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How much is Allen Iverson worth?

Net Worth:$1 Million
Profession:Professional NBA Player
Date of Birth:June 7, 1975
Country:United States of America
1.83 m

Who Is Allen Iverson

Allen Ezail Iverson or as his nickname goes “the Answer”, or “AI”, is an American former professional basketball player. He was born on June 7, 1975, at Hampton, Virginia. Iverson attended Bethel High School in Hampton, Virginia, and was talented in both football and basketball. After high school, he went on to play college basketball with the Georgetown Hoyas. He started his playing career in 1996 and stopped in 2011.

Allen retained his mother’s maiden name after his father, Allen Broughton, left the family. He was given the nickname, “Bubba Chuck” during his early childhood years as his friend Jaime Rogers said Allen always looked out for the younger children in the neighborhood and would teach everyone. On February 14, 1993, Iverson and his friends got involved in an altercation at a bowling alley in Hampton. A fight ensued, which led to the arrest and conviction of Iverson and his three friends. The sentence was later overturned in 1995 for lack of evidence, yet it still left another mark on his public record.

Allen Iverson earned $154,770,668 during his NBA career. Today, as of 2021, he has a net worth of just $1 million dollars.

How Did Allen Iverson Get So Rich?

Iverson came with both swagger and personality to the game. The only problem, as soon as Iverson started making money he became known for living a lavish and extravagant lifestyle. In fact he ended up blowing much of his NBA earnings on gambling, cars, jewelry, and mansions. Here is a breakdown of his earnings during his rookie years:

Iverson was reported to have earned an estimated $154,770,868 with four teams, per Spotrac in the course of his 14-year career. He earned an average salary of $9,266,244 when he played 10-plus seasons with the Sixers. Also, he made an estimated $18,098,438 when he played a double season with the Denver Nuggets.

His biggest paycheck came in his single season with the Detroit Pistons in 2008; he earned $20,840,625. Before his mutual parting with the Memphis Grizzlies, he earned $437,609 with the team.

Iverson was rated one of the top-10 highest-paid players from 2004 to 2009. However, despite all his earnings, today he is estimated to have a net worth of only $1 million.

He’s one of the greatest scorers of his generation — and pound-for-pound, one of the toughest players in recent memory. But after a three-game stint with the Memphis Grizzlies, Allen Iverson’s NBA career could be at an end.

Quick Facts

  • Date of Birth: June 7, 1975
  • Home Town: Hampton, Virginia
  • College Team: Georgetown Hoyas
  • Position: Guard
  • Height and Weight: 6-0, 180
  • Drafted: 1996, #1 overall by the Philadelphia 76ers

High School

An outstanding athlete, Iverson played both basketball and football at Bethel High School, quarterbacking Bethel to a Virginia state championship. But high school wasn’t all about athletic glory; he spent four months in a correctional facility for his role in a bowling alley brawl. His controversial conviction was later overturned due to insufficient evidence.


Iverson played his college ball at Georgetown — a school most associated with big men like Patrick Ewing, Alonzo Mourning and Dikembe Mutombo. Iverson carried on the Ewing/Mourning/Mutombo tradition by playing stifling defense. In his two years with the Hoyas, Iverson averaged over three steals per game, and was twice named Big East Defensive Player of the Year.

He was also the first of John Thompson’s Hoyas to leave school early for the NBA.


Iverson was the first overall pick in the 1996 NBA Draft and an instant success at the pro level, winning Rookie of the Year honors. He’d go on to win four scoring titles as a Sixer, but his best season was 2000-01, when he led the NBA in scoring, won the Most Valuable Player award and led Philly to the NBA Finals.

But the Sixers failed to replicate that success in the next season, and the strain of Iverson’s difficult relationship with coach Larry Brown started to show.


