John Krasinski Net Worth

How much is John Krasinski worth?

Net Worth:$75 Million
Profession:Professional Actor
Date of Birth:October 20, 1979
Country:United States of America
1.91 m

John Krasinski’s name is typically synonymous with his alter-ego—The Office’s slightly sardonic, adorably lovesick Jim Halpert. But the real Krasinski is also a rising film star and director, not to mention husband to British beauty, Emily Blunt.

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Who Is John Krasinski

Since The Office came to an end, the actor successfully transitioned into not just starring in movies, but taking lead roles, and he has even successfully become a writer and director. Krasinski is now somewhat a force to be reckoned with at the box office, with the success of his feature film, A Quiet Place, which is something that was not to be expected after his role in The Office came to an end. The actor has proven himself to be a one man band, being able to write, direct, and produce his own material, as well as star in the movies too!

What’s John Krasinski’s Net Worth?

American actor and filmmaker John Krasinski has a net worth of $75 million dollars, as of 2021. Krasinski got off to a slow start with earnings of only $20,000 per episode for the show’s first three seasons of The Office. After season four however his earnings went as high as $100,000 per episode. Not to mention he has appeared in a number of box office hits, like A Quiet Place which grossed over $340 million worldwide.

Theatrical Childhood

John Burke Krasinski was born in the Boston suburb of Newton, Massachusetts on October 20, 1979. When John was in high school, he saw a glimpse of his future when fellow classmate, and current Office writer and co-star, B.J. Novak cast him in a play. John developed a love for theater, and after he and Novak graduated from Newton South High School, he decided to study playwriting at the prestigious Brown University.  

He earned his degree in 2001 and moved to New York to pursue acting. He landed a gig as a script intern for Late Night with Conan O’Brien, starred in the play What the Eunuch Saw and won bit parts in Ed, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Kinsey and CSI.  

From The Office To The Red Carpet

In 2005, Novak saved the day again, giving John his big break in NBC’s version of Ricky Gervais‘ British hit The Office. The Steve Carell-led mockumentary was an instant fan favorite and John’s nice guy character, Jim Halpert, was a breakout success. John was named one of People magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive in their highly coveted annual issue in 2006, and his Office character was eventually made into a bobblehead doll.  

The show has also been met with critical acclaim, earning awards ranging from an Emmy and Golden Globe to a SAG Award for the entire ensemble. John’s Office success led to several starring film roles opposite some of Hollywood’s heavyweights. In 2007 he appeared opposite Robin Williams in the ill-received comedy License to Wed, followed by parts opposite George Clooney in Leatherheads and Meryl Streep in It’s Complicated.  

He returned to his roots in 2006 when he wrote and directed Brief Interviews With Hideous Men, which premiered at Sundance in 2009. Next up for John was a part opposite Kate Hudson in Something Borrowed, before signing on to star opposite Drew Barrymore in Whales, an interpretation of the true story of the rescue of a trio of California gray whales in 1988.  

How did John Krasinski earn his net worth?

In the final run of the show, Krasinski was earning $125,000 per episode of The Office, and considering there’s roughly 25 episodes per season, that’s more than three million dollars per season. As the actor had a hand in producing and directing several episodes, it’s likely that Krasinski saw even more than that figure and might even receive money from syndication sales of the show.

It isn’t just from starring in movies and TV shows that has helped the actor reach his enormous net worth. Krasinski is the founder of the production company Sunday Night Production, which produces extremely successful television comedies such as Dream Corp LLC., an absurdist comedy aired on Adult Swim, and Lip Sync Battle, the shockingly popular reality where two celebrities compete against each other by seeing who can lip syncing to their favorite songs better. The show was co-created by Krasinski and Stephen Marchant, who worked with Krasinski during the writing process of The Office.

It is unclear how much money the actor made from his directorial effort, A Quiet Place, but considering how Krasinski not only directed it, but starred in it, and even executive produced it (meaning he and his production company put up most of the budget,) It has to be on the high end of seven figures. Krasinski’s would likely have received a percentage of the box office gross, which would be a huge payout as the movie made over $340 million. There’s no doubt that the sequel will financially reward him even more as the success of the first movie was based on word of mouth. Now that the series is established, the sequel will surely rake in much more than its predecessor.

