Dorothy Wang Net Worth

How much is Dorothy Wang worth?

Net Worth:$3 Million
Profession:Professional TV personality
Date of Birth:January 27, 1988 (age 35)
Country:United States of America
5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)

About Dorothy Wang

Dorothy Wang was born in Beverly Hills, California and is the daughter of billionaire, Roger Wang. Her mother, is Vivine Wang, and Dorothy has one sister, Janice. Dorothy studied communications graduating from University of Southern California. Her father, Roger, is the chairman of Golden Eagle International, a group that builds malls and office buildings in eastern China and sells high-end cosmetics, apparel, shoes, jewelries, and household products. They also have interests in dining, entertainment, beauty and personal care, hair styling, and more.

The company, that was founded in 1995, has dozens of department stores in mainland China and annual revenues recorded at 6.05 billion HKD, or about $770 million US dollars. Roger Wang is the apparent majority shareholder. His net worth has been estimated at $3.6 billion by Forbes magazine in 2022.

American reality TV star and socialite Dorothy Wang has an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars, as of 2023. Dorothy originally became famous as one of the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

Dorothy first became noticed after releasing a series of photos on Instagram hashtagged as #richkidsofinstagram. She was soon after contacted by casting agents regarding her possible appearance on the reality television series, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Her opulent lifestyle was just what the producers of the docuseries were looking for, and Dorothy Wang was cast as herself in 2014.

Over the next two years she would appear in 34 episodes which gave viewers an opportunity to look in on the life of Dorothy, and other wealthy children living in Beverly Hills, including Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick. Mostly, Dorothy has spent much of her life shopping, attending lavish parties and tentatively looking into her father’s real estate company. However, she also notably served as a producer for the final season of the show, and also during that time appeared on Steve Harvey for 4 episodes and 1 episode of Famously Single. She later appeared on Fetch Me A Date for 8 episodes in 2019 and is currently appearing in Bling Empire.

Outside of her appearances on television, she has also been working as an entrepreneur. She has launched a jewelry line, Fabuluxe, and a champagne, Rich and Bubbly.

Dorothy’s Total Net Worth

It is unclear how much money Dorothy Wang has earned during her career as a reality TV star and entrepreneur. While her net worth has been listed at $10 million dollar by a number of websites, it seems unlikely that she has earned enough through her appearances and small businesses to make that a reality. She may have earned around $7-8 million dollars before tax. However, that is of course speculation.

She may have also inherited a sum from her father, a little is being factored in, but it seems more likely that her actual net worth is around $3-4 million.


Dorothy Wang became famous originally from her appearances on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, and later, Famously Single and Fetch Me A Date. Today, she appears on Bling Empire and has earned her wealth through her salaries, and appearances, and no doubt with a little help from her father, her business ventures.

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