Derek Carr Net Worth

American football quarterback Derek Carr plays for Oakland Raiders. He was drafted in 2014 under very generous conditions. His 4-year contract promises him $5.37 million of base salary and $2.2 million signing bonus. As of 2021, Derek Carr has net worth of approximately $3 million and we also know where he met his gorgeous blonde wife.

Derek met gorgeous blonde Heather Neel at Fresno State University. He was playing for Fresno State Bulldogs and she was working at BJ’s. The attraction was instant. They started dating and Carr married his girlfriend while still at the University. But his wife says there never was any problem with that since they are both very mature personalities.

Being selected on nthe 2nd round of the 2014 NFL Draft brought Derek into the professional career. With various bonuses, his annual salary slightly surpasses $1 million. Not bad, especially for someone of his age. Carr wears NFL dress with number 4.

Derek was born March 28, 1991 in Fresno, California. His net worth is on the rising path and since he proved himself to be a valuable player, we expect his next contract to be even more generous. We wish him luck in the next game!

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Written by Victoria Rothstein

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