Justin Bieber Net Worth

How much is Justin Bieber worth?

Net Worth:$290 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:March 1, 1994
1.75 m

Justin was discovered by dumb luck when a former executive for So So Def, Scooter Braun, accidentally clicked on one of his videos while he was trying to scope out a different artist. He was impressed by what he saw, and tracked down Bieber and Mallette to invite the then-13-year-old to fly out to Atlanta, Georgia, to record demos. After impressing R&B singer Usher, who continues to serve as his mentor, he was introduced to L.A. Reid of Island Def Jam.

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Who Is Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is an internationally known musician who has sold an estimated 150 million records. He is incredibly well known, inside and outside of the music industry, and was one of Hollywood’s heartthrobs in the 2010’s. Justin is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and actor, and has won numerous awards for his music career.

Bieber was born in Stratford, Ontario, to a single teen mother, Pattie Mallette. As a kid, he had an immediate knack for music, teaching himself to play the drums, piano, guitar and trumpet. Mallette would post videos of her son performing songs on YouTube for their family and friends, but the videos started to trickle outside of their circle.

As of 2021, Justin Bieber has a net worth approaching $290 million dollars. He married Hailey Baldwin in 2018.

How did Justin Bieber get so rich?

It is no secret that, in addition to being incredibly famous, Justin Bieber is also very wealthy. The singer-songwriter had sold more than 150 million records, and lives in a mansion that is reportedly valued at $8.5 million dollars. Unlike many other celebrities whose wealth predominantly comes from brand deals or clothing lines, the majority of Justin’s wealth comes from his hugely successful music career.

Justin wasn’t born into a wealthy family. His parents were never married, and his father has several other children besides Justin. His mother, Pattie Mallette, raised him as a single mother. She worked a series of low paying office jobs to support her and Justin in their single income family. But, despite her initial reluctance, she supported her son in his musical endeavors. Pattie even moved them to Atlanta so Justin could work more closely with his label and managers.

Justin has five studio albums so far: My World 2.0, his debut album, Under the Mistletoe, Believe, Purpose, and Changes, which is the most recently released. All five of his albums were incredibly successful and profitable for Justin. Purpose, his 2015 album, became the most commercially successful, drawing in sales of around 3.1 million copies.

He has won plenty of awards, including a Grammy Award, 20 Billboard Music Awards, 15 American Music Awards, two Brit Awards, 21 MTV Music Awards, one Latin Grammy Award, and three MTV Video Music Awards.

Justin launched his first fragrance, called Someday, in 2011. This fragrance pulled in more than $3 million dollars in sales in the US in just under three weeks. He has released three more fragrances since then, and a more recent deodorant line called Here +Now, which launched in 2019.

Through his hugely successful studio albums, endorsements that are rare but for large and notable companies, and multiple world tours, Justin Bieber has become incredibly rich. Though his newest album, Changes, has received mixed reviews, it is likely that he will continue to pull in wealth with his booming music career.

Why is Bieber so famous?

Growing up Justin learned how to play four instruments, and he started singing at an early age. When he was twelve years old he won second place in a local singing competition, and his mother posted a video of his performance on YouTube. After this performance video, Justin and his mother continued posting videos of him singing covers of various R&B songs, and his popularity grew.

When he was thirteen years old Justin was discovered by a talent manager named Scooter Braun. Scooter took an interest in him after searching for videos on YouTube of “different” singers and stumbling upon Justin’s YouTube videos. Scooter was impressed, and he tracked down Justin by finding the theater he was performing in, and then locating his school.

Though his mother was reluctant to let him work with Scooter because of their difference in religion, she let Justin travel to Atlanta with his new talent manager to record demos. Just one week later Justin began singing for Usher.

Justin Bieber’s debut EP My World, which was released in late 2009, was a smashing success. He became the first artist to have seven songs from a debut record chart on Billboard Hot 100. Justin then released his debut studio album in 2010, called My World 2.0. This album contained the hit single “Baby,” which is included on Billboard’s list of 100 songs that defined the decade. My World 2.0 was number one on the US Billboard 200, making Justin the youngest solo male act to make it to number one on the chart in 47 years.

After his incredibly successful debut, Justin had several run ins with the law before his first arrest in 2014. He was accused of reckless driving, vandalism, and throwing eggs at a neighbor’s house, which caused thousands of dollars of damage. All of these charges happened between 2012 and 2014, until he was finally arrested in Miami Beach for driving under the influence, driving with a license that was over six months expired, and nonviolently resisting arrest. Despite the fact that nearly 300,000 people petitioned the White House to have him deported to Canada, his home country, he remained in the United States.

Despite his arrest and other run ins with the law, Justin continued to make music. His 2020 album Changes is his fifth studio album, and all of the albums leading up to it have been met with stellar success. The controversies he gets himself into, both legal and racial, paired with his musical talent, have allowed him to become a prominent and influential musician in the US and across the globe.

What makes Bieber so successful?

It is safe to say that Justin Bieber is one of the most prominent and influential celebrities in the world today, and he reached fame quickly after he was discovered. His first studio album launched him into musical success, and his pretty boy image at the start of his career made him the object of many young girls’ affections. Though his musical talent plays a critical role in his success, his image and several controversies have helped him along the path to fame and fortune.

While getting arrested for DUIs or forgetting where you parked your Ferrari when he was out partying may sound like troubled youth, for Bieber it built up his “bad boy” image. It added to his credentials in today’s modern day celebrity culture and added more edge to his celebrity personality. This along with magnificent body art, great stage presence and incredible vocal skills, have lead to the Justin Bieber becoming a super rock star celeb.


Justin Bieber was born into a single income household with a single mother who was struggling to support them, but through commercial musical success, several controversies, and a pretty face, Justin Bieber has achieved worldwide renown and great wealth.

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