Sebastian Bach Net Worth

How much is Sebastian Bach worth?

Net Worth:$8 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:April 3, 1968 (age 54)
Country:Bahamas-born Canadian
6 ft 2 in (1.9 m)

About Sebastian Bach

Sebastian Bach is the stage name of Sebastian Philip Bierk. He’s a Canadian actor, singer, and songwriter that rose to mainstream success for being the frontman of the heavy metal band Skid Row. After he spent nearly a decade with the band, he embarked on a solo career and has gained a lot of success ever since. In addition to that, he has acted on Broadway and appeared in numerous film and television projects.

He became famous after he joined Skid Row and became the heavy metal band’s frontman. At the height of his career, it is estimated that Sebastian Bach earned income equal to a salary of $3 million dollars per year.

Canadian singer-songwriter Sebastian Bach has an estimated net worth of $8 million dollars, as of 2023. Sebastian Philip Bierk, known professionally as Sebastian Bach, achieved mainstream success as the frontman of heavy metal band Skid Row from 1987 to 1996.

He was born on April 3, 1968, in Freeport, Bahamas. He’s the first of two children to David and Liz Bierk. His father was a painter and he even painted on his band’s album covers. He has a younger brother born eight years after him, Zac, who is a retired professional ice hockey player. Their family moved to Canada in the early 1970s. Both Sebastian and his brother were raised in Peterborough, Ontario.

While he was growing up in Peterborough, Sebastian attended the local Peterborough School, from which he received his graduation in 1986. Long before that, when he was just eight years old, he found a passion for singing and spent most of his time studying various music genres.

After singing to his mother, she convinced him to pursue a career in singing when he grows up. Eventually, she signed him up to the church choir where he remained until his pre-teen years and found much joy in singing all sorts of gospel songs.

In 1983, he heard of the recently formed rock group Kid Wikkid and immediately auditioned. He was hired by the bandleader and guitar player Jason Delorme and became the band’s lead vocalist. He wasn’t earning much, just a small cut of the gigs fees at first, but he was finally living and working as a professional singer.

Shortly after, the group was renamed Skid Row. It also included Matt Fallon who became the lead vocalist and frontier of the group. At the time he joined the group, Sebastian decided to use the last name “Bach” as his stage name.

While in Skid Row, Bach achieved a ton of commercial success through the 1980s. He played an important role in the group’s establishment as one of the commercial heavy metal bands to emerge from that decade. With Skid Row, he contributed to the group’s first two albums, the self-titled debut album (from 1989) and the sophomore project Slave to the Grind (from 1991).

Both music projects were met with positive reviews, entered music charts in many countries around the world, and sold millions of copies hence the many gold and platinum certifications. From his association with Skid Row, Sebastian Bach was able to rack up a huge amount of money. It is estimated that by 1992, Sebastian Bach earned a net worth of $2-3 million dollars (not adjusted for inflation).

Starring in film and television projects whilst also creating music for himself and with other artists is how he earned the remainder of his net worth. In the early to mid-1990s, the singer and his colleagues from Skid Row began having disagreements over musical material and projects. He left the group in 1996 after almost ten years of being a part of it.

Immediately after he left, he began pursuing a solo music career. He went on to release four critically acclaimed studio albums that further boosted his international popularity.

Apart from music, Sebastian is also known for his acting ventures. Starting in the year 2000, he began performing in Broadway productions in the play Jekyll and Hyde. A few years later, he hosted the television show Forever Wild on VH1 and signed with Jesus Christ Superstar to portray the title role.

Over the course of his acting career, he has starred in the films Rush, Asking Alexandria, Rock of Ages and Deserted to name a few. As for television roles, he is remembered for taking part in the classics Gilmore Girls, Gone Country, Trailer Park Boys, and Californication.

From all of his activities, including his association with Skid Row, as well as his own music projects, appearances in film, on television and on stage. Including all of the appearances that he has made as himself throughout his career, including his live events. It is estimated that Sebastian Bach has a net worth of about $8 million dollars after factoring in his likely real estate appreciation and other investment gains.


Sebastian Bach is a Canadian heavy metal singer-songwriter that’s known for being the frontman of Skid Row. The band had mainstream success exactly when the talented musician was part of it, from the late 1980s to the early 1990s. Since he left it, he has produced and released four solo studio albums and has taken part in multiple films and television series.

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