Why is he so famous?

John Krasinski starred in The Office: An American Workplace for all nine seasons, playing the romantic lead and being the subject of the token “will they, won’t they” relationship in the TV show. The actor has also produced and directed episodes of the show that happen to be some of the fans’ favorite episodes. For the final two seasons, Krasinski took up the mantle of being the lead actor after Steve Carell retired his iconic role as Michael Scott. For viewership, the show peaked dead in the middle of it’s run, with the fifth season reaching nine million viewers, though every season enjoyed a high amount of viewers from beginning to end. The series received a total of 42 Emmy Awards.

Though his leading roles in movies prior to the end of The Office underperformed at the box office, his post-The Officestarring roles have performed outrageously well. The actor turned in terrific leading performances and worked with some of the most acclaimed directors working today in the 2010s movies 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, Detroit, and A Quiet Place. The actor has also lent his voice to a considerable amount of hugely profitable animated movies including Shrek The Third, Monsters vs. Aliens, Monsters University, and more.

Krasinski currently plays the titular role in the Amazon Prime series, Jack Ryan, which is based on the popular Tom Clancy novels, and he even serves as producer on the show too. If all that wasn’t enough, Krasinski is now producing Some Good News, a web series on YouTube that the actor created, produces, and hosts.

What makes him so successful?

In the eyes of America, Krasinski can do no wrong. He is America’s sweetheart. He is tall, dark, and handsome, and even has a sense of humor. The actor is almost too perfect. Krasinski is charming and humble, as he is on record as saying that no actor should feel like they deserve the success. It is his charm that apparently caught the eye of George Clooney who cast Krasinski in the movie Leatherheads. Even more humbling is that Krasinski does not feel the need to take more serious roles to distance himself from the comedic role he played for nine years, like many actors do in that situation (like his co-star Steve Carell.) You can find Krasinski all over TV making a fool of himself on late night shows and having dance-offs with his wife, which has introduced him to bigger audiences than ever.

John Krasinski was in the running to play Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After the role went to Chris Evans and made dozens of millions for every MCU movie he starred in Krasinski didn’t miss out too much, has he has made an extremely successful and lucrative living. Krasinski has a great relationship with Amazon as he not only executive produces Jack Ryan, but he also executive produced the multi award winning Manchester by The Sea, which is most well known for Casey Affleck’s Oscar winning performance in the lead role. Though it only had a limited release in the cinema before it subsequently went straight on to the streaming service Amazon Prime, the movie still made an amazing $79 million in its short run.

It is well documented that Krasinki’s wife is the English actor Emily Blunt, who became a movie star years before Krasinski. It is also well known that not only does the power couple have a great relationship, but they also have a great working partnership. Krasinski directed his wife in the horror movie A Quiet Place, to which he also co-starred. Everybody involved in the making of the movie must have been surprised by the movie’s success as it had the low budget of just $17 million.

Thank The Devil

The handsome and charming gentleman could have a bevy of beauties at his disposal, but John (like his on-screen counterpart, Jim) has earned his nice guy reputation by being a one-woman kind of guy. He dated his foxy former Office co-star Rashida Jones, but the two broke up long before she made her first appearance on the show. Krasinski reportedly fought to get her cast, and the two remained good friends despite their romantic history.  

He was introduced to the beautiful British up-and-comer Emily Blunt by his friend Anne Hathaway after the starlets appeared together in The Devil Wears Prada. They managed to keep their new relationship under the radar before announcing their engagement in August of 2009. They tied the knot in July of 2010 in a romantic ceremony in the picturesque town of Lake Como, Italy, near the estate of their friend and wedding guest George Clooney.


Though the four time Emmy Award winning actor rose to fame by starring in the most successful American adaption of a British comedy of all time, it is due to his expert production skills and business mindset that John Krasinski has an estimated net worth of $75 million. Not only that, but the actor has a combined net worth of over $100 million with his wife, Emily Blunt. Krasinski will remain busy well in to 2021 as season three of Dream Corp LLC will arrive in the summer. Following that, A Quiet Place II will arrive in September, which he directed, wrote, and produced.

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