How much is Ed Westwick worth?

Net Worth:$5 Million
Profession:Professional Actor
Date of Birth:June 27, 1987
Country:United Kingdom
1.75 m

You’ve seen him looking dapper in his three piece suits all over the Upper East Side in Gossip Girl

Who Is Ed Westwick

He’s the English import that can’t get enough of New York’s Upper East Side. But when he’s not in all of his three-piece-suit