James May Net Worth

How much is James May worth?

Net Worth:$35 Million
Profession:Professional TV Presenter
Date of Birth:January 16, 1963
Country:United Kingdom
1.82 m

About James May

James Daniel May is an English author, columnist, journalist, and television presenter that’s best known for being a leading star of the monitoring program “Top Gear”, alongside Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson. In addition to that show, from the early 1980s until now, he has worked as a journalist, sub-editor, and co-presenter of many journalists and television projects. He has also appeared on many documentaries and television series such as “Oz and James”, “James May’s Top Toys”, “James May’s 20th Century”, “James May’s Man Lab”, and “James May: The Reassembler”.

English television presenter and journalist James May has a net worth of $35 million dollars, as of 2021. May is best known as a co-presenter of the motoring programme Top Gear alongside Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond.

How Did James May Get So Rich?

The television star became rich from his acclaimed and prosperous journalism and television career. In the late years of the 1980s, he began working for the “Car Magazine” and “Top Gear” magazines. In 1992, he was dismissed from the “Autocar” magazine for performing a prank (more specifically adding an acrostic in an article). It was the hidden message that helped May achieve some sort of popularity prior to his work for the factual television program.

His television career began in 1998 with an appearance on the motoring television program “Driven” on Channel 4. The following year, he began working as a brief co-presenter of the original “Top Gear” series. From his multi-year contract with BBC, he became a well-known television star in just a few years time and earned himself a little over $50.000 per year. In the early 2000s, he earned the nickname “Captain Slow” for his very careful driving star that has been documented numerous times. In 2003, he began co-presenting the (second) revived series of “Top Gear”.

Why is he so famous?

James May became famous in the early 2000s when he became the co-presenter of “Top Gear”. He was born on 16 January 1963 in Bristol, England. He’s one of four children to James, an aluminum factory manager, and Kathleen May, homemaker. He was named after his father and has two sisters and one brother. James attended the Caerleon Endowed Junior School and spent his teenage years in South Yorkshire. There, he attended the Oakwood Comprehensive School and was a choirboy at the Whiston Parish Church.

He initially pursued a career in music and studied at the Pendle College, Lancaster University, where he learned to play flute and piano. After his graduation, he briefly worked at the local hospital in Chelsea as a records officer. He also had a short stint in the civil service just before he ventured into a journalism career. In the early 1980s, he began working as the sub-editor of the London-based magazines and websites of “The Engineer” and “Autocar”.

What Makes Him So Successful?

The success of the “Top Gear” television host comes from his many professions and media appearances. Apart from “Top Gear”, James has also taken part in many other television projects. In the mid-2000s, he became the presenter of “James May’s Top Toys”, “Top Gear of the Pops”, “James May on the Moon” and “James May’s Toy Stories”. Throughout the next few years, he has continuously starred as guest and presenter of more than twenty documentaries and television specials, with the most recent being “James May: The Reassembler”, and “The Grand Tour”.

Besides being a media sensation, James May has many other professions. The author and columnist has written and released sixteen books, some of which became New York Times best-sellers and led to the creation of films or television series. He has also taken part in several television advertisements (London Pride and The Tank Museum) and video games like “Forza Motorsport 5 and 6”, “Gran Turismo 6”, and “The Grand Tour Game”. Lately, he has launched his own YouTube channel (“JM’s unemployment tube”), television channel (“Head Squeeze”), and social network for motoring fans called Drive Tribe alongside his “Top Gear” presenters.


James May is a well-known British columnist, journalist, and television present that became famous when he joined the “Top Gear” magazine and television series. For the past three decades, he has earned more than $30 million and has taken part in multiple radio shows, television series, documentaries, and newspapers.

Most recently, the British star began creating content online for his own YouTube channel and became the co-founder of a television channel and social network dedicated specifically to the fans of “Top Gear” and other motoring series.

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