Dana White Net Worth

How much is Dana White worth?

Net Worth:$500 Million
Profession:President of the UFC
Date of Birth:July 28, 1969
Country:United States of America
1.8 m

Who Is Dana White

Dana White was born on July 28th 1969 in Manchester, Connecticut. His family were of Irish descent. He was raised mainly raised by his mother and her family. After high school, Dana had a few failed attempts at going to college but by then he had found his passion for boxing and education wasn’t high on his list of priorities. When college didn’t quite work out, he earned a living as a bouncer, among other things, then a moderately successful boxercise coach. That is, until he ran into a spot of trouble through owing some money (allegedly to some Irish mobsters who weren’t exactly going to just let it drop!)

So, when it seemed like things were going to escalate from bad to worse, White decided to cut his losses and head for Vegas.

President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship Dana White has a net worth of at least $500 million dollars, as of 2021.

How Did Dana White Get So Rich?

As the UFC’s popularity soared, so too did Dana’s bank balance. With a very handsome salary and a 10% stake in the company, White’s combination of know-how in the world of sport and mixed martial arts, as well as his natural savvy as a businessman have made him hugely successful, not to mention incredibly rich!

The UFC, bought for what now seems like the somewhat measly sum of $2 million, by comparison to what it’s worth grew to ($4 billion!!) shows just what a spectacular turn around the company made with Dana at the forefront. The company changed hands in 2016, sold for the above mentioned staggering sum! White’s incredible success in charge ensured his retention as president however under the new ownership. He signed a contract to further retain this position for 7 years in 2019.. His personal net worth is said to be an incredible $500 million!

Why Is He So Famous?

In Vegas, he found work as a manager for fighters Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell. Through these contacts, he became friendly with the owner of Semaphore Entertainment Group, which was the parent company of the UFC. It was here he learned that the then struggling UFC was to be sold.

Dana made contact with his childhood friend, who he had reconnected with a short time before, Lorenzo Fertitta. Fertitta was a well-connected executive and co-owner at Station Casinos. White hoped he would see the potential and knew he would have the financial means. Lorenzo and his brother Frank snapped up the UFC for the bargain price of $2 million and Dana, perhaps as a reward for his information, or perhaps just because he was the best man for the job, was honored with the top job of president.

The UFC was struggling at the time to say the least. In fact when the Fertitta brothers acquired it, they had acquired little more than the name as the previous owners had sold any assets to avoid bankruptcy. But with White at the helm, they began to turn it around. The real turning point, it seems, came when they started up the reality TV show, the Ultimate Fighter. The show became a big hit, with massive ratings. It was the cash injection desperately needed to recover deficits. From here, interest in the UFC soared, as did profits.

What Makes Him So Successful?

Well, as I mentioned, Dana White is a savvy businessman but he also has a big personality that has attributed to his success. He is well known for his feuds with various boxers, not being man to hold back on expressing his views to put it politely! He very much became the face of the UFC, known for being quite aggressive and outspoken, not exactly holding back on the profanities… This, of course, makes for pretty good TV!

The success of the Ultimate Fighter brought about massive interest in mixed martial arts and the UFC steadily grew from there. Viewing in the first season peaked, unsurprisingly, during the live finale when Forrest Griffin took on Stephen Bonnar. Griffin was crowned victor, earning himself a worthy title and a UFC contract. The Ultimate Fighter aired for an incredible 28 seasons between 2005 and 2018.

The UFC also branched out into women’s fights and in more recent years, Dana’s first love, boxing became a feature of the UFC’s portfolio, beginning when he promoted the Floyd Mayweather Vs Conor McGregor fight. Making viewing pay per view only was a huge money spinner for the already massively successful company.

Dana was diagnosed with Menieres disease, a neurological disorder but he hasn’t allowed it to stop him and has undergone treatment to suppress the symptoms. He attributes the illness to an injury sustained during a fight in his younger days.

His accomplishments have been widely acknowledged with him being named Nevada Sportsman of the Year in 2009, Leading Man of the Year 2018/2019 at the MMA Awards and receiving the Patriot Award from the Armed Forces Foundation.

Although, at times Dana had made headlines for the wrong reasons, such as accusations from his family that he basically abandoned them when he found success as well as a certain sex-tape scandal, he has also done plenty of good in the world too with large donations to various charitable causes.


Dana White can certainly be said to have had a massively successful career. Perhaps, initially it seemed his destiny would steer him towards professional boxing as he had a natural talent but luckily for him opportunity knocked at the right moment and he probably made one of the most successful moves of all time in taking on the role of president of the then ailing UFC.

On a personal level, Dana married his childhood sweetheart in 1996 and they have two sons and a daughter. The marriage seems to have been another success in White’s life, withstanding controversy and an incredibly hectic work life. He very much tries to maintain a private life for his family however and keeps them out of the spotlight.

White’s career as a businessman, although at times plagued by controversy has been nothing short of an incredible success story.

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