Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez Net Worth

Retired Spanish professional LoL gamer Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez is best known as the founder and CEO of the team G2 Esports. He previously played professionally World of Warcraft. As of 2021, Rodriguez’s current net worth is approximately $10 million. How did he gain such a nice sum?

Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez was born on June 15, 1990, in Spain. Before he became a League of Legends player, he was noticed for his playing skills in World of Warcraft. Ocelote began playing LoL during the beta stages. In October 2010, after finishing studying, he got down to the game thoroughly.

Ocelote was a member of the Dimegio clan at first, then he moved to SK Gaming. In 2013, he left and competed as a member of Team lololol in the SCAN EUW Winter Invitational. He left the team at the end of the year. In 2014, his new team played at IEM in São Paulo under the title OceloteWorld, replacing the Team Dignitas.

In February 2014, the team was officially named Gamers2. After the team’s fail in that year, Rodrigues announced his retirement as a player at the beginning of 2015. He renamed the team to G2 Esports. As a mid player, Ocelote had an annual salary of almost 1 million dollars, the big part of his income came from the merchandise and his live stream on

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Written by Victoria Rothstein

Victoria Rothstein entered the financial industry in 2002 and worked with an investment firm in Singapore until 2014. After more than ten years and as a shareholder as well as an executive, she left to focus on her own investments. Originally from New York she continues to live and work within emerging markets. Hong Kong is now her base, yet she is also often in Thailand, Indonesia and mainland China.

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