Tom Segura Net Worth

How much is Tom Segura worth?

Net Worth:$15 Million
Profession:Professional Comedian
Date of Birth:April 16, 1979
Country:United States of America
1.82 m

About Tom Segura

Tom Segura, whose real full name is Thomas Segura Jr. is an American actor, director, producer, stand-up comedian, podcaster, and writer. He became famous after his highly praised stand-up comedy skits were noticed by popular television stars and he was given television time on “Live at Gotham”, “Comedy Central Presents”, and “Conan”. Since then, he has consistently appeared on realities, talk shows and has also taken part in multiple acclaimed Netflix stand-up comedy specials.

American stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and podcaster Tom Segura has a net worth of $15 million dollars, as of 2021. Segura co-hosts Your Mom’s House podcast, and the “2 Bears 1 Cave” podcast.

How Did Tom Segura Get So Rich?

Being a comedian and actor that has starred in nearly 50 television projects is what made this television star become a millionaire. After several years of struggling to find mainstream recognition, in 2007, Tom finally received an opportunity to star in the talk show “Live at Gotham” where he was the given the comedian role. The year 2009 was his breakthrough mainly because he was able to find more television opportunities. At that time, he appeared in the documentary “Russel Peters Presents” and the likes of “Cutman”, and “Atom TV”.

Starting in the 2010s, Segura also became an actor that participated in various productions. His first appearance casein the 2009 series “From TV” and “Gary Unmarried”, where he also worked as an occasional writer. From his many professions at the time, he was able to earn no more than $100.000 per year. Among some of the other shows that he worked for as a writer, while also making appearances as himself were “Your Mom’s House”, “Frank Advice”, “Comedy Central Presents”, “Mash-Up”, and “Funny as Hell”. By the mid-2010s, he was already an established name in the stand-up comedy world whose net worth surpassed $2 million.

Why is he so famous?

Tom Segura first became popular when he appeared on several episodes of “Live at Gotham”. He was born on April 16, 1979, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He’s the third child of Thomas and Charo Segura. He was named after his father, Thomas Segura Sr. who is an American of Cajun, French-Canadian, and Spanish ancestry. His mother is Peruvian and she immigrated to America in the late 1950s. Tom attended the Saint Edward’s School and graduated from it in the late 1990s.

While he was still attending high school, at the age of 18, he overdosed on GHB (Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid) and then fell into a short coma. He then enrolled at the Lenoir-Rhyn University and after his graduation focused his attention to stand-up comedy. To support himself, he worked various odd jobs while working on improving his stand-up comedy skills. After attending several events, he began taking part in live shows and competitions in the early 2000s thanks to which he gained some recognition.

What Makes Him So Successful?

Tom Segura is successful because of his funny personality and versatility, both of which have helped him in the show business. At the peak of his career, he began collaborating with other popular names in the stand up comedy such as Tony Tone and Kevin Hart. He worked with these and many other names in the projects “BET’s Comicview”, “This Is Not Happening” and “Coming to the Stage”. Besides being a familiar face on BET, the comedian also became one of the main performers at festivals such as “Melbourne International”, “The Comedy Festival”, “The Global Festival” and “Just For Laughs Festival”.

Starting the new decade, Segura also became a podcaster. In 2011, he and his wife, fellow comedian Christina Pazsitzky created their own podcast titled “Your Mom’s House”. As of now, the show has reached an average of two million impressions per episode and is one of the most-liked podcasts on platforms such as Apple iTunes and YouTube. Since 2014, he has been consistently working with Netflix for the creation of various comedy specials like “Completely Normal”, “Mostly Stories”, “Disgraceful”, and “Ball Hog”. While being a podcaster and comedian, he also continues to take part in films, with his latest roles being in the films “Countdown” and “The Opening Act”.


Tom Segura is an established comedian that has been constantly appearing on television for the past decade or so. While doing comedy skits on talk shows such as “Conan”, “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, and “The Joe Rogan Experience”, headlining festivals and events across the United States and working on his own podcast, he also took part in more than 50 television productions.

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