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How much is Ozzy Osbourne worth?

Net Worth:$240 Million
Profession:Professional Rock Star
Date of Birth:December 3, 1948
1.78 m

About Ozzy Osbourne

As lead vocalist for heavy metal originators Black Sabbath – one of rock music’s most influential bands of all time – Ozzy Osbourne achieved massive success and exposure. Still, no one could have dreamed his rather accidental solo career would be as consistent, long-lasting and legendary as it has proven to be over the last quarter-century. In essence, Osbourne has served as principal founder, key innovator and fervent defender of hard rock in general and the threatening, otherworldly side of heavy metal in particular. Plus, his template for hard rock showmanship continues to contribute to the genre’s popularity.

English singer, songwriter, and television personality Ozzy Osbourne has a net worth of $240 million dollars, as of 2021. Nicknamed “Prince of Darkness” he became famous in the 1970s as the lead singer of heavy metal band “Black Sabbath”.

Early Years of Ozzy Osbourne

Like many growing up in the industrial town of Birmingham, Osbourne found himself locked into a distinctly blue collar existence within a large family. Still, despite an educational career probably marred by learning disabilities, the young showman found an early affinity for theater and music as a teen. A series of dead-end jobs followed his exit from school at 15, but Osbourne would eventually find salvation in the band he formed with former schoolmate Tony Iommi in 1968. Following a stint playing psychedelic blues, the group settled on the name Black Sabbath as they found their horror show, doom-and-gloom niche.

Black Sabbath’s Low-Profile Frontman

A bit shy and odd in appearance and demeanor, Osbourne made for a quirky if ultimately mesmerizing frontman for one of rock’s truly unique, left-field outfits. Inspired, as the story goes, by bassist Geezer Butler’s occult-fueled dream imagery, the band’s self-titled debut created an ominous, blues-based sonic palette thick as a curtain and laced with menace. While much of this stemmed from Iommi’s distinctively dark and somber style, Osbourne’s anguished vocals and Butler’s lyrics exploring murky notions of madness also helped build the group’s stunning success as the psychedelic ’60s came shuddering to a close.

Increasing Drug Use & Osbourne’s Firing from the Band

Black Sabbath remained remarkably consistent throughout the ’70s in terms of record sales, airplay and as a live attraction. However, the entire quartet of Iommi, Osbourne, Butler and drummer Bill Ward could be described, modestly, as increasingly drug-addled throughout the decade. Cocaine and alcohol abuse contributed to a musical plateau if not downright decline as the band stumbled into the late ’70s. The primary casualty turned out to be Osbourne, fired by Iommi in 1979 presumably because his drug use was more out of control than everyone else’s. The move devastated Osbourne and threw him into a depression.

Solo Rebirth Leads to Hard Rock Dominion

Despite the major setback and with the help of future wife, Sharon, Osbourne quickly hatched a solo career that continued to exploit horror movie imagery, albeit with greater flamboyance and visual flair. Releasing three wildly popular albums of original music between 1980 and 1983, Osbourne magnified his Sabbath legend into something hardly imaginable. Even more impressive is the fact that he did so through great tragedy (the 1982 death of close collaborator and guitar virtuoso Randy Rhoads in a plane crash), substance abuse struggles and major band personnel turnover.

Osbourne Weathers Brief Decline

By the mid-’80s Osbourne had become a well-marketed commodity as well as tireless performer. And although both his musical quantity and quality dipped for 1986’s The Ultimate Sin, Osbourne’s influence and legacy stubbornly grew as he bridged the gap between traditional heavy metal and the popular, polished hair metal craze bubbling up at the time. Pressing on, he emerged in 1988 with a well-received album, No Rest for the Wicked, that brought his decade favorably to a close. This success spilled over into the first half of the ’90s before Osbourne began to wane slightly as a performer if not a pop culture presence.

Pop Culture Immortality Now Seems Likely

By the middle of the “new” decade, Osbourne had briefly shuffled off into the sunset of retirement, a state he apparently could not abide. So while wife Sharon helped keep the tours ongoing and successful, the Ozzy Machine continued to find ways to diversify, first with the creation of a smash hit heavy metal tour series, Ozzfest, and culminating in a rather lengthy reign on reality television when the new millennium arrived. As a result, Osbourne remains one of rock’s most recognizable stars, still a potent draw and influence more than 40 years after his initial dabblings with Iommi in a primitive heavy blues band.

’80s Osbourne Controversies

  • The Dove, 1981 – Osbourne, unsatisfied with the tepid response from record company executives during a meeting in Los Angeles on the eve of his solo career, suddenly shifts a stunt involving the indoor release of white doves into a horror show by grabbing a bird and biting its head off.
  • Do Two Animal Decapitations in As Many Years Constitute a Pattern?, 1982 – During a concert in Des Moines, Iowa, of all places, Osbourne confirms just how much he’s learned his lesson by picking up a bat thrown on stage and biting its head off as well. He claims to have believed the bat to be fake, but at least the genuine bat is not relieved of its head while still alive.
  • Remember the Diapery Smell of the Alamo, 1982 – While drunk before noon, Ozzy wanders close enough to the famed San Antonio landmark the Alamo to urinate on it… and then he actually does so. Following a rather unavoidable arrest, Osbourne is banned from the Texas city for a decade.
  • Mind the Context Please, 1985 – The parents of a young man who commits suicide in 1985 sue Osbourne, claiming that his 1980 track, “Suicide Solution,” encouraged their son to end his life. Eventually, the courts suffer a rare bout of common sense and rule in Ozzy’s favor, maybe because the song is actually a metaphorical condemnation and warning of the dangers of substance abuse.

