Katy Perry Net Worth

How much is Katy Perry worth?

Net Worth:$340 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:October 25, 1984
Country:United States of America
1.7 m

See the bouncy, cleavage-baring pop queen onstage and it’s shocking (or, perhaps, not surprising at all) to learn that she was born into a strict Christian family to two pastors. The singer, who first became famous for “kissing a girl … and liking it,” is now a pop culture fixture with her upbeat music and willingness to show off her ample assets.

Binge Worthy

Who Is Katy Perry

She was born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson in California, where she grew up the middle child in a strict family that banned any non-Christian music. Her musical career began as a singer in her parents’ ministry when she was nine. Seeing her talent, they enrolled her in voice classes, and after her freshman year of high school, she took her GED and left school to pursue music full time.  

When she was just 15, she moved to Nashville, where she worked with musicians to record demos and learned to play guitar. She was signed to Christian label Red Hill Records and released a gospel music album, Katy Hudson, in 2001. The label folded soon thereafter.  

As of 2021, Katy Perry has a net worth at $340 million dollars.

Hitting The Pavement

But Katy wasn’t deterred. She would have to wait another seven years before she released her first pop album, One of the Boys, but she stuck with it. During that time, she recorded another failed album and got dropped by both Island Records and Columbia Records. She also made appearances in music videos for P.O.D. and then-boyfriend Travis McCoy’s band Gym Class Heroes.  

In 2007, Katy, perhaps learning her lesson from her first two attempts, started heavy promotion for her album with Capitol Records. She released a single, ‘Ur So Gay,’ for free download on her MySpace page, made a television cameo and toured radio stations. She built enough buzz that when her first official single, ‘I Kissed a Girl,’ was released, it topped the charts for seven weeks, essentially guaranteeing that One of the Boys was destined for success.  

The album earned her five nominations at the MTV Video Music Awards, including Best New Artist and Best Female Video. She also got a nod at the 2009 Grammys for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for ‘I Kissed a Girl.’  

The Modern Pop Star

Her racy songs, calling ex-boyfriends “gay” and gushing about kissing girls, weren’t enough to detract the spotlight from her wild personal life. Perry’s relationship with McCoy was a rollercoaster of breakups, makeups and even a rumored engagement, until they finally called it quits in mid-2009. After the split, both parties weren’t shy about spilling the beans on their failed romance — Katy released a song, ‘Circle the Drain,’ about his drug use, while McCoy released a mix tape called Forgetting Katy Perry. It didn’t take a genius to guess what that was about.  

Just months after they broke up, Katy met controversial British comedian Russell Brand when she shot a cameo for his comedy Get Him to the Greek. Things heated up between the pair at the MTV VMAs that September, where they were spotted kissing. Before long they were parading their romance in front of the press, taking lavish vacations to India and Thailand and posting gushy notes to each other on their Twitter accounts. Brand proposed to the singer and announced the news via Twitter. The couple wed in a private ceremony in India on October 23.  

Living The Teenage Dream

In 2010, she released three singles in anticipation for her second album Teenage Dream, which was released on August 24. The first single, ‘California Gurls,’ reached the top of the Billboard charts in four weeks. She debuted her signature fragrance, Purr, and will appear on the big screen in 2011 as Smurfette in a live-action/CGI version of The Smurfs — how’s that for a busy pop star?  

So, while she became famous for kissing girls (namely fantasizing about kissing Scarlett Johansson, who she admitted inspired the song), lately she’s all about a boy and producing infectious pop hits.

How did Katy Perry get so rich?

Katy Perry has surprised everyone with her fortune earning $135 million dollars in 2015 alone, at just 30 years old. From then on she has consistently been able to bank an average of $50 million dollars annually reaching a net worth as high as $340 million in 2020.

The Prismatic World Tour earned her $2 million per show and she performed more than 100 shows. Katy was also sponsored by advertising brands such as Claire’s, Coty and Covergirl. Her merchandise and her album sales have also contributed to her enormous fortune. With 22 of her songs having achieved RIAA certification, and three studio albums becoming certified Platinum or multi-Platinum.

What’s more she also makes investments too. Like when she became the spokesperson and ambassador for Popchips and made an investment in the company. As well as investments in real estate, as well. She has invested in beautiful houses such as the one she bought in Beverly Hills for $19 million. The house is more than 5,000 square-feet and it is mostly surrounded by undeveloped land. It has five bedrooms and three fireplaces. However, it is not the only house she has bought. Her other house cost $7.5 million also located in Beverly Hills and used as a house for her guests and family members.

Why is she so famous?

Katy was first interested in gospel music but she discovered commercial music through her friends. She started to train herself at the age of 9 and 4 years later, she was given her first guitar. From the very moment in which she started to sing, she was included into her parents’ ministry and she sang there until she was 17. Also, she was interested in dancing so she took some lessons on swing, Lindy Hop and Jitterbug.

Once she finished high school, she signed to Red Hill Records and even though she did a tour and received good comments for her talent, the album Katy Hudson did not sell more than 200 copies. After that, Katy decided to go for secular music and signed to Columbia Records. There, she was able to exploit her talent as a songwriter but her success was minor for the next few years.

It was in 2007 when she signed to Capitol that her musical career was finally found. With her second album One of the Boys, Katy reached fame. Despite all the controversy caused between religious and LGBT people, her single “I Kissed a Girl” was number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 and it was a total hit on the radio.

After releasing that second album, she became internationally famous and won her first awards as Best New Act and International Female Solo Artist. Moreover, she was given the honor to host the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards.

What makes her successful?

One of the things that makes Katy Perry so successful is her great evolution as an artist and as a person. Since the moment she started in the world of music at nine to now, Katy has changed and matured a lot. She started as a little conservative girl who used to sing gospel music at her parents’ church and transformed into the sexy, versatile and open-minded current woman that we all see her as today.

Katy Perry was never afraid of taking risks in order to meet her goals. She went into many different music styles such as the gospel and secular, until she finally found the one that gave her all her success. And even though it was pop, she has also even tried some rock.

Apart from that, Katy never stops, she is always doing a lot to further her career; from being a businesswoman and doing her own merchandising to continuing with her music, she always comes with new surprise for everyone. It is her persistence and vision that have taken her so high, she never gave up regardless how many doors were closed on her way to fame, and now she reaps the rewards of her efforts.

We calculate Katy Perry is worth $340 million dollars in 2020.


It’s difficult to count all the successes Katy has had and maybe, even more difficult to count all the times she’s recovered from the ups and downs of life. She did not reach fame from the very beginning. Katy had to wait and try for years in order to find what she was looking for. But it was all that time that she took advantage of to built on her own experiences, to learn more about what she likes to do (songwriting, for instance) and to think of different possibilities to keep trying without losing neither the focus nor the hope.

Her great fortune comes after her efforts, her good decisions at the time to invest money as an entrepreneur and her loyalty to her fans. Just as she said once to Forbes “people appreciate when you come, they know how hard it is” making reference to an exhausting tour between Australia and China that she did fulfilling her fans’ expectations.

Finally, this multifaceted woman is still very young and we are sure that she will continue growing in both her musical career, and in her investment and entrepreneurial career as well.

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