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They said karate couldn’t work in MMA. They said that it was simply a traditional martial arts style whose time was long gone. But then Shotokan Karate master Lyoto Machida burst onto the MMA scene on May 2, 2003 with a decision victory over Kengo Watanabe.

And suddenly people realized that karate, or at least the style of it that Machida practiced, was a highly effective striking art no matter what the situation.

Brazilian professional mixed martial artist and karateka Lyoto Machida has a net worth of $5 million dollars, as of 2021. Machida is currently signed with Bellator MMA, competing in the Light heavyweight division.
  • Date of Birth: Lyoto Machida was born on May 30, 1978 in Salvador, Brazil.
  • Training Camp and Fighting Organization: Machida trains out of Black House, which is currently in the middle of a transition. He fights for the UFC organization.

Martial Arts Background

Machida is the son of Shotokan Karate master Yoshizo Machida, so it’s no surprise that he started studying karate at the age of three and achieved his black belt by age 13. His martial arts life is one of constant refinement, as he started learning Sumo by the age of 12 and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by 15. Additionally, Machida was tutored by Japanese professional wrestling star Antonio Inoki while getting a degree in physical education in college. He also began training Muay Thai at that time.

Today, Machida often trains with the Nogueira brothers and Anderson Silva. Thus, he works with some of the the best in MMA.

UFC Beginnings

The World Fighting Alliance (WFA) folded soon after Machida defeated Vernon White on July 22, 2006 in his only fight with the organization. Usually, that’s bad news. But in this case, the WFA folding equated to the UFC picking up his contract. At UFC 67, Machida made his UFC debut, defeating Sam Hoger by decision.

Fighting Style

Shotokan Karate teaches practitioners to strike hard and then move out of range quickly. Machida does this as well as anyone in MMA. Beyond that, he possesses excellent takedowns, takedown defense, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills. He is a very well-rounded MMA fighter.

Still, many have labeled his counter striking style as boring. In part due to this, Machida has become more aggressive as his career has moved forward, particularly when he has sensed that his opponent was in trouble.

Personal and Family Life

Machida is the third son of Yoshizo Machida, head of the Brazilian branch of the Japan Karate Association. His brother, Shinzo, is a Shotokan vice-champion (Australia 2006). Interestingly, he and Shinzo once fought in a Karate Final where Machida left his brother with a cheek scar that is still present today. Machida’s other brother, Kenzo, is a TV journalist in Brazil.

Machida is married to Fabyola, whom gave birth to their son Taiyo in September 2008.

Biggest Victories:

  • Machida defeats Thiago Silva by first round KO at UFC 94: This was simply a dominating performance. Machida hit Silva with several hard blows- both standing and on the ground- to which Silva had no answer. In the end, he was able to net a KO just before the first round bell sounded.
  • Machida defeats Tito Ortiz by decision at UFC 84: Was this the most exciting fight of all-time? No. But there are very few fighters that have proven able to shirk Tito Ortiz takedowns. After this fight, there was no doubt that Machida was one of them.
  • Machida defeats Rich Franklin via second round TKO at Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2003 – Inoki Festival: Machida followed up a second round head kick with tons of punches to end this one. In the end, a victory over a future UFC champion is always sure to put you on the map.

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