How much is Raheem DeVaughn worth?

Net Worth:$5 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:May 5, 1975
Country:United States of America

“I can remember at a very young age, standing in my mother’s living room, listening to music and saying to myself ‘I’m going to be an entertainer.’ It was that simple for me. I think I just always knew.” — from Raheem’s official Jive Records bio.

Who Is Raheem DeVaughn

Raheem has said in interviews that when growing up his love for music blossomed as a youngster and he would always sneak into his mother’s record collection when she wasn’t around and play her albums. It was at this time that he knew he would grow up to be an entertainer of some sort. As a teenager, he attended, and graduated from, High Point High School in Beltsville, Maryland, then went on to attend college at Coppin State University, a historically black college in Baltimore. On his first day of class, Raheem said, he wound up joining a music group and wound up cutting class to write songs and record music.

American singer and songwriter Raheem DeVaughn has a net worth of $5 million dollars, as of 2020. He’s known for his album “The Love Experience” which featured singles “Guess Who Loves You More” and “You”

Real name: Raheem DeVaughn. Born: In New Jersey, raised by his mother in Prince Georges County, Maryland, outside Washington D.C. His father is Jazz cellist Abdul Wadud.

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Solo Act

Although his time in a group didn’t last, Raheem’s love for singing did. His first real break came after he won a talent contest at a Washington D.C. club. He took the $2,000 prize money and with it bought a CD burner and used the burner to help him put out several independent releases. After a successful career as an indie artist, Raheem gained the attention of Jive Records, which signed him to a contract in 2002.

Major Label Days

His Jive debut, The Love Experience, was released in June 2005. The Love Experience debuted at No. 46 on the Billboard albums chart and No. 9 on Billboard’s R&B; albums chart. To date, it has sold more than 225,000 copies in the United States, due in part to the underground popularity of the album’s signature song, “Guess Who Loves You More.” After about two and a half years between releases, Raheem’s second Jive Records album, Love Behind The Melody, came out in January 2008, led by the popular single “Woman,” which was nominated for a 2008 Grammy for Best Male R&B; Vocal Performance.

“Love Behind the Melody”

In a perfect world, R&B;/Soul singer-songwriter Raheem Devaughn would be a huge, multi-platinum superstar, while other, lesser-talented “artists” such as – well, we won’t mention any names – would be flops instead of chart-topping successes. But even though Raheem doesn’t have certified pop star status, he’s got something just as, if not more, important: soul. And style. And sophistication. And on his second Jive Records album, Love Behind the Melody, Raheem puts all three together and displays them in fine fashion. He might not top the charts, but Raheem DeVaughn is definitely one of R&B;’s brightest shining stars.

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Shining Star

The fact that he’s underrated may actually motivate Raheem DeVaughn, because Love Behind the Melody has more of a sense of immediacy, of urgency, than some of his past work. It’s almost like he’s trying to make sure you pay attention to him and his music. The album’s chock full of well-constructed, accessible songs, from the sprung-and-proud “Love Drug” to the radio-friendly “Butterflies,” to the simmering “Mo Better.” This is a very solid album with at least half a dozen songs that could have been bona fide radio hits, that is, before terrestrial radio in the U.S. sank to the dismal level it’s at today.

Raheem himself recently said – and it’s absolutely true – that this is an album meant to be judged as a whole, instead of in pieces. So while it’s true that there are many outstanding tracks that stand out, among them the magnificent, Grammy-nominated “Woman” and the lovemaking-as-exercise ode “Marathon” (which features Floetry), the album is best listened to as a whole package, instead of in pieces. When listened to from beginning to end, you understand the big picture of what Raheem is doing with the album. And what he’s done is create a portrayal of all the different shades of love: pure love, sad love, joyous love, unwavering love, etc.

Vivid, Sophisticated

Although Raheem’s a strong, aggressive vocalist, he isn’t the most powerful, so he wisely plays to his strengths on this album and doesn’t stray too far from slow ballads and mid-tempo love music. The one notable song where he significantly strays from the formula and the album’s overall love theme is on the party anthem “Friday (Shut The Club Down),” an ode to partying. “Friday” is by no means a bad song – in fact it might win Raheem more new fans than any other track on the album – but the song’s tone is drastically more upbeat and carefree than the rest of the album, making it stand out somewhat. But it doesn’t come close to derailing the album.

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Over the course of Love Behind the Melody, Raheem’s portrayal of love’s many flavors is a vivid, sophisticated one, and thankfully contains none of the shallow, idealized versions of romance that are often pushed upon all of us in some music. Simply put, this album contains real love talk for real grown folks. And anyone who’s been through some things in life will be able to relate to the emotions, sentiments and small chunks of drama that make up the album.

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