How much is William H. Macy worth?

Net Worth:$45 Million
Profession:Professional Actor
Date of Birth:March 13, 1950
Country:United States of America
1.75 m

Who Is William H. Macy

William Hall Macy Jr. is a successful American actor and director. He was born on March 13, 1950, in Miami, Florida. He spent most of his younger years in Georgia and Maryland. The movie actor and director attended Allegany High School and later ventured to Goddard College, Vermont, where he studied under playwright David Mamet. Macy further studied theatre art at HB studio, New York. He has been active in the film industry from 1978 to date. He dated actress Felicity Huffman on-and-off for 15 years. The duo later got married on September 6, 1997. They gave birth to two daughters, Georgia Grace and Sophia Grace.

William H. Macy has a net worth of $45 million dollars, as of 2020.

How Did William H. Macy Get So Rich?

William Macy is an award-winning actor. Having been nominated for several awards such as Screen Actors Guild, Academy, Golden Globe Awards and Primetime Emmy, one has to agree that he hasn’t had a bad career so far. He also won the Primetime Emmy awards for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series. He won the award two years in a row, 2015 and 2016. However, does Macy make his money only from acting?

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No, he is not just an actor, but he also delved into movie production and directing. He directed two episodes of the Showtime Series, Shameless and produced the movies Cap (2004), Family Man (2008), and Rudderless (2014). William Macy is also a writer and reportedly earns $125,000 per episode of the series, “Shameless.” He is estimated to have a net worth of about $45 million as of 2020. Macy and his wife, Hufman, were involved in a college admission scandal involving their daughter. The court revealed that the couple has amassed real estate worth $20 million and have $4 million worth of liquid assets.

Why Is He So Famous?

Does one suddenly achieve fame in a day? That rarely happens. Most times, it takes years of conscious efforts and hard work to finally get into the spotlight. Macy worked his way from college to commercials and then movies before he found fame. After he graduated from Goddard in 1972, the now 70-year-old actor originated roles in several plays in collaboration with David Mamet, whom he studied under. Some of the plays he featured include “The Water Engine” and “American Buffalo.” He also did TV commercials in his twenties.

Macy later moved to New York in 1980, where he played roles in over fifty Broadway and Off-Broadway plays. One of the memorable performances he had was playing the role of a turtle named “Socrates” in the film, “The Boy Who Loved Trolls” (1984). Macy Featured in many movies directed by Mamet, such as Things Change, House of Games, Homicide, Spartan, Wag the Dog, and Oleanna. Macy’s major rise to fame came when he played the leading role in the film “Fargo.” Another role that helped boost his exposure and career was his act as Frank Gallagher in Showtime’s television series, “Shameless.” He also played a notable role in “Jurassic Park.”

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What Makes Him So Successful?

A more in-depth look into Macy’s life and rise to fame would tell you that he didn’t have it easy. Firstly, he didn’t do well during his academic years. Speaking with Reading Eagles, a newspaper based in Pennsylvania, Macy once said, “I was a wretched student.” He wanted to study veterinary sciences and enrolled to study at Bethany College, West Virginia. However, owing to his weak academic performance, he had to drop out and transferred to Goddard College. Macy understood his weakness, but failing in academics didn’t cause him to lose his spirit. Instead it became a driving force that pushed him towards the direction of his passion of acting, and later again in business.


Although in his early 70’s, Macy is still active in the film industry. Some people have argued that he is not as famous as many of his contemporaries for various reasons; such as starting his career late, not having a franchise, and having a very “unusual look.” It doesn’t erase the fact that he is a talented and successful actor who has consistently worked for nearly 40 years.

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