How much is Jon B worth?

Net Worth:$5 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:November 11, 1974
Country:United States of America
1.78 m

“I’m not a cookie cutter type of artist and I don’t need a label telling me I need to sound a certain way, or dance a certain way, or play a certain type of music. I’m coming up with my own type of concepts, so testing them out in the field is something that I love to do. The immediate reaction from the fans is really the say-all and tell-all whether you should put a song out or not.” — Jon B

Who Is Jon B

Jon B. was born in Rhode Island, the son of Linda and David Buck. Music runs in the family; his grandparents owned a music store, and his mother and father were a concert pianist and music professor, respectively. He also has two siblings, a sister and brother, who grew up musically inclined. By the time Jon was in his mid-teens, he not only was honing his vocal skills, but also had learned to play multiple musical instruments, including the piano, bass guitar and drums. When he was 18, Jon had begun shopping a demo of his music to various music industry types and got the attention of record label executive Tracey Edmonds, who was then the wife of hugely popular singer-songwriter Kenny Edmonds, better known as Babyface.

American singer, songwriter, and record producer Jon B has a net worth of $5 million dollars, as of 2020. His first album “Bonafide” released in 1995 went Platinum and was a personal favorite album of Tupac Shakur.

Real name: Jonathan Buck. Born: Nov. 11, 1974 in Providence, Rhode Island. Raised in Pasadena, California.

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Early Career

Tracey and Kenneth Edmonds initially hired Jon as a songwriter, and he wrote material for numerous artists who were popular in the early 1990s, including After 7, Color Me Badd and Toni Braxton. After proving himself and paying his dues, Jon worked his way up to performer status and his debut album, Bonafide, was released by Tracey Edmonds’ label, in conjunction with Epic Records, in May 1995. The album was only moderately successful and did not generate any hit singles. However his follow-up album, Cool Relax, which came out in September 1997, turned Jon into a household name, thanks in part to the hit songs “They Don’t Know” and “Are U Still Down,” the latter of which featured 2Pac. The album went on to sell over a million copies, making him one of the most successful non-black R&B; artists of the ’90s.

Later Career

Jon wasn’t able to duplicate the success of Cool Relax with his next album, 2001’s Pleasures U Like, and he eventually left Epic Records. After that point, he released two more albums — each on a different label — and ultimately founded his own imprint, Vibezelect Records. Since 2006, all his solo music has been released by Vibezelect, sometimes in collaboration with other small or independent labels. As of 2012, he remains an active recording and touring artist.

‘Holiday Wishes From Me To You’

The holiday spirit is alive and soulful on Blue-Eyed Soul singer Jon B.’s first Christmas album, Holiday Wishes From Me To You. But this isn’t your typical holiday album; it’s a combination of Jon’s versions of traditional holiday songs like “This Christmas,” “Away In a Manger” and “Joy to the World” mixed with original compositions that sometimes are, and sometimes aren’t about the holidays.
And although Jon’s heart is apparently in the right place, some of the original material is a little too melancholy and downbeat to truly be considered proper Christmastime songs.

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On Jon B.’s Holiday Wishes From Me To You, things start out normally enough with a soulful version of the holiday standard “This Christmas.” But Jon throws everybody a curveball on the second track, which isn’t a holiday song cover at all, but a brand-new track, and a love song, at that.

The song, “Hold You Down,” which is about staying loyal to one’s true love sticks out on the album over Christmas songs, but not in a negative way. The song itself, with it’s smokey vocals, subtle piano and angelic backing harmonies, is a nice complement to the holiday material and a great love song.

The subsequent track, “Over Our Heads,” is also an original number, but conversely, it suffers from a deep melancholy and doesn’t fit with the overall theme. The political message (anti-war, pro-troops) also seems out of place.

Things get back on track somewhat on “Peace On Earth,” which is not a cover of a holiday song, but an original composition about the homeless. Although the sentiments of the album are good and Jon’s heart apparently is in the right place, the album doesn’t reach the stars because of flat vocal performances by Jon on some tracks.

What’s best about the album is that effort was placed into updating the traditional Christmas songs and making them even more relevant to a modern audience of Soul music fans. Some of the traditional carols, specifically “O’ Holy Night,” are virtually unrecognizable, they’ve been rearranged so drastically.

Interestingly, despite the album being tied to one of the happiest times of the year, Jon sounds downbeat on some songs. And at some points, Holiday Wishes is rather sad and mournful. But fortunately, 10-song album ends of a positive note with “Santa’s On His Way,” another original song, this one telling all the little boys and girls to be patient for the arrival Santa Claus.

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Jon has been married to his second wife, Danette Jackson, since 2007. In July of that year, the couple’s first child, a daughter named Azure, was born.
Jon was married to his first wife, singer Musiic K. Galloway, for a handful of years beginning in 1999. They had no children together.

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