Paris Hilton Net Worth

How much money is Paris Hilton worth?

Net Worth:$300 Million
Profession:Media Personality
Date of Birth:February 17, 1981
Country:United States of America
1.73 m

You’ve seen her on runways, in advertisements, gracing the pages of every major tabloid, in well-publicized mug shots, on television, in movies and making numerous red carpet appearances…

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Who Is Paris Hilton

As the poster girl for the modern-day celebutante, Paris Hilton has risen to fame and notoriety thanks to a number of controversial acts such as appearing in a sex tape and landing a stint in jail. However, if those bad-girl moves made her a villain, her ubiquitous catchphrase, “That’s hot,” bubbly personality and hit televisions shows have helped endear her to legions of fans.

Paris Hilton has a net worth topping $300 million dollars, as of 2021.

A Star Is Born

The oldest child of Richard Hilton, a real estate developer, and his wife Kathy, an actress and socialite, Paris Whitney Hilton, nicknamed “Star,” was born in New York City. As an heiress to the Hilton Hotel fortune, Paris spent her youth moving between residences in the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in Manhattan, the Hamptons and Beverly Hills. During her childhood, she became close friends with Nicole Richie and Kim Kardashian, both of whom would also become famous for doing essentially nothing.  

Paris was expelled from her high school, Canterbury Boarding School, in February of 1999, but she was later able to acquire a G.E.D. Her place in the New York social scene always garnered attention, but as she grew into a young woman, her height and drop-dead gorgeous looks drew the eye of modeling agents. By age 19, she was signed with T Management.

From The Runway To The Big Screen

Appearing on runways and in ad campaigns for the likes of GUESS, Tommy Hilfiger and Christian Dior only made the heiress’s star rise. By 2001, she was labeled New York’s leading it girl and she began to dabble in acting, appearing as herself in the film Zoolander. Paris scored roles in the subsequent films Nine Lives, Wonderland and The Cat in the Hat.  

But it was her personal life that got the most attention—romantic flings with Leonardo DiCaprio and Oscar de la Hoya, a reputation for making rude remarks about rivals and lavish partying (such as throwing herself parties in Las Vegas, New York, London, Hollywood and Tokyo for her 21st birthday).  

One Night In Paris

Arguably Paris’s biggest scandal came in November of 2003 when a tape of her in coitus with ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon was released. She sued, arguing that the tape was private, and she eventually settled the case out of court, allegedly receiving funds for its sale. Several weeks after the scandal, Paris appeared on Saturday Night Live, giving a humorous interview on the subject with Jimmy Fallon.  

Ironically, the sex-tape debacle turned out to be a stellar career move. Her popularity was higher than ever and her reality series, The Simple Life, debuted with high ratings soon after. The show, which depicted Paris and pal Richie ditching their socialite lifestyles to live in a rural town for a month, ran for a total of five seasons and was an overwhelming success.  

The Not So Simple Life

During this period, Paris expanded her enterprises. She published the book Confessions of An Heiress: A Tongue-in-Cheek Peek behind the Pose, launched a record label and introduced perfume and jewelry lines. She also appeared in the film House of Wax, for which she earned a Teen Choice Award.  

Her personal life continued to be a source of interest thanks to a short-lived engagement to shipping heir Paris Latsis in 2005 and a subsequent relationship with yet another shipping heir, Stavros Niarchos III. An argument with Richie led to strain on the set of The Simple Life, although Paris remained coy about the source of the feud saying, “Nicole knows what she did, and that’s all I’m ever going to say about it.”  

While 2006 brought a reconciliation with Nicole as well as the launch of her self-titled debut album, problems weren’t far behind. In September, Paris was arrested for drinking and driving, for which she received a probationary sentence. However, after allegedly driving with a suspended license in May of 2007, Paris was ordered to spend 45 days in jail. Released after 22 days for good behavior, Paris appeared on Larry King Live, claiming that she wanted to reform her life.

Socialite Sentences

In 2008, things were quieter for Paris and she appeared in the film flops The Hottie & the Nottie and Repo! The Genetic Opera, as well as starring in a new reality series for MTV Paris Hilton’s My New BFF. Drama in her personal life seemed constrained to broken engagements, including one to musician Benji Madden and another to The Hills‘ Doug Reinhardt.  

But drama sprang up again in the summer of 2010 when Paris was found in possession of drugs on two separate occasions. In September, Paris pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts in Las Vegas in order to avoid a felony sentence.  

