Jesse Itzler Net Worth

How much is Jesse Itzler worth?

Net Worth:$125 Million
Date of Birth:August 22, 1968 (age 54)
Country:United States of America
6 ft (1.83 m)

About Jesse Itzler

Jesse Itzler, whose full name is Jesse Eric Itzler, is an American author, businessman, endurance athlete, entrepreneur, and former rapper. Prior to his graduation from the American University in the 1990s, he started his career first as a singer and songwriter. He secured a recording deal with Delicious Vinyl records with whom he produced and released several singles. Apart from the music career, Itzler has also been a proactive author and entrepreneur, and, he’s also the co-founder of one of the biggest jet card companies in the world – Marquis Jet.

Jesse Itzler is married to billionaire businesswoman and founder of Spanx, Sara Blakely.

American entrepreneur, author, and rapper Jesse Itzler has an estimated net worth of $125 million dollars, as of 2023. Itzler co-founded one of the largest private jet card companies in the world, Marquis Jet. By 2007 the company was turning over $700M and in 2010 was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway’s NetJets, earning Itzler hundreds of millions overnight.

Jesse Itzler became famous after he signed with the record label Delicious Vinyl. He was born on August 22, 1968, in Roslyn, New York. His parents are Daniel and Elsa Itzler. His father worked as an investor, while his mother was a president of the Roslyn Board of Education. After graduating from high school, he enrolled at the American University. In 1990, he earned a degree in law, justice, and society.

Shortly after graduating college, Jesse pursued a music career. His recording tapes helped him secure a deal with the label Delicious Vynil records. He began working for the record label as both a songwriter and singer, using the stage name Jesse Jaymes at the time. He co-wrote songs for various artists, especially Tone Loc.

In 1991, he also released his debut single titled “Shake It Like A White Girl”. The song wasn’t a commercial success, however, it did enter the US Billboard 100 at number 74 and was later featured in the soundtrack album of the 2004 movie White Chicks.

Apart from music, what helped this entrepreneur get so rich was his impressive music career. In the early 1990s, he continued to create new music for other artists and for himself. In 1992 he continued to attain national coverage when he released the song “Go NY Go”, which became the national theme for the New York Knicks team. Among one of the 50+ original songs that he wrote for basketball teams was “I Love This Game”, which eventually earned an Emmy Award.

While making a name for himself with his singing and songwriting skills, Jesse also became a businessman and entrepreneur in the mid-1990. In 1996, he and his friend Kenny Dichter (who is the CEO of Wheels Up) co-founded the label Alphabet City Sports Records. The company gained popularity for creating classic arena songs for professional sports teams. Among some of the many teams they worked with are the Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, and Washington Wizards. By the end of 1999, from his many professions, Jesse was able to earn an estimated $1 million.

His career truly skyrocketed in the early years of the new century. In 2001, he became one of the co-founders of one of the world’s largest private jet card companies – Marquis Jet. He served as the vice-chairman of the company for over eight years until 2009 when the company was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway.

Over the last decade Jesse Itzler has continued to invest and his business ventures have proved profitable. In fact he and his wife Sara Blakely (Spanx founder) are so rich; in 2015 they purchased the Atlanta Hawks for more than an estimated $850 million.

After Marquis Jet was acquired, Jesse moved on to other business endeavors. In 2009, he created a brand incubator and accelerator – 100 Mile Group. Almost immediately, the company created partnerships with Coca-Cola, ZICO Coconut Water, and other prosperous companies.

Most recently, he and his wife Sara Blakely joined a group of businesspeople who purchased the Atlanta Hawks for more than an estimated $850 million. Besides all of this, he also gained popularity for being an endurance athlete that has taken part in multiple USA National Ultra Marathons around all states.


Jesse Itzler is one of the world’s most famous and wealthy entrepreneurs. Currently, he has an estimated net worth of $125 million, which continues to grow from all of his business ventures. He first started his career as a rapper and songwriter in the 1990s.

A decade later, he began co-founding companies and brands that helped him achieve fame and wealth. Most recently he released his debut book titled Living with a Seal: 31 Days Training, which became a New York Times Bestseller that also topped the LA Times book list.

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