Elisabeth Moss Net Worth

How much is Elisabeth Moss worth?

Net Worth:$15 Million
Profession:Professional Actress
Date of Birth:July 24, 1982
Country:United States of America
1.6 m

About Elisabeth Moss

She played the doe-eyed Peggy Olson in the Mad Men series, and she also shockingly serves as the face of Excedrin’s widely seen migraine advertisement. Elisabeth frequently finds herself with acquaintances in influential positions anywhere from The White House to Madison Avenue.

American actor and producer Elisabeth Moss has an estimated net worth of $15 million dollars, as of 2023.

Before moving to the big bad city to star in Mad Men, she was originally introduced to us as the First Teen on The West Wing. But set aside those innocent roles; this budding starlet has developed into a lauded, award-winning actress who isn’t afraid to play contentious roles.

Initial Success

Elisabeth Moss was born to talented musicians in sunny Los Angeles. Elisabeth wanted to pursue acting as a career as a young child after being inspired by her idol Bette Davis. By the time she entered the second grade, she had already secured TV roles. Elisabeth transitioned to movies after getting a recurring part in Picket Fences, as Harvey Keitel’s daughter in Imaginary Crimes. Elisabeth had developed a reputation as a responsible, diligent worker by the late 1990s; she finished high school two years early to focus solely on her acting profession.

Elisabeth was able to get an audition for the part of Martin Sheen‘s daughter on Aaron Sorkin’s NBC political drama The West Wing after appearing in a number of movies and TV shows. A popular character played by Moss, a lovelorn adolescent, brought humor to the usually highly somber drama. Elisabeth played Polly Clark, a psychologically unstable burn survivor, in Girl, Interrupted opposite Angelina Jolie (in her Academy Award-winning role), during her time on The West Wing.

Femme Fatale from First Tween

After The West Wing’s run concluded in 2004, Elisabeth was able to get her first leading part in the contentious independent film Virgin.

By portraying a teen who is raped and impregnated while asleep and under the influence of drugs, Elisabeth once again showed that she wasn’t afraid to take chances. This finally led to the idea that she had conceived perfectly.


Then, Elisabeth made a comeback on television, debuting in the ABC alien drama Invasion. Elisabeth was able to get her hands on Mad Men, the new project from The Sopranos writer Matthew Weiner, because the show was abruptly canceled in 2006. She played the role of Peggy Olson, an ambitious, clever, and aspiring feminist secretary-turned-copywriter who must overcome sexism and the glass ceiling in the thriving advertising society of 1960s New York.

The program and Moss’s performance received high marks from critics. Since Mad Men’s debut in 2007, it has won the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series, and Elisabeth has been nominated for an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and a SAG award.

Elisabeth maintained her focus on performing across genres by making appearances on Broadway and playing Jonah Hill‘s girlfriend in Get Him to the Greek.

Comedy Heartbreak

Moss’s private life hasn’t always been as easy-going as her career. When she participated in a couple Mad Men parodies on the show in 2008, she got to know cast member Fred Armisen. They were wed in 2009, but unexpectedly filed for divorce the following year. Rumors regarding the reason for their breakup have been circulating, with some publications blaming Moss’s fervent Scientologist views, which she has practiced since infancy. Others blame Armisen’s relationship with Abby Elliot, another cast member of SNL, whom he was allegedly dating while Moss was still his wife.

Despite the fact that her first marriage failed, Moss has shown via her career as a child star and adult leading lady that she is here to stay. This endearing Californian is well on her way to a lengthy, critically acclaimed future with two award-winning television shows under her belt and a growing film career.

“I wouldn’t say I wouldn’t do a huge movie if it was a great script. You have to do things for the right reasons. The material is the important thing.”

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