Anna Kendrick Net Worth

How much is Anna Kendrick worth?

Net Worth:$23 Million
Profession:Professional Actress
Date of Birth:August 9, 1985 (age 37)
Country:United States of America
5 ft 1 in (1.57 m)

About Anna Kendrick

Anna Cooke Kendrick is an American actress and singer who, while known for her comedic abilities, has many popular and critically-acclaimed roles to her name. Her film career began in 2003 when she starred in the movie Camp. After that, there was no looking back for Anna.

Born on August 9, 1985, in Portland, Maine, Anna is of English, Irish, and Scottish descent. She discovered her love of acting early in childhood and showed great natural talent for it. Her professional career started with a bang when she starred in the 1998 Broadway revival of High Society and got Tony and Drama Desk Award Nominations for her performance in it.

After following up her early success with some other impressive showings in Broadway and on TV, she transitioned into film. She appeared in the coming-of-age comedy, Rocket Science. While these movies showcased Anna’s talent, particularly her comedic abilities, it was her role in the blockbuster movie Twilight that shot her to fame and earned her universal acclaim. She reprised her role in the following three sequels and won a fan following worldwide.

American actress and singer Anna Kendrick has an estimated net worth of $23 million dollars, as of 2022. Kendrick began her career as a child in theater productions and later began her film career in the movie “Camp”, in 2003.

Despite some early mix-ups on who Kendrick is, she is far better recognized today. She first began to show her versatility when, in 2009, she played the much more mature role of a young businesswoman, Natalie, in Up In The Air opposite Hollywood legend, George Clooney.

She impressed all and got an Academy Award nomination for the role. In the following years, Anna showcased the depth of her talent by working in a range of different genres: fantasy-comedy Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, thriller The Company You Keep, and romantic-comedy What To Expect When You’re Expecting.

2012 proved to be a big year for Anna Kendrick. She ended up producing, starring and singing in one of the biggest hits of her career, Pitch Perfect. If Twilight had shot her to stardom, Pitch Perfect had earned her place as a star. The world also got to see her vocal talents at their best with her version of “Cups” making it in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. Anna reprised her role for the following two sequels of Pitch Perfect, garnering positive attention and reviews.

Anna continued to experiment with her movie selection, choosing to work in a variety of different types of quality films. 2014 saw Kendrick collaborate with some big names, delivering some quality films. These included Into The Wood – starring Meryl Streep, Chris Pine, James Corden, and Emily Blunt-, Cake– starring Jennifer Aniston-, The Voices -opposite Ryan Reynolds and The Last Five Years.

Kendrick continued to choose interesting roles in good movies. She had an extremely busy 2016, which was when she lent her voice to the animated Trolls. She also won a lot of appreciation in 2018 for her co-starring role opposite Blake Lively in the movie A Simple Favor.

Kendrick has more recently been appearing more on television. Two new shows in 2020, comedy series Dummy, and the romantic show Love Life.

Kendrick’s Total Net Worth

Anna Kendrick’s professional career started when she was only 12 years old. Her first movie also won her a lot of positive reviews. However, despite her profound talent, the early phase of her career did not earn her much money. It was the success of Twilight and Pitch Perfect that made her rich.

The Twilight Saga (5 films) earned $3.346 billion in total worldwide gross box office revenues. Pitch Perfect (3 films) earned $588.3 million dollars. Before these roles as Jessica, and as Beca. Anna’s net worth was around a relatively low $1 million dollars. After the two movies, Anna’s earnings for all her other projects increased, as well. Kendrick earned $20 million from Twilight and an $12 million between Pitch Perfect 2 and 3.

Other high earning roles for Kendrick, have been Mr. Right, The Accountant, Trolls, and A Simple Favor. After having appeared in more than 60 acting roles, including in TV series for multiple episodes, as well as having made over 130 appearances as herself, not to mention earned her stripes as a producer, worked on soundtracks and written a book. Anna Kendrick has earned some $42 million dollars in total career earnings.

Despite being born in Maine where the tax rate is half that of California. Having relocated to the The Golden State will have caused Anna to pay 48% tax on her career earnings considering the years that she has been active. First however, the United States tax code allows for self-employed individuals like Anna to deduct their business costs first.

Of her $42 million dollars income, $4-5 million is expected to have been paid in business related costs. The remainder, $37.5 million, will have been taxed at 48%. After tax, it is estimated that her career earnings are at around $19.5 million dollars, having paid $18 million dollars in taxes.

In her personal life, Anna has never married and she does not have any children. In her memoir, Scrappy Little Nobody she has said “I will always feel children aren’t for me.” She likely spends more time than most tending to her financial life, including her investments. She has made a few real estate investments that are known about, including the $1 million dollars she paid for a property up in Los Angeles. Plus some $7 million in 2022, for another property, this time in Hollywood Hills.

It is likely that she is also invested in securities, with some form of diversified portfolio. The stock market has performed incredibly well since 2009, which is likely around the time that Kendrick would have started to invest a small portion of her taxed earnings.

In her personal life she has likely spent $2-3 million dollars of her career earnings but also probably possesses assets valued at around $1-2 million, not including investment assets. In her investments, she may have earned investment returns of $3-5 million dollars. Therefore, it is estimated that Anna Kendrick has a net worth of around $23 million dollars.


As an actress, Kendrick knew she had a special knack for, and affinity with, comedy. Accordingly, Anna made sure to star in multiple, varied comedies over the years, playing to her strengths and making sure to make the most of what she was best at.

It would have been easy to get boxed in as a comedic artist for the rest of her life. However, Anna didn’t do that. Instead, she made sure to try out several different roles and star in many different genres. She did so with great success and received recognition for her versatility. Anna hasn’t hesitated to use her vocal talents to her advantage as well, more than willing to sing her parts in the musicals she was offered.

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