Marlon Wayans Net Worth

How much is Marlon Wayans worth?

Net Worth:$45 Million
Profession:Professional Actor
Date of Birth:Jul 23, 1972
Country:United States of America
1.84 m

About Marlon Wayans

Marlon Lamont Wayans is an American actor, comedian, screenwriter and a film producer. Marlon was born in New York City, USA on the 23rd of July 1972. He is the 10th born and youngest son to Elvira Alethia and Howell Stouten Wayans. He was brought up in a housing projects of New York alongside his family of renowned actors like Shawn Wayans, Damon Kyle Wayans, Keenen Ivory and Kim Wayans.

As of 2021, Marlon Wayans has an estimated net worth of $45 million dollars.

What makes him so successful?

Marlon Wayans is for lack of a better word, a jack of all trades. His diversity has been instrumental to his success. When he is not on stage cracking jokes, he is locked in a room writing scripts for upcoming projects. When he is tired of sitting and writing, he is in front of the camera directing a film. Picking up the pieces and moving on after undergoing through a series of unfortunate events with the “Batman Project” earlier in his career shaped his future, he took it positively, made lemon out of the lemonade.

His self drive and confidence saw him perform better in the industry than many of his older siblings. He has managed to keep the Wayans surname in the limelight for years, and he is far from done. His welcoming attributes has also seen him establish fruitful working friendship with his fellow superstars like Omar Epps and Pamela Anderson. He was also a very close friend to the late legendary rapper Tupac Shakur until his death in 1996.

How did Marlon Wayans get so rich?

From the early age of 20 till present Marlon Wayans has managed to remain relevant, funny and active. As of 2021, Marlon is reported to be worth $45 million dollars. He is a certified millionaire. Most of his riches can be traced back to his passion of acting. Marlon made a substantial amount from the sitcom with his brothers back in the 1990’s. That is when he actually started receiving hefty pay checks. “Scary Movie” which he wrote, directed and starred in grossed about $896 million dollars according to box office. His cut was definitely hefty considering the effort he put in to ensure its success.

The movie “Requiem For a Dream” managed to bring in $7.4 million dollars. “Dungeons and Dragons” in the same year of 2000 cashed in $33.8 million dollars. His animation creation of “The Boo Crew” which has been on screens from 2006 has fetched the funny Marlon over $100 million dollars, and still counting.

His NBC hit series now airing on Netflix has been a true revelation financially. “Marlon” has been a success on screen and that has directly translated into some good money for the multi-talented actor. Other notable movies Marlon made money by appearing in include ‘The Heat’, ‘Haunted House II’, ‘Funniest Wins’, ‘Fifty Shades of Black’, ‘Animals’ and ‘Naked’.

Naked was particularly a big box office comedy hit in 2017. He starred alongside big names like Regina Hall and Brian McKnight. It was exclusively aired on Netflix. In Fifty Shades Darker, the hit trilogy book series, he co-wrote, directed and starred in 2016.

Marlon’s Youtube content deal with Variety, an American media company in 2017. As well as in collaboration with Shots Studio in Los Angeles which will see him produce and stream youtube content as part of this gem deal. He is now operating his own youtube channel together with the platform bigwigs, a duo of Anwar Jibawi and Hannah Stocking. The two have a combined figure of over 10 million subscribers on, that means Marlon’s content will spread far and fast generating more income and adding to his net worth.

Marlon Wayans has also been able to make money through his seasonal stand-up comedy shows and also hosting events as well. With multiple income streams and the effort and wherewithal to follow through Marlon, like his siblings, has an impressive career and earnings.

His hard-work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Marlon has secured milestone achievements in the course of his acting career. He bagged “TV Land Groundbreaking Award” and 2004 “BET Comedy Award For Outstanding Writing”.

Why is he famous?

Marlon Wayans was born in a family of actors. He first rose to fame in 1992 when he landed a role in TV series “In Living Color”. This was a comedy series that aired on Fox from April 15th 1990 to 19th May 1994. His older brother Keenen Wayans was solely responsible for creating, writing and producing the program.

After conclusion of his first project, Marlon’s big break would come after landing a role in WB sitcom “The Wayans Bros” in which he co-starred with his older brother Shawn. The comedy show aired from 1995 till late 1999. Earlier in 1992, Wayans had been considered to play a lead role in hit franchise movie “The Batman Returns”. Even before casting began, he was laid off with the production team citing “too many characters”. He took his loss positively and moved on.

Afterwhich Marlon landed the role on the continuation of the movie in “Batman Forever”. His luck was however short-lived after the production team changed the directors. The new directors decided to scrap off his part and the change the whole script. He did receive compensation for the damages.

Marlon tried his hand in movie producing in 2000, alongside his brother Keenen and delivered a great movie called “Scary Movie”. They both wrote, directed and starred in the movie. The same year Marlon appeared on “Requiem For A Dream”, a drama film based on 1978 novel going by the same name. His third project of the year 2000 was the project “Dungeons and Dragons”, an action adventure film directed by Courtney Solomon. His exploits on the screen and peak to fame would see him earn a spot to be the of host 2000 MTV Music Video Awards alongside his brother Shawn Wayans.

Marlon Wayan’s career took a better turn in 2017 when TV channel NBC handed him his own sitcom that he proudly named “Marlon’. The 10-episode comedy renewed in 2017 and currently airs on Netflix.


For someone who was born and raised with a lot of expectations hanging over him, it is only fair to say that he has done exceptionally well. He is one funny guy but you better take him seriously. Marlon has stayed true to the quote “The road to success and the road to failure is exactly the same”… the choice is always up to you. As he continues to do what he loves, we can only hope that he will continue to crack our ribs with laughter with his witty scripts and movie parts.

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