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How much is Tai Lopez worth?

Net Worth:$60 Million
Date of Birth:April 11, 1977
Country:United States of America
1.75 m

Who Is Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is an American marketer and public figure, born in 1977 in Fullerton, California. While not much is known about his early life, during his thirties, Tai focused on internet marketing, self-branding, and online education. As of late, his entrepreneurial life turned Tai into an internet celebrity advocating for personal growth and online business opportunities.

While it’s possible Tai Lopez’s net worth is as high as $60 million it could actually be closer to $5 million.

American internet entrepreneur Tai Lopez has a net worth as high as $60 million dollars, as of 2021. This net worth figure is speculative because there is little information to go on — plus, he’s a marketer so inflates his worth –, it could be as low as $2 – $5 million.

There have been so many scam reports associated to his name that it’s unprecedented. We don’t get reports on any other person like we do for Tai. For example, the latest, we have received many reports that despite a refund policy, Tai Lopez does not refund. Instead the staff make excuses and fail to return customers money.

How did Tai Lopez earn his net worth?

Up to 2014, Tai Lopez tried his luck running dating websites. The websites he ran were under constant scrutiny by its users as many accused these dating websites had fake profiles to attract more user signups to increase sales of premium features. Tai was able to make some money from running dating websites. Due to criticism and competitiveness of the industry, Tai shifted his efforts away from dating websites and in 2015 he emerged as a marketing guru, selling digital learning programs.

Starting with 2015, Tai Lopez began making significant amounts of money with his online learning programs. His first YouTube ad was extremely lucrative as grabbed the attention of everyone. It was everywhere and it created curiosity for his 67 Steps program which is also his biggest source of income. The 67 Steps program claims to help anyone obtain everything desirable such as wealth, love, and happiness. According to Tai Lopez, the program has more than 200,000 active, paying members. The program costs $49.00 per month which makes it his biggest revenue source.

Another source of income for Tai Lopez is his book shipping business and his e-learning company. He is selling books that he read as part of his curating program. Tai also sells multiple online courses covering internet marketing, entrepreneurship, cryptocurrency, real estate, and many others. For private customers, Tai also offers coaching and consulting. He even offers free content describing his marketing process, tactics, and how he grows his businesses.

While for most people, these sources of income alone would be sufficient to live a lavish life, Tai expanded and created another business, selling sleeping glasses.

Lastly, Tai Lopez makes a good amount of money directly with his YouTube channel and his podcasts. He has frequent sponsors that pay top dollar to be mentioned or part of his videos or podcast.

How did Tai Lopez suddenly become famous?

Prior to 2015, Tai Lopez was relatively unknown, with a negligible social media following. He came to the spotlight through a series of flashy YouTube ads, showcasing his successful life as an entrepreneur. His fame came in the form of a meme as many associate the phrase “here is my garage” with Tai Lopez. That video showcased Tai next to what he claimed at that time to be his new Lamborghini, which was an ad for one of his online programs.

As his following over social media started to gain traction, Tai also shifted his efforts towards building a personal brand rather than selling a lifestyle that landed him an appearance on a TEDx Talk about self-development. According to Tai, he reads a book a day that served as a support for his book shipping and e-learning company known as MentorBox.

With the aid of his initial YouTube ads selling his digital products, Tai Lopez was able to build an online presence with a loyal following that continues to grow. He releases regular videos and makes guest appearances regularly to preserve and grow his brand and his following.

While his extravagant and luxurious lifestyle shown in the ad received mixed reactions, his following grew exponentially. Tai began marketing his self-improvement, business development, marketing, and financial success programs to his ever-increasing following. His online presence, persona, and marketing tactics allowed him to increase social following which also helped him get leads for his digital products.

What makes him so successful?

Tai Lopez would have not reached these levels of success if he would have not focused on personal branding. Tai Lopez is the brand and most people that have heard of Tai know him for his personality first and very little of the digital products he is selling. The popularity of the Tai Lopez brand is also what drives sales. As more people discover his free online content, some of them convert into paying customers.

For this to happen, Tai Lopez employs many marketing tactics that are popular amongst other gurus such as creating artificial product scarcity, boasting about his lavish lifestyle, putting himself in the shoes of viewers that strive to reach his level of success and providing free content that is usually a sales pitch.

The production value of his free content and his lavish lifestyle allows him to establish authority which creates a certain degree of trust. This helps Tai drive sales for his programs. The biggest contributor to his success is his honesty about how much revenue he is generating, being blunt whenever he is pitching a product, and his means of delivering a sales pitch. Combined with carefully planned marketing campaigns, Tai Lopez was able to reach an estimated net worth of as much as $60,000,000 with his business ventures.


Tai Lopez is an excellent internet marketer, entrepreneur, and successful YouTuber. His attempt at making a fortune in the online dating industry turned out to be a failure that forced him to reinvent himself. He was one of the first few internet marketers that focused on building a personal brand rather than selling a lifestyle and profited from his early days when he became a meme. His first YouTube video known as a joke as “here is my garage” was a fortunate mistake. Instead of perusing the same path of pitching a lavish lifestyle, Tai discovered that building a personal brand and embracing both the positive and negative reactions to his first YouTube ad is part of the journey.

Since 2015, Tai Lopez continued to launch new businesses and grew his YouTube channel. Most of his smaller ventures that ended up generating a revenue stream, succeeded just because his name was attached to them. Understanding this makes Tai Lopez a lot of money and proved that if you are a good enough marketer, you can sell anything to anyone, and sometimes, mistakes and internet memes can turn someone unknown into a successful businessman and social media personality.

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