Waylon Jennings Net Worth

How much is Waylon Jennings worth?

Net Worth:$8 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:June 15, 1937
Country:United States of America
1.84 m

About Waylon Jennings

An American singer, songwriter, and musician, Waylon Arnold Jennings was born Wayland Arnold Jennings on June 15, 1937. His estimated net worth is $8 million. Waylon Jennings was labeled an outlaw because his robust music avoided the modern Nashville influences. 

With the landmark albums Honky Tonk Heroes and Lonesome On’ry and Mean, Johnny cemented his status as one of country music’s superstars after battling for creative control in the 1960s.

American singer, songwriter, and musician Waylon Jennings had an estimated net worth of $8 million dollars at the time of his death, in 2002. Jennings is best known as one of the country singers who founded the Outlaw Movement.

Before starting his country music career, Waylon Jennings worked as a disc jockey and played bass for Buddy Holly. Jennings was supposed to be on the plane that crashed and killed Holly, but he offered The Big Bopper his spot instead.

Jennings and Johnny Cash shared a room in the middle of the 1960s.

The Dukes of Hazzard’s theme song and the Balladeer’s voice were both performed by Jennings.

On June 15, 1937, Waylon Jennings was born in Littlefield, Texas. At the age of eight, he received his first guitar, which his mother taught him how to play.

Working at a radio station was where Jennings first entered the music business and met Buddy Holly.

After the Crickets disbanded, Waylon joined Buddy Holly’s band and played bass for the singer for the remainder of the 1950s. When Holly perished in an aircraft crash in 1959, Jennings’ time with the group came to an end as he was taking the bus to the next stop.

In retrospect, Jennings would regret telling Holly, “I hope your ole plane crashes.” in joking.

Following Holly’s passing, Jennings went back to radio and started performing frequently in Phoenix, Arizona. Bobby Bare, a singer, noticed Jennings’ dynamic performance and alerted RCA Records to the young musician.

Moving to Nashville, Jennings shared a residence with a drug-addled Johnny Cash. In 1965, he released Folk-Country, his debut RCA album, with Chet Atkins serving as producer.

Later, he made an appearance in the Nashville Rebel from 1966, which included some of his songs and contributed to his rising renown.

Jennings wed Jessi Colter, a fellow country musician, in 1969.

Jennings was never satisfied with his creative output. He desired to make a recording with the Waylors, his own band, and pick the songs he would play. His battles with the company produced the iconic albums Lonesome, On’ry and Mean and Honky Tonk Heroes as well as hard-won successes. The latter was composed largely by Billy Joe Shaver, a songwriting unknown at the time.

With his partnership with Willie Nelson and others on Wanted: The Outlaws in 1976, Waylon experienced yet another hit. Being the first country song to reach platinum sales figures, it contributed to bolstering Jennings’ reputation of a rebel.

In the 1980s, Waylon Jennings’ cocaine addiction had a negative impact on his career. The singer’s 1996 book claims that he was shelling out up to $1,500 per day to support his habit.

Jennings had beaten his addiction by the 1990s.

He was admitted to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2002. He failed to show up for the ceremony, and a few weeks later he passed away. The total wealth of Waylon Jennings was $8 million at the time of his passing in 2002.

With songs like Put the O Back in Country and Electric Rodeo, his son Shooter would continue his raging country lineage.

Recommended Albums

  • Honky Tonk Heroes (1973, RCA Victor Records)
  • Lonesome On’ry and Mean (1973, RCA Victor)
  • Nashville Rebel (Compilation. Legacy Records): This phenomenal four-disc collection covers the span of Jennings’ career, from 1958 to 2002.

Best Waylon Jennings Songs

  • “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way”
  • “Dreaming My Dreams with You”
  • “Good Hearted Woman”
  • “I’ve Always Been Crazy”
  • “Luckenbach Texas (Back To The Basics Of Love)”
  • “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys”

Books about Waylon Jennings

  • Waylon by Waylon Jennings (1996, Warner Books)

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