Robert Reich Net Worth

How much is Robert Reich worth?

Net Worth:$2 Million
Profession:Professional Author
Date of Birth:June 24, 1946 (age 76)
Country:United States of America
4 ft 10 in (1.49 m)

About Robert Reich

Robert Bernard Reich is an American author, economic advisor, political commentator, professor, and scientist. He’s best known for being the 22nd US Secretary of Labor (from 1993 to 1997) and for serving under the administrations of the Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. Since the new century, he has been proactively working as a political commentator on numerous programs such as CNN Tonight, AC 360, Hardball with Chris Matthews, and APM Marketplace.

Robert Reich first gained fame after he began serving in the administrations of the US Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. He was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania on June 24, 1946 to a Jewish family. He’s the first of two children to Edwin and Mildred Reich. His father was an owner of a clothing store while his mother was a homemaker and part-time model. He has a sister named Ellen, who worked as an Amherst school teacher.

American economic advisor, professor, author, and political commentator Robert Reich has an estimated net worth of $2 million dollars, as of 2023. Reich served in the administrations of Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.

During the 1950s and 1960s, Robert attended the John Jay High School based in Cross River, New York. He went on to receive a National Merit Scholarship before joining the Dartmouth College. He graduated from college in 1968 with a Bachelor of Arts summa cum laude. Upon his graduation, he also won a Rhodes Scholarship to study the University College in Oxford. At that time, he briefly dated Hillary Clinton. He then entered Yale Law School where he was classmates with both Bill and Hilary Clinton amongst other political stars. He subsequently earned a Juris Doctor all while working as an editor of the Yale Law Journal.

What makes the political commentator and politician so rich is his association with important public figures and prosperous networks with whom he has worked during his career. His diverse career began in the early 1970s when he began working as both a law clerk and assistant to the likes of Frank M. Coffin and Robert Bork. In 1980, he began working as a teacher at the Harvard University, where he remained until 1992. Around the time, he also wrote his first two books – The Next American Frontiers and The Nation’s Work.

His impressive resume helped him secure a job as the 22nd United States Secretary of Labor that started his career in January 1993. During his four years long tenure as the secretary, he worked under the presidentship of Bill Clinton. He went on to implement the FMLA (Email and Medical Leave Act) and successfully lobby to pass the School to Work Job Act and increase the minimum wage. In the late 1990s, after taking some time off, he began working as the professor at Brandeis University and Heller School for Management and Social Policy, teaching courses for both undergraduates and postgraduates. By the new millennium, he was earning an estimated $100,000 per year. Presently, his annual income is estimated at $300,000 to $500,000 and his net worth in total is estimated to be around $2 million.

Over the course of his illustrious career, Reich has published more than 18 books all of which have been translated into 22 languages. Among some of his best-selling books are Reason, Saving Capitalism, The Nation’s Work and Aftershock: Americas Future and the Next Economy. Most of his books led to film adaptions, with the most recent being the Netflix Original Inequality for All that premiered in 2017 and went on to win several documentary awards. In the past decade, he also founded a non-profit digital media company called Inequality Media and became a YouTube personality.

Spending the past thirty years being a professor, secretary of Labor, political commentator, and an author is what makes Robert Reich so successful. Simultaneously with teaching at various institutions, the professor turned political commentator joined multiple television programs such as Erin Burnett Out Front, CNN Tonight, and AC 360 to name a few. Throughout the late 2000s, he was named on several occasions “one of the best cabinet members in the decade” by Time magazine.


Robert Reich is a multi-talented author, political commentator and professor that recently became a YouTuber. He spent the past 30 years working for three different presidents – Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton. Outside of teaching at Harvard University, commenting political programs on television, and writing best-selling books, the YouTube personality has over 288,000 subscribers and his 370 uploads have gathered a total of 25 million views.

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