What makes him so successful?

The success of a potentially self-destructive person as Ozzy Osbourne can be described in three ways, a talent for music, being an interesting personality on which a few reality TV shows can be built, and marrying the right woman.

From his earliest days, everyone knew that Ozzy had plentiful musical talent. He honed and worked on those aspects of his life. He had a unique and powerful voice and found a band that could capitalize on his gifts. Not that his musical career was without hiccups. There were plenty of disagreements and creative differences with plenty of his band mates but he still managed to forge a highly successful career.

Due to his life being so eventful, and him being very eccentric, he was able to capitalize on that as well and be a star of numerous reality TV shows. One could even argue that his first reality show, based on the life of his family, created a template for future family-based shows. But all of that would be for nothing if he didn’t have Sharon, his voice of reason, his rock, his sanctuary.

How did Ozzy Osbourne get so rich?

Black Sabbath rock band was a major success, to the amazement and surprise of everyone involved. They got fame, recognition by both fans and critics as early as their first album. But as Ozzy stated, their only problem was that the band wasn’t very popular with women. But, during those days, Ozzy would meet his future wife Sharon. She is the rock upon which a large part of his success, especially later in life is built upon. Without her support, he would probably burn out and succumb to the demons of drugs and alcohol… as many of that era did.

Their next two albums would be divisive. The critics would hate them, and the public would adore them. Both the second and third albums peaked at the Top Ten in the UK and US. And both albums reach Gold status in just a couple of weeks. As they stayed longer together and created more music, Black Sabbath got even the critics on their side. Their 3rd, 4th and 5th albums were a success both critically and commercially. But there were problems brewing all around. Ozzy and fellow band member Tommy Iommi were always fighting. Ozzy’s behavior was really eccentric and borderline criminal at times. His use of alcohol and drugs was peaking and he was becoming less and less reliable.

After a fight where Iommi knocked out Ozzy, he split with the band. As he stated many times, after the split with the bend he spent the time doing coke and drinking as much alcohol as he could. Eventually, he recovered and got this life sort of in order and formed his own band. One of the highlights of his solo career is without a doubt the song Crazy Train. Apart from Ozzy’s singing, the song is characterized by one of the greatest guitar solo’s ever performed. All in all, when you combine the sales of both his solo albums and the sales of Black Sabbath, he has sold over 100 million copies.

Later in life, and especially during the 2000s, he became more famous as a reality star. The first reality TV show that he was on was, The Osbournes, which followed the eccentric lives of him, his wife Sharon, and their two kids Kelly and Jack. The show aired on MTV for a couple of seasons. In the 2010s he and his son created a reality TV show called Ozzy and Jack World DeTour.

We calculate that between his record sales and reality TV appearances, Ozzy Osbourne is worth about $240 million dollars in 2020.

Why is he so famous?

Ozzy worked odd jobs while trying to work on his musical career. Geezer, Butler wanted his as a vocalist for his new band, Rare Breed. Ozzy accepted, but that band only lasted for two shows and broke up. But after a while, they got back together and formed the band that would eventually make them famous, Black Sabbath. This band would define their lives and careers, as well as the history of rock music. It went from a heavy blues band to the first, and some claim archetypal heavy metal bands of the 70s and 80s. They drew their inspiration from anything occultist, or the dark aspects of the human psyche.

Nobody, not even their record label thought that they would be much of a success. But they were all wrong. From their first album onward, Black Sabbath, with Ozzy Osbourne at their helm, was a force that would change the music world forever.


John Michael Osbourne, also know by his nickname Ozzy is a native of Great Britain. He was born in 1948 and is one of the most important figures in the history of heavy metal music. Later in life, he also starred in a few reality shows centered around the life of him and his family. He has received numerous lifetime achievement awards and was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

Ozzy rose from a hard-working, humble background. Both of his parents were factory workers. It was this sort of upbringing, class continuous way of thinking that would inspire many of the lyrics of his first few albums. He was abused as a child by school bullies. In his teen years, he was diagnosed with dyslexia. Even with such a disability, he was drawn to the stage at an early age. Even in his school days, he performed in various plays. He cites the first time he heard the Beatles on the radio as a Eureka moment in his life. From that moment on he knew music is what he wanted to do with his life.

For someone born in a small factory town in England, Ozzy Osbourne had lived a remarkable life. He was part of a band that changed the history of music forever. In addition to that, he helped perfect a reality TV genre that was still in its infancy. One of the greatest rock vocalists will truly be remembered for ages, both for his contribution to the music community, as well as his unique persona.

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