Iverson’s relationship with Sixer management deteriorated to the point that a trade became necessary, and on December 19, 2006, he was sent to Denver for Andre Miller, Joe Smith and draft picks. At the time of the deal, Iverson was the league’s second-leading scorer — and the leader was Nugget forward Carmelo Anthony. But the Iverson/Anthony combination failed to yield big results; the high-water mark for that Nugget team was a first-round playoff loss in 2007.


One week into the 2007-08 season, Iverson was traded to Detroit for Chauncey Billups, in what turned out to be one of the more lopsided deals in recent NBA history. Billups went on to lead the Nuggets to the Western Conference Finals. Iverson clashed with coach Michael Curry, chafed when asked to come off the bench, and wound up taking most of the blame when one of the league’s perennial contenders imploded.


Coming off that disastrous season, teams weren’t exactly lining up to sign Iverson. There were rumors about interest from Miami and New York, the possibility of reuniting with Larry Brown in Charlotte, even an offer from the Greek league. But the Memphis Grizzlies were the only team to offer a contract.

Iverson’s tenure with the Grizzlies got off to a rough start; a hamstring injury caused him to miss most of training camp and the first week of the season. When he finally did make his debut, the old AI was back — but not in a good way. After just one game, he was complaining about coming off the bench. After three games he left the team entirely. And on November 16 he was waived.

Back to Philly

In December, Iverson returned to the Sixers — a team badly in need of guard help after starter Louis Williams suffered a broken jaw. Iverson made an immediate impact on ticket sales, and a waive of nostalgia propelled him to the top of the all-star vote totals. But personal issues pulled him away from basketball. He left the team before the all-star break to deal with a family matter — a serious illness affecting his four-year-old daughter. On March 1 the Sixers announced Iverson would not be returning. Two days later, his wife filed for divorce.

Short-Lived Comeback

Unable to land a contract for the 2010-11 NBA season, Iverson signed to play for Bestikas, a team in Turkey. He returned to the United States in January to seek treatment for an ankle injury, and left the distinct impression that he did not intend to return, saying “Sometimes, we have to accept things like they are. I can say goodbye to basketball.”

Why Is He So Famous?

During his career years, Iverson was known for being an explosive and exciting player on the court and a controversial figure away from the game. He is the first famous athlete to be strongly associated and identified with the hip-hop movement.

Controversy and success came to Iverson at an early age. In his junior year, he led his high school football and basketball teams to state championships. Yet he was accused at age 17 of instigating a racially charged brawl, which took place in a bowling alley. He was convicted even though it was later overturned two years later.

Iverson got a scholarship to study at Georgetown University in Washington DC, where he scored an average of 23 points per game over 2 years. He also won two Big East Conference Defensive Player of the Year Awards.

Even though he was one of the smallest players, Iverson was chosen as the first overall pick in the 1996 National Basketball Association (NBA), a major kick-start to his career. He won numerous awards, which brought him into the limelight, such as the NBA Most Valuable Player (2001), All NBA Third Team (2006), NBA Rookie of the Year (1997), First Team All-Big East (1996), and so on. Yet there has always been something about his personality that attracts trouble and spends thoughtlessly. That’s why Allen Iverson has such a low net worth today.

What Made Iverson Successful In The NBA?

Opinion is so mixed about Allen Iverson it’s incredible. Some fans see him as the most important NBA Player since Micheal Jordan, others seem his as a thug turned basketball player. Despite his controversial nature, almost everyone would agree that he is a talented player. In fact for many, Iverson was the reason they tuned in and watched the games because his performances was often epic.

True, he fell into lots of trouble, was put in jail at least twice during his youth; however, he didn’t let his life outside the game destroy his career. He left a mark on the league, and his defiance propelled him to anti-hero status.


Allen Iverson was an incredible ball player yet couldn’t seem to shake traits that often led him into the worst situations. Despite all his efforts in the NBA, today he has little to show for it. That’s not to say he isn’t remembered as a legend, yet his downfall somewhat overshadows his success.

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