Dappy Net Worth

Famous singer Costadinos Contostavlos, known under his stage name Dappy, had financially very tough year in 2014. Despite his super-high income, he ended up owing on taxes for year 2013 and faced bankruptcy. His wealth literally melted and he even had to sell his house. As of 2023, Dappy’s net worth is so low it’s not worth mentioning. Maybe just a couple of grands. But with his name and fame, we are confident he’ll be rich again soon.

How Did Dappy Get So Rich?

We are not sure, how he did it, but somehow he forget to pay The Queen from his stellar salary, royalties, and other income. Dappy was allegedly paid £100,000 ($153,000) just for his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother UK. His first studio album Bad Intentions (released in 2012) also generated some nice cash.

Very tough year 2014 gave Dappy expensive financial lesson. According to tabloids, he even had to list his luxury home for sale to satisfy tax demands. Let’s hope his future looks brighter than that. His new album Miracles should help him to increase net worth again.

His long-term girlfriend was Kaye Vassell. They even have two kids together, sons Gino and Milo. But could it be that this relationship is already a history? In 2014, Dappy was seen several times with reality TV star Luisa Zissman in situation that might suggest they are a new couple. They met on the set of Celebrity Big Brother 13 and apparently really understand each other. We can’t blame Dappy for falling for her. Luisa has incredible bikini body. It’s not just perfect, it’s like from a different galaxy.

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