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How much is Richard Rawlings worth?

Net Worth:$20 Million
Date of Birth:March 30, 1969
Country:United States of America
1.85 m

For many, growth signifies success. Not only does it create opportunities by itself, but it also broadens your network and eventually generates better profit. Best known as the star of the reality TV series Fast N’ Loud, Richard Rawlings has expanded into a variety of businesses, earning him a net worth that is estimated to be at $20 million. With earnings coming in as a media personality and a businessman, let’s take a closer look at how Richard Rawlings got rich and famous.

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Who Is Richard Rawlings

In his Discovery Channel series, Richard Rawlings travels to different places in search of deserted cars and sets them roaring back to life. Born and raised in an automobile induced environment, his father took him along to auto shows, lighting his interest in the auto industry at a young age. A former firefighter, paramedic, and law enforcement officer, he moonlights as an entrepreneur with the Gas Monkey Garage, a restaurant, several ventures in the bar and music scene, and as the face to several popular brands such as the leading car manufacturer Dodge.

He ran his own printing business before focusing on cars later in his career, showing no signs of trouble in collaborating with other professionals to build on several other investments such as a concert venue. Married three times but twice to the same woman, his extreme hands-on approach to all the aspects of his business may be the most important and crucial facet of what makes him a success.

As of 2021, Richard Rawlings has a net worth of $20 million dollars.

How Did Richard Rawlings Get So Rich?

Staying focused as your business grows may be difficult for some, but Richard Rawlings’ hands-on style keeps him aware of the different levels of his businesses and a step ahead from his peers. Thanks to his dad’s enthusiasm, he learned to assemble cars at a young age, motivating him to launch Gas Monkey Garage in 2002 before selling his publishing company Lincoln Press in 2004.

His love for fast cars and music prompted him to open a live music venue, Gas Monkey Live, in 2014 before venturing in restaurants in 2016 with Richard Rawlings’ Garage in his hometown of Fort Worth, Texas. With great success comes great followers who want a piece of your strategies and savvy inciting the release of his autobiography, Fast N’ Loud: Blood, Sweat and Beers in 2015.

Why Is He So Famous?

The Discovery Channel’s Fast N’ Loud features Richard Rawlings and his pool of mechanics as they find run-down cars and reinvigorate them for profit. The show that has run through 16 seasons with a total of 135 episodes took Rawlings from a tattooed and goateed wash-out who slept in his sister’s couch for his failure to pay for his rent to a multi-millionaire with numerous business dealings that can be seen in 200 countries or possibly more.

Richard Rawlings’ latest project, Garage Rehab, allows him to take over an otherwise derelict shop and utilize his entrepreneurial expertise to revitalize the program. With his deep knowledge of the automobile industry, he revamps the whole enterprise completely to transform a once struggling garage into a lucrative company. Along with his crew and his unmatched marketing skills, he pulls all the strings and stops at nothing until his target makes a total spin profit-wise.

What Makes Rawlings So Successful?

They say that nothing builds character more than an empty stomach, an empty pocket, and a broken heart. The challenges that Richard Rawlings faced, being dead broke-twice, as he was trying to get his garage Gas Monkey up and going and his failed marriages have motivated him to strive just a little harder than the competition.

Upon seeing the need for a program such as his in the market, he never let go of the opportunities once they presented themselves to him. Separating his brand from the usual motorcycle guys who would cuss, kick down boxes, and scream at people, he built a brand that grandparents would recommend to their grandchildren.


Being companionable, fused with a business-savvy character, has made this one-of-a-kind businessperson into one of the most successful and well-loved personalities in the board room and our living rooms. Along with his many plans for his garage, restaurants, concert halls, and the television, Richard Rawlings is without a doubt a big wheel entrepreneur to watch in 200 countries or possibly more.

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