure, however it also seems to have been the driving force behind his eventual reinvention.

Having reinvented himself as a quasi self-help guru / internet market expert, Tai Lopez finally experienced incredible success. As of 2023, Tai Lopez’s net worth is estimated to be $15 million dollars.

He was one of the first few internet marketers that focused on building a personal brand rather than selling a lifestyle and profited from his early days when his advertisement became an internet meme. His first YouTube video “here in my garage” was a fortunate mistake morphing from being seen as almost a “joke” in the community, until it wasn’t. And is quite possibly one of the most profitable YouTube ads of all time.

Tai Lopez discovered that building a personal brand and embracing both the positive and negative reactions to his first YouTube ad is part of the journey. Overall it was marked success.

Since 2015, Tai Lopez continues to launch new businesses and has grown his YouTube channel. Many of his smaller ventures nowadays seem to end up generating a revenue, just because his name is attached to them. He’s since leveraged his talents to acquire well known brands such as Pier1 and RadioShack.

Who knows how far Tai Lopez will go from here? Yet I’m sure one day, he would like descriptions of his as a millionaire, to start with a B instead.

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