Ant Anstead Net Worth

How much is Ant Anstead worth?

Net Worth:$6 Million
Profession:Professional TV Presenter
Date of Birth:March 28, 1979
Country:United Kingdom
1.88 m

About Ant Anstead

Ant Anstead is the stage name of Anthony Richard Anstead. He is an English artist, author car builder, and designer, as well as a motor specialist and television presenter that rose to prominence after he began co-presenting the automotive show “For the Love of Cars” alongside Philip Glenister on Channel 4. Since 2017, he has been hosting the show “Wheeler Dealers” with Mike Brewer and has made several other appearances on television.

English television presenter, motor specialist, car builder, designer and artist Ant Anstead has a net worth of $6 million dollars, as of 2021. Anstead is best known for co-presenting the Channel 4 automotive show For the Love of Cars with Philip Glenister. In 2017 Anstead took over from Edd China as co-host of the show Wheeler Dealers, alongside Mike Brewer.

How Did Ant Anstead Get So Rich?

Becoming a television star is what made this presenter so rich. Prior to that, he played semi-professional football for more than 15 years. He played well over 700 matches at the Ryman level and then made his transition from a goalkeeper to the striker. During his time, he was able to win many matches and become the only player to win the Ryman league promotions in both of the aforementioned positions. He started his career in the television in the early 2010s.

After he signed with Channel 4, he began producing and hosting his own show called “The World’s Most Expensive Cars”, from which he made a little over $15.000. In 2014, he became the host of the new show “For the Love of Cars” where he teamed up with an already established name in that field – Philip Glenister. Ever since then, he has taken part in multiple television shows and realities not just on BBC One and Two but Channel 4 and many other networks. From his television career, he was able to gather more than $500.000 by the late 2010s.

Why is he so famous?

Anstead became famous in the 2010s when he signed a contract with Channel 4 and began hosting the show “For the Love of Cars”. Anthony was born on 28 March 1979 in Plymouth, England. During his childhood, he lived in various locations such as Ely, Cambridgeshire, and then Hertfordshire, where his family moved when he was ten years old. He studied at the Richard Hale School in Hertford and after his graduation moved to the Haileybury School, where he completed all of his A levels.

His career began in late 1999 when he was just 20 years old. He first began working for the Hertfordshire Constabulary and then became a police constable that stationed at the Bishop’s Stortford. In the early 2000s, he moved to the Chesthunt police station where he became a member of the TFU (Tactical Firearms Team). He was one of the youngest officers in the entire United Kingdom and during his police career, Anthony received a lot of praise and two commendations for his acts of bravery.

What Makes Him So Successful?

Ant Anstead is successful because of his many professions in and outside the entertainment business. After spending a little over one year hosting the Channel 4 show about cars, he appeared on the documentaries “Building Cars Alive”, “Chinese New Year: The Biggest Celebration on Earth”, and “Sunday Branch”. He also worked for “The Lost Lotus”, “Worlds Most Expensive Cars”, and “Britain’s Greatest Invention” where he also worked as a director and co-producer.

In 2017, he began hosting the TV series “Craft It Yourself”, a show that lasted just six episodes. That year, he replaced Edd China and began working for the show “Wheelers Heelers” as the host. He remained on the show until November 2020. Most recently, in addition to hosting his own series titled “Ann Anstead Master Mechanic” (in which he is seen building his own race car from “the ground up”), he became an author that has written two autobiographies. His first book is “Cops and Robbers” and it was followed by “Petrol Head Parenting”, both of which were released in 2018.


Ant Anstead is a well-known artist, designer, and television presenter that’s known for his passion for cars and many other automobiles. The television host gained popularity in the early 2010s when he began hosting the show “For the Love of Cars”. Since then, he began working for shows on Channel 4, BBC One, Motor Trend, Discovery Channel, and Sky. From his work on that reality show, as well as the popular “Wheelers Dealers” and many others, plus his many diverse talents and professions, he has accumulated a total of $5 million in just a decade time.

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