Céline Dion Net Worth

How much is Céline Dion worth?

Net Worth:$800 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:March 30, 1968
1.71 m

A string of easy listening hits in the ’90s made this Canuck a star before everyone got sick of her and her heart going “on and on” in ’97.

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About Céline Dion

Some have criticized Celine Dion for the sentimentality of her music, and not without cause: of her roughly 480 recorded songs, more than 50 have the word “love” in the actual title. But with over 200 million albums sold—one for every 30 human beings on earth—Celine’s musical throne is without dispute. Through her career, the Canadian diva has won too many awards to name and, like it or not, has stirred, swept and belted her way into the innermost choir of global divas.  

Céline Dion has a ballpark net worth of $800 million dollars, as of 2021. Making her one of the most successful singers in history.

“I Wanted To Be A Singer”

Dion was born in French-speaking Charlemagne, Quebec, the youngest of 14 children in a musical family. Perhaps it was the attention demands of a child growing up in a large family, but Dion sought the spotlight from the time she could walk. By five, she was singing on the tables of her parents’ small piano bar Le Vieux Baril (The Old Barrel), and by 12, she recorded her first demo.  

She sent the demo to René Angélil, the man 26-years her senior who would become her manager and later her husband. Angélil said that he was “moved to tears” by the young Celine’s voice, and in 1981, when Dion was 13, Angélil mortgaged his home to put out her first record, La Voix du Bon Dieu (The Voice of the Good God).  

The album was a local hit and made her a star in Quebec, but Dion and Angélil dreamed bigger: by 15, she was the first Canadian artist to earn a gold record in France. That same year, Dion dropped out of school to pursue singing, and what was becoming increasingly clear was her destiny. “I missed my family and my home,” she said later, “but I don’t regret having lost my adolescence. I had one dream: I wanted to be a singer.”  

My Heart Will Go On And On And On

Dion’s star was charmed from the first moment she played on American airwaves, each attempt bringing more success than the last. Her signature style of sweeping, melodramatic ballads and unironic appeals to love, scoffed at by jaded teenage boys, struck an undeniable chord with the popular audience.  

1993’s The Colour of My Love shot to #1 in the U.S, Canada, and Australia, as did its successor, Falling into You, her biggest hit yet or since with over 32 million records sold worldwide. However, it wasn’t until 1997, with the release of the film Titanic and her corresponding song “My Heart Will Go On,” that Dion’s star hit its apex, reaching a moment of cultural ubiquity that continues to be imitated, mocked and remembered over a decade later.  

What Makes $400 Million In Vegas, Stays In Vegas

After a brief hiatus from 2000 to 2002 and the birth of her son, René-Charles, Dion returned to music to a comparatively tepid reception from both critics and audiences. Her songwriters began to provide her with edgier material, and in a somewhat brilliant business decision, she began a hugely successful residency at Cesear’s Palace in Las Vegas for five years, which ultimately grossed over $400 million before it concluded in late 2007.  

Since then, Dion has been busy. She has been back in the studio, recording Taking Chances and selling out every North American show on its corresponding world tour. She announced that she’ll return to Cesear’s Palace in March of 2011 for another three-year residency, and in October 2010, she gave birth to twins, Eddy and Nelson.  

Unvarnished sentimentality will likely always be uncool, and Dion’s name will likely always draw eye-rolls from the in-crowd, but one senses that it doesn’t really bother her. Says the woman who has sold more records than any other solo female act except for Madonna and (perhaps) Mariah Carey, “I’ve never been cool—and I don’t care.”  

Defining Quote “I didn’t want people to say, ‘Oh, my God, her again.’ I wanted a life career. I don’t want people to be tired of seeing me or hearing me, so I wanted to take a break.”

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