Karel Gott Net Worth

Famous Czech singer Karel Gott is known as the most popular music celebrity in his country. He has won the annual Czech Slavik competition forty-one times. As of 2021, Karel Gott’s estimated net worth is amazing $40 million, although his path to fame was a very complicated one.

Karel Gott was born on July 14th, 1939, in Pilsen, Czech Republic. He moved to Prague at the age of six and lives here ever since. He failed his entering exams at art school so he started working as an electrician after the training. But he didn’t give up his love for music and started taking private lessons and singing as an amateur, trying several music competitions.

In 1960, Gott decided to become a professional singer and began his opera studies at the Prague Conservatory under Konstantin Karenin. Two years later, he released his debut single with Supraphon label. It was a duet with famous Czech jazz singer. It was titled When we are twice as old.

During his long and successful career, Karel Gott released 29 studio albums. Beside his native country, he is most popular in the German-speaking countries. He is also known as one of the Apollo Theater founders in 1963. In 2014, Gott published his autobiography titled Between Two Worlds. He has four daughters with three different mothers, the two youngest with his current wife Ivana.

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