Tony Robbins Net Worth

How much is Tony Robbins worth?

Net Worth:$600 Million
Profession:Professional Self-Help Guru
Date of Birth:February 29, 1960
Country:United States of America
2.01 m

Who Is Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a motivational speaker, life coach, best selling author, philanthropist, and self-help guru from Glendora, CA. Born on February 29, 1960, Robbins is recognized as one of the top motivational speakers in the world.

Although raised in Glendora, CA, Tony was born in North Hollywood. His birth name was Anthony Mahavoric and his parents divorced when he was seven years old. The oldest of his two siblings, his mother later remarried a semi-professional baseball player by the name of Jim Robbins. This is how is how Tony Robbins got his name.

Childhood was unkind to Tony Robbins in many ways. He grew up poor and in poverty along with his brother and sister. Robbins lamented going to school because he’d outgrow his clothes before his family could afford to buy new ones. Tony was afraid to take girls out on dates because he might not be able to pay for their meal.

Robbins has often stated that his childhood was abusive and chaotic. He worked as a handyman to help support his siblings. Tony frequently got in heated arguments with his mother. When he was 17, a serious argument between the two resulted in Tony leaving and never returning home.

Working as a janitor to pay his rent on a 400 sq. ft. apartment, Tony never attended college. He was in a state of depression after leaving home. Robbins was sad because people around him were living the life he wanted to have. Tony felt life was unfair and had a habit of blaming others for his problems and unsatisfactory life.

Fast-forward, in 2020, we calculate Tony Robbins has a net worth of $600 million dollars… and counting. After coming out of his early depression and dealing with his childhood problems, Tony became one of the richest self-help gurus in history.

How did Tony Robbins get so rich?

Tony Robbins accumulated his wealth from seminars, public speaking engagements, life coaching, and infomercials. In the late ’80s, when he first became famous, Robbins charged $60 for people to attend three-hour seminars. He also hosted a $300, four-day workshop.

The events started with only a few dozen attendants. However, attendance rapidly grew to over a thousand people coming to his seminars and workshops.

He also got rich from the sales of several best selling self-help books. Books like “Unlimited Power”, “Awaken The Giant Within”, and “Money, Master The Game” are all best-sellers Robbins published early on in his career.

The energetic motivational speaker made big money from his life coaching endeavors, as well. He was hired by the San Antonio Spurs and tennis star Andre Agassi to motivate them to play sports at a higher level. He taught them tricks to control their minds during a game, deal with pressure and perform at their best. Robbins is a master at NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) which is a method of controlling the mind through language, especially self-talk, to ensure optimal performance. This among many other tools and strategies, is how he helps his clients reach success in their sports, and businesses.

By 1997, Tony Robbins was commanding $160k per day for public speaking appearances. He also was getting paid at least $1 million in retainer fees to advise celebrities and other high powered clients. Tony has even held meetings with Bill Clinton and Sylvester Stallone who were seeking his counsel.

Today Tony Robbins sits at the head of a huge information-based business. Through his books, online courses, workshops and seminars it is estimated that he makes as much as $50 million dollars per year. And that’s not counting his real estate investments, stocks, bonds and other investments.

One of his programs, Unleash the Power Within, earns as much as $10 million dollars for the motivational speaker, alone. These earnings aren’t anything new for Robbins either, it was estimated that he was making between $40 to $50 million dollars as early as 2005.

Why is he so famous?

At the age of 18, Tony Robbins experienced an epiphany. He made the decision that he would no longer blame others for his failures.

Instead of eating and moping, he decided to use his willpower and go for a run. Not far from his tiny apartment was a beach. Tony put on his headphones and sneakers and just started running alongside the seashore. It was during this run that Robbins generated the drive and passion to create a life he could be proud of.

Soon after his life-changing run, Tony took action. He started his company, Robbins Research Institute from his pathetic apartment. With only a desk, chair, an eight-track player (music helped him escape depression), and a hammock, he set out on his journey.

Robbins began studying what it would take to attain the type of life he was longing for. He realized by helping people believe in themselves, change their lives, and achieve their dreams, he’d be in demand. He realized that the occupation would be of immense value to Robbins himself, and help other people too, earning money in the process.

Plunging into years of research Tony Robbins read hundreds of books and began to master hidden knowledge. He was especially influenced by John Grinder and Richard Bandler’s work on NLP. Part of the strategy of Neuro-linguistic programming is modeling successful people, their habits and how they think, before applying these to our own lives. This helped Robbins remap his own life, become conscious of his thoughts and how they made him feel, as well as provide him the basis of his training materials.

Tony started hosting seminars from a friend’s backyard using his newly acquired knowledge, they quickly became wildly popular. During these seminars, he would walk over hot coals without getting burned. He had people think of cool moss and shout the words as they would walk over the coals. The seminars taught students they could conquer their fears using control of their own minds, as well as direct their minds to achieve objectives in their lives.

Robbins’ fame exploded when he met a publisher interested in his message. The company agreed to publish “Unlimited Power” which became a best selling book. Tony quickly purchased late-night TV advertising space promoting the book and seminar tapes. He earned a reputation as a self-help guru and appeared on the Merv Griffen show.

From that time forward Tony Robbins has gone from strength to strength with his books and audio tapes, seminars and later, online courses. When the internet came along Robbins was an early adopter and leveraged it to market his products globally.

What makes him so successful?

From the outside looking in, a tumultuous childhood appears to be the reason for Robbins’ ultimate success. There were times he was stealing food and eating it in grocery stores because he was starving and couldn’t afford it. Having experiences like that could’ve been traumatic enough to propel him to great success later on. He didn’t have a rich family or trust fund to fall back on, no safety net, just pure determination to succeed.

If you let Robbins tell it however, the arrival of his unplanned son is what forced him to succeed. “When you have to support someone you care more about than yourself, success is your only option.” Robbins is quoted saying.

Robbins went from making $38k per year to $1 million per year after his son Jairick was born. Tony has said that he thought he was driven before his son’s arrival, but his birth accelerated his drive.

Tony Robbins is also successful because he learned to be a producer instead of a consumer at an early age. Most people spend too much time on social media or watching TV. Instead of doing similar things at the time, Tony read books, increased his knowledge with would later turn into numerous best-selling books and courses.


Most people think internet and personal development guru’s are a scam. While Robbins got started before the internet, he was a pioneer for what many gurus today practice online.

Tony Robbins’ journey is interesting because you can see how profitable it can be to be an influencer. If you have a message to share, a platform, and something of value to sell, you can get rich while helping others.

The amount of people who have been influenced by his work is countless, many of them high profile celebrities as well as entrepreneurs and wealth businessman. What’s more incredible though is how he has helped the everyday person. People who may not naturally have been born with a lot of talent, and certainly don’t have a rich family or connections, yet through the help of Robbins’ courses, have gone on to reach success in their careers.

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