FaZe Banks Net Worth

How much is FaZe Banks worth?

Net Worth:$15 Million
Profession:Professional YouTuber
Date of Birth:October 18, 1991
Country:United States of America
1.96 m

Who Is FaZe Banks

Born October 18, 1991, Richard Bengston or as he’s known online, FaZe Banks, is an American online personality from Massachusetts.

Widely known for his involvement in the creation of “Faze Clan”, one of the most successful online gaming organization esports has ever seen.

And unlike many other gaming organizations, that have there glory days and then eventually fizzle out, — FaZe Banks and his team still manage to dominate the gaming scene on YouTube.

As of 2021, Faze Banks has a net worth of $15 million dollars.

How Did FaZe Banks Get So Rich?

Being one of the founders of FaZe clan, possibly the most successful and definitely longest-running esports organizations to date, has made FaZe Banks incredibly rich for his age.

It is all about the team which Banks has set up to compete in gaming tournaments, offline and online.

Currently Faze Clan has teams for Call of Duty, Fifa, CS:GO and a whole host of other games – growing exponentially in the last couple of years.

But originally, they only had a Call of Duty team on their roster – and lucky for FaZe Banks and his wallet, this team made some serious money thanks to their success in tournaments.

Winning their first $15,000 in 2014 at UMG Nashville, and since then banking incredible gains as a team.

As of 2021, they have made just under $9,000,000 from online tournaments alone, which FaZe banks, although not necessarily competing in all of these tournaments, would have seen a large chunk of since he co-owns the team.

Another way FaZe Banks made a lot of cash in the early days is by producing content on the FaZe YouTube channels, allowing his fans to watch highlights of their favorite players. YouTubers get paid per click or by views on their videos.

These videos did great and got LOADS of views earning a nice chunk of change for the young gamer turned YouTube celebrity.

Speaking of money, they are also sponsored by a variety of companies, from the likes of Nissan, Verizon, Steel Series – which will all continue pay FaZe Clan for exposure. Corporations sponsor to be advertised on the teams jerseys or to have their logo in their videos.

One of their original sponsors was G FUEL, a well-known gaming energy drink brand today, they were one of the original companies in the industry to trust and back any sort of esports team.

So much so, G FUEL and FaZe hold one of the longest partnerships any esports team has seen.

Why Is He So Famous?

Richard’s initial rise to fame was thanks to short 30 to 60 seconds clips he would upload on his YouTube channel, FaZe Banks, which contained ‘trick shots’ or other insane type of kills that would require an immense amount of skill to pull off.

He posted his very first video in 2013 on YouTube.

YouTube was a very small platform back then compared to what it is today, making it much easier for someone to break out and become ‘famous’ due to the lack of competition.

And since YouTube was generally used by gamers – it was much easier for gaming content to do well on the platform since that’s where its audience already was.

Something that FaZe Banks took advantage of very well.

What Makes FaZe So Successful?

A lot of success generated for FaZe Banks was because he was in the right place at the right time, uploading on a platform that was, back then, pretty easy to become popular on due to the small amount of competition.

Something which can not be said today since YouTube has grown so much since FaZe Banks first started sharing his clips online.

But, you can not take away from how constant he has been over the years, whether it was competing in big online events with his team or by uploading high-quality content for his fans to watch – he has been on top of his game for many, many years.

Which is something that can’t be said for a lot of online personalities, as generally, their glory days will only last for so long and they eventually drop out and/or become irrelevant.

The reason why FaZe Banks and his team never drop out, lose traction or quit, is because Richard’s is always recruiting new and exciting talent. This in turn helps FaZe Clan as a whole to stay relevant; fresh faces to watch, more excited less jaded gamers, and mixed cultural backgrounds and personalities. All of this goes toward accumulating more fans…and making much more money.


FaZe Banks created one of the most successful teams in esports, recruiting some of the industries’ biggest talents and generating millions from their sponsors.

Thanks to his consistency, Richard Bengston has done exceptionally well to stay relevant over the years. He created something from absolutely nothing – an inspiration for anyone in the gaming industry today.

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