How much is Dan Bilzerian worth?

Net Worth:$200 Million
Date of Birth:December 7, 1980
Country:United States of America
1.74 m

Who Is Dan Bilzerian

Amazingly, despite his massive popularity on Instagram, many people still don’t know who Dan Bilzerian is. The Internet personality became famous for uploading photos of his lavish playboy lifestyle, as he is often photographed playing poker with hundreds of thousands of dollars by his side, being surrounded by supermodels in bikinis, and driving super cars that anybody else could only dream of driving. Bilzerian is now known as the “King of Instagram” and he currently has over 30 million followers.

We calculate Dan Bilzerian has a net worth of close to $200 million dollars, as of 2020.

How Did Dan Bilzerian Make His Money?

After being discharged from the Navy SEALS and studying business and criminology, Bilzerian began playing poker at 29 years old. According to Bilzerian himself, the majority of his wealth comes from playing poker professionally. He has claimed that he once won almost $11 million for a single night of poker, and that he made a total of $50 million in 2014 from poker playing alone. Though his poker skills have been disputed and there are claims that his claim that his wealth comes from poker is a facade for the fact that he inherited his wealth. Bilzerian has since stated that he no longer plays against professionals and just plays against the general public.

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Besides his long and controversial dive into the professional world of poker, the Internet personality is somewhat of a movie producer too. Bilzerian invested one million dollars in the production of the Mark Wahlberg led movie Lone Survivor with the strange condition that Bilzerian be given eight minutes of screen time, despite having no experience or skills in acting. Though the final cut of the movie only had Bilzerian on screen for just one minute, he made back 150% of what he initially invested in the movie. It even opened up doors in Hollywood for him as he has since acted in very testosterone fueled movies such as The Equalizer and War Dogs.

Dan Bilzerian’s father, Paul Bilzerian, was a businessman and a banker who accrued hundreds of millions of dollars and became under investigation for fraud. There is a lot of speculation about how much of Dan Bilzerian’s net worth was inherited from his father. Bilzerian has admitted to inheriting a certain amount of his wealth from his father but refuses to disclose exactly how much.

Why Is He So Famous?

Instagram is full of people trying to prove their lives are amazing, Bilzerian became the man everybody wanted to live through vicariously as he jet sets around the world, he even gained the attention of celebrities such as as Post Malone, Mark Wahlberg, and many others that feature in his videos during parties at his Beverly Hills mansion. There are a number of things that could draw your attention to his Instagram account depending on who you are. He has a massive gun collection that he likes to test with half naked girls in the desert. These photos and videos rack up millions of views and likes.

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He has been the subject of a lot of controversy in recent years bringing a lot more eyes on him than he usually would have. A lot of people question how fabricated his lifestyle is. He featured on Joe Rogan’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, and his episode is one of the most viewed on the channel, with 17 million views. However, when Bilzerian was in the bathroom, Rogan speculated that Bilzerian pays the models that he travels with.

What Makes Him So Successful?

Bilzerian surrounds himself with beautiful women and shows off his just as beautiful home. People want to live vicariously through him as he parties with world class DJs such as Steve Aoki. It could be argued that most of Bilzerian’s success is due to perfect timing as Bilzerian took advantage of Instagram in the app’s early years. Coupled with the fact that no other user of the network was uploading the kind of content that Bilzerian was, he rose to become the so-called “king of Instagram”. Now the app has been completely saturated with Dan Bilzerian-type content, full of braggadocios and attention seeking photos, but none have seen success like Bilzerian has.

Bilzerian is such a huge influencer that even the smallest connection with the poker player will launch your career. A lot of the models who travel around with Bilzerian have seen a successful career afterwards. After featuring in a couple of photos with Bilzerian, the women receive hundred of thousands of new followers on Instagram, get endorsement deals with make-up and clothing brands, and ultimately become major influencers on social networking apps.

For the past couple of years, Bilzerian has had a growing interest in marijuana and has even started his own CBD company named Ignite. The company sells products such as strains, vaporizer cartridges, and CBD oils. Not only does the company sell CBD products, but it also sells its own vodka and even bikinis with the brands logo on it. As Bilzerian uses the women he jet sets around the world with to promote Ignite’s products, he has been accused of bringing sexism in to the cannabis industry. However, the controversial tactic has proved successful, as it almost doesn’t look like promotion on his instagram account as the promotional photo is indistinguishable from what he gets up to in his eccentric lifestyle. The company is doing extraordinarily well as Ignite sells a lot of its products oversees as there are fewer regulations.

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Inside Dan Bilzerian’s Mansion


Dan Bilzerian is such an iconic figure that even T-Pain named a song after him. The playboy reportedly has an estimated net worth of $200 million. The figure is likely to grow exponentially in the coming years as the Internet personality’s CBD company is growing in popularity as long as the number of his Instagram followers continue to increase. Bilzerian is also currently writing a book about his experiences, and seeing how he had two heart attacks by the age of 32 due to his lifestyle, it’s bound to be an interesting read.

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