Tarina Tarantino Net Worth

How much is Tarina Tarantino worth?

Net Worth:$20 Million
Profession:Professional Fashion Designer
Date of Birth:1968
Country:United States of America

About Tarina Tarantino

An estimated $20 million in wealth belongs to American costume jewelry and accessory designer Tarina Tarantino. Tarina Tarantino is the fashion designer to go to for neon hues, large pendants, and crystal accents. Tarantino, a well-known designer with vibrant pink hair and eye-catching creations, adds a lot of excitement to the jewelry business. She had always been drawn to anything shiny, bright, and glittering as a child. She like creating collages out of anything, including fabric scraps and photographs. She frequently used clay to create jewelry, adding various aspects to her designs. When she was younger, Tarantino constructed a variety of brooches out of recycled materials and watch components. Fashion, dancing, reading, and painting were also pastimes. Taraninto’s creative, innovative mind was evident even at a young age.

American costume jewelry and accessory designer Tarina Tarantino has an estimated net worth of $20 million dollars, as of 2023. “The haute designer of playful jewelry for grown women” has also been said to have a “cult-like following here in LA”.

Young Years

Tarantino worked as a fashion model in Europe at the start of the 1990s. She went to casting calls and meetings during the day. She worked nonstop all night long making jewelry. She eventually started wearing them to appointments and photo sessions. Everyone started purchasing her jewelry, including photographers, stylists, and designers.

In order to become a makeup artist, Tarantino made the decision to move back to the United States. She was able to explore a different aspect of design in these classes, which helped her maintain her creative fulfillment. She started a studio in her apartment so she would have a location to make more sculpture-like jewelry.

Success of Tarina Tarantino

The other day, Tarantino was hunting for a hair accessory. She made the decision to design tiny hair clips that could be worn in groups. She also made the decision to design flower hair barrettes and headbands with crystal beads. Girls would stop her on the street and frequently buy these hair ornaments from her there and then when she started wearing them in public. Typically, Tarantino would sell all of her accessories before returning home. This was a period when minimalism dominated fashion, with an emphasis on everything stylish and absolutely understated. But Tarantino went in the exact opposite direction. She wasn’t scared to overaccessorize and adorn herself, which helped her become quite well known.

Alfonso, her partner, recommended that they sell her designs in nearby boutiques. He put her custom jewelry and accessories in attractive boxes and left to sell them to other stores. He came back with a lot of orders from stores like Fred Segal and Jennifer Kaufman. The Tarina Tarantino moniker started to appear after that.

People Magazine published an article about the rapidly expanding company in August 1998. After relocating to West Hollywood, Tarantino and Alfonso filled their tiny but thriving company with workers.

Today’s Tarina Tarantino

The Tarina Tarantino studio is now found in Downtown Los Angeles. After a very long journey from her studio apartment days, her label is now recognized throughout the entire world. A large portion of Tarantino’s jewelry is made of the plastic lucite and Swarovski crystals. Her designs frequently feature hearts, skulls, and bright collars. She has even created jewelry with the iconic characters from historical brands like Barbie, Hello Kitty (Sanrio), and Alice in Wonderland (Disney). Tarantino started creating beauty products using part of her knowledge as a makeup artist. Her collection, which is only offered at Sephora, is equally feminine and whimsical as her jewelry.

In 2010, Tarantino worked with the cosmetics retailer Sephora to introduce a line of clothing inspired by fairies and princesses. Tarina Tarantino’s net worth is projected to be around $20 million as of 2023.

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