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How much is Emily Blunt worth?

Net Worth:$25 Million
Profession:Professional Actress
Date of Birth:February 23, 1983
Country:London, United Kingdom
1.71 m

This classic British beauty has the kind of career aspiring actresses only dream of—she’s played a queen, a princess and a violent crime scene cleaning lady. Emily Blunt is the import who’s stolen the hearts of America as well as the heart of our favorite homegrown funnyman, John Krasinski.

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Who Is Emily Blunt

Born 23rd February 1983 in Wandsworth, London, Emily Blunt is a British-American actress best known for her roles in A Quiet Place, The Devil Wears Prada, and Edge of Tomorrow, as well as many others. Her acting debut came in 2001 when starring in a stage production of the Royal Family, and three years later made her big-screen appearance in the 2004 movie My Summer of Love.

As well as the big screen, Emily Blunt has made appearances on several TV shows, including Foyles War, Poirot, and the TV mini-series, Empire. She’s been nominated for two British Academy Awards and the recipient of a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award. Emily Blunt became a dual citizen in August 2015 after becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States, stating it helped her with her tax situation.

Blunt had a three-year relationship with singer-songwriter Michael Buble from 2005 to 2008 and started dating American actor John Krasinski after the split. The couple tied the knot on 10th July 2010. They reside in New York City with their two daughters.

How Did Emily Blunt Get So Rich?

The British-American actress is estimated to be worth $25 million, an amount sure to rise considerably along with her reputation as a fine actress. The star seems to attract audiences with some major box-office successes to her name. None more so than the 2014 movie, Edge of Tomorrow, which grossed more than $370 million. A Quiet Place wasn’t far behind, taking $336 million worldwide, and the American comedy ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ was close on its tail, raking in more than $326 million. It’s reported that Emily Blunt was paid between $12 and $13 million for her role in A Quiet Place 2, alone. Making her one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood.

Why Is She So Famous?

Blunt’s performance in My Summer of Love, which was her feature film debut, didn’t go unnoticed. The director of the British drama film stating that both Emily and her co-star Natalie Press, were “very different and very original, something which is very rare nowadays.” Blunt won a Golden Globe Award for her portrayal of Natasha in Gideon’s Daughter, where she played the troubled daughter of New Labour spin doctor, Gideon Warner. She won the award for the best-supporting actress, with the show receiving incredibly high praise for its overall sterling performances.

Commercial success followed with the release of, The Devil Wears Prada, where the British-American actress played the role of Emily, an assistant to the editor in chief of Runway magazine, Miranda Priestly, played by Meryl Streep, The 2006 comedy-drama grossed over $320 million. Although Meryl Streep unsurprisingly drew the majority of attention, Emily Blunt was certainly not overlooked, with one critic stating, she had many of the best lines and stole every scene she was in.

Her reputation continued to rise with roles in a further four films in 2007, starting with the supernatural horror Wind Chill, the romantic drama, The Jane Austen Book Club, followed by Dan in Real Life, a romantic comedy, and lastly, the biographical comedy-drama, Charlie Wilson’s War. The nomination for Best Actress, in the British Independent Film Awards for her role in The Young Victoria in 2009, where she portrayed the young Victoria, showed just how far this versatile actress had come in such a short period of time.

Blunt could well have taken her first steps into the realms of Marvel comic movies when she was chosen for the role of Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow in Iron Man 2. Unable to accept the part because of her conflicting schedule with her role in Gullivers Travels, Scarlett Johansson stepped in. Maybe not a wise decision, as Iron Man 2 fared considerably better with film critics, and grossed over $620 million dollars.

Gullivers Travels wasn’t the only movie of Emily was in that got ravaged by the critics. The horror flick, The Wolfman, took an even more severe battering, with the Los Angeles Times calling it, “one of the biggest box office flops of all time”. Not to worry, her next movie, The Adjustment Bureau, put her back in the comfort of warm applause, with critics praising her and co-star Matt Damon for their on-screen chemistry. Another role presented itself from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, again rejected by Emily, as she turned down the role of Agent Peggy Carter in Captain America The First Avenger.

The 2014 film Edge of Tomorrow, saw Emily Blunt take the Kick-Ass Award for Best Female Action Star. Playing Sergeant Rita Vrataski, a special forces warrior with the task of training a public relations officer. The film was both a critical and commercial success, which was especially pleasing to the actress, who trained for three months for the role, concentrating on everything from weights to sprints and gymnastics to yoga.

The best actress in a Leading Role Award nomination for her portrayal of Rachael in The Girl on the Train in 2017, was bettered in the 2018 horror film, A Quiet Place, where she took the honors by winning the award for, Outstanding Performance By a Female Actor in a Supporting Role. The sequel to the movie is due to be released in the autumn of 2020.

What Makes Her So Successful?

We often hear heartwarming tales of people on the receiving end of bullying having the last laugh; this is one such tale. As a child, Blunt was bullied because of her stuttering. This is something that would have been seen as a stumbling block for many people in many walks of life, let alone acting in front of an audience. Even today, she admits she still struggles on occasions, especially with names and when under stress. Nonetheless, this actress continues to entertain us and reap the praise of film critics all over the globe. That’s resilience.


Some might say she was insane for turning down roles in two Marvel movies, but it doesn’t seem to have done her any harm. It’s surely only a matter of time before this British born actress walks down the red carpet on Oscars night, and returns home with an academy award. The devil might well have worn Prada, but one thing’s for sure, a quiet place this is not going to be. This lady will be making a noise for some time to come.

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