Diesel Dave Net Worth

Dave Kiley aka Diesel Dave one of two stars on reality television series Diesel Brothers. Diesel Dave is Heavy D’s friend and first employee. They are in the business of building custom diesel trucks. As of 2021, Diesel Dave’s total net worth is estimated to be over $150,000. But with his appearance on TV, we expect this sum to grow fast.

How Did Diesel Dave Get So Rich?

Diesel Dave and his future boss met at church dating event. Although he originally searched for a girlfriend and potential wife, this church meeting brought him other unexpected relationship. His new best friend and boss Heavy D. Dave is also known for his large beard.

Their business named DieselSellerz was a success even before the Discovery channel decided to create a reality television show about it. But with all the publicity now, they are sure heading for stars. Add a salary for each episode and you can easily see why 2016 has the potential to become best year ever for Diesel Dave.

Custom cars are very popular among TV viewers and diesel trucks are so far unused niche. Dave Kiley has some serious skills and we wish him growing net worth and many more awesome vehicles in the future. First TV ratings for Diesel Brothers came back strong.

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