How much is Elisabeth Moss worth?

Net Worth:$15 Million
Profession:Professional Actress
Date of Birth:July 24, 1982
Country:United States of America
1.6 m

She’s the doe-eyed Peggy Olson on Mad Men and is surprisingly the poster child for Excedrin’s highly circulated migraine commercial.

Who Is Elisabeth Moss

From The White House to Madison Avenue, Elisabeth often finds herself with friends in high places. We first saw her as the First Teen on The West Wing before she packed up for the big bad city to star in Mad Men. But forget those innocent characters, this rising starlet has grown to be a critically acclaimed, award-winning actress who isn’t afraid to take on controversial roles.  

American actress Elisabeth Moss has a net worth of about $15 million dollars, as of 2020.

Early Success

Elisabeth Moss was born in sunny Los Angeles to accomplished musicians. Inspired by her idol Bette Davis, Elisabeth decided to pursue an acting career as a kid and was booking TV gigs by the time she hit the second grade. After landing a recurring role on the show Picket Fences, Elisabeth graduated to movies, playing the daughter of Harvey Keitel in Imaginary Crimes. By the late ‘90s, Elisabeth had earned a reputation for being a mature, hard worker; she graduated from high school two years ahead of schedule to pursue an acting career full-time.  

With several films and TV shows under her belt, Elisabeth was able to land an audition for the role of Martin Sheen‘s daughter on Aaron Sorkin’s NBC political drama The West Wing. Moss’s lovelorn adolescent character was a hit, providing lighter fare on the typically very serious show. During her stint on West Wing, Elisabeth took on the role of the mentally disturbed burn victim Polly Clark alongside Angelina Jolie (in her Academy Award-winning role) in Girl, Interrupted.  

From First Tween To Femme Fatale

The West Wing ended its term in 2004 and Elisabeth managed to land her first starring film role in the controversial indie film Virgin. Elisabeth proved again that she wasn’t afraid to take risks, playing a teen who is raped and impregnated while unconscious and under the influence of drugs, ultimately leading to the belief that she has immaculately conceived.   

Elisabeth then returned to television, first on ABC’s alien drama Invasion. The show was quickly cancelled in 2006, just in time for Elisabeth to get her hands on The Sopranos creator Matthew Weiner’s new project, Mad Men. She starred as Peggy Olson, the ambitious, intelligent, budding feminist secretary-turned-copywriter, who is forced to battle sexism and the glass ceiling in ‘60s New York’s bustling advertising society.  

Both the show and Moss’s performance were met with serious critical acclaim. Since its 2007 start, Mad Men has won the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series and Elisabeth has received Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG nominations. Keeping her eye on acting in different mediums, Elisabeth continued to keep busy by appearing on Broadway and starring as Jonah Hill’s girlfriend in Get Him to the Greek.  

Funnyman Heartbreak  

Moss’s personal life hasn’t always been as smooth as her professional one. She met Saturday Night Live castmember Fred Armisen in 2008 when she appeared in a few Mad Men parodies on the show. They were married in 2009, but abruptly filed for divorce in 2010. Rumors have been flying about the cause of their split, with some sources pointing to Moss’s devout Scientologist beliefs, which she has exercised since childhood. Others blame Armisen’s relationship with fellow SNL-er Abby Elliot, whom he was reportedly dating while still married to Moss.  

While her first marriage didn’t withstand the test of time, Moss has proven that, from child star to grown-up leading lady, she isn’t going anywhere. With two award-winning television shows under her belt and a burgeoning film career, this adorable Californian is well on the road to a long, critically-acclaimed future.

Defining Quote “I wouldn’t say I wouldn’t do a huge movie if it was a great script. You have to do things for the right reasons. The material is the important thing.”

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