Paris Hilton has managed to do a lot for someone who is famous for doing very little. She’s still working at her acting career and design projects, but she’ll probably always be best known for her colorful persona. In 2009, the Oxford English Dictionary of Quotations included her phrase, “Dress cute wherever you go, life is too short to blend in.” We’re sure blending in is never a problem for this star.

What makes her so successful?

Paris Whitney Hilton is an incredibly well known celebrity in Hollywood and around the world. She has achieved global fame and renown through her various business and creative pursuits, which include being an entrepreneur, model, singer, actress, fashion designer, and even a DJ. Though she was born into a wealthy and well known family, she has reached levels of fame much higher than that of her parents and siblings. This is how Paris Hilton became the media personality and wealthy socialite we all know her as today.

Paris Hilton’s success has come from several places. Her wealth came from birth, as she was born into a billion dollar company, though she was able to grow her riches on top of that with her many pursuits. Her fame came from less pure places, after the sex tape of her and Rick Saloman was leaked without her permission, which flung her into international stardom.

It seems that Paris Hilton’s success is thanks to her being able to turn her unlucky fame into a worldwide brand, and then using her name to come out with product lines, knowing people will purchase them because they’re associated with her glamorous persona. Paris was able to turn her bad luck into global renown and a large fortune. She was born rich and famous, but rose to a new level of worldwide fame and enormous wealth thanks to her use of her bad circumstances, and the many creative and business pursuits she tried and found her hand in.

How did Paris Hilton get so rich?

Aside from her scandalous sex tape, which was the original reason she became famous, Paris Hilton has also pursued many other things. This, combined with the fact that she was born an heiress to a company that has amassed a whopping 8.9 billion dollars in revenue, has allowed Paris to become incredibly rich.

Paris wrote her first book, Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue in Chic Peek Behind the Pose, in May of 2004. Her book made it to number seven on the New York Times Best Seller List. One of her quotes from the book was even added to The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations.

Besides Confessions of an Heiress, and her second book, Your Heiress Diary, Paris also created or was involved in the creation of many products. These include a jewelry line, many fragrances, hair extensions, a canine apparel line, a hair and beauty line, a mobile app, and a footwear line. She also opened several stores.

Paris has appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows, though the reviews are not usually positive. She has been nominated for and won several awards for being terrible at acting, including the Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actress and the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress.

Not only does she act, she also sings! Paris released her album creatively titled Paris in August of 2006. Her album reached number six on the Billboard 200 and sold over 600,000 copies worldwide. The reception for her album was mixed, though its first single “Stars Are Blind” was played on over 125 pop music stations in the United States. She was also involved in the music industry as a DJ, making her debut at a Brazilian pop music festival, though she was not received well by several other well known DJs. She won several awards for her DJing career, and was the highest paid female DJ at the end of 2014.

Why is she so famous?

Paris Hilton is the daughter of Kathy Hilton, a socialite and former actress, and Richard Hilton, a businessman. Paris’s great-grandfather on her father’s side was Conrad Hilton, who founded the worldwide hotel chain Hilton Hotels. Because of this, Paris and her siblings grew up incredibly wealthy. In her youth she moved between luxury homes across the country, in cities such as the Hamptons, Beverly Hills, and Manhattan.

Paris was exposed to the spotlight early in her life, attending fashion shows, charity events, and A List parties thanks to her family’s status. She started her modeling career as a child at charity events before signing to Donald Trump’s modeling agency, Trump Model Management.

While she continued her modeling career and starred in several movies, that wasn’t what made Paris famous. She was catapulted into global fame after a sex tape with her and her then-boyfriend Rick Saloman was leaked. Saloman marketed the video and made a large profit off of it, though Paris publicly stated that she never intended the film to be for commercial purposes.

Though the tape was released without Paris’s permission, it launched her into stardom. Shortly after the film was leaked she starred with fellow socialite Nicole Richie in the FOX reality show The Simple Life. The first episode attracted 13 million viewers, which was attributed to the mass exposure Paris had gotten for her leaked sex tape. Since then, Paris has gathered a massive following, and is known across the world.


The vast majority of Paris Hilton’s wealth has come from being born into the Hilton family. Yet she has increased her fame and money dramatically compared to her siblings through a variety of different pursuits. Resulting in a net worth of $300 million in 2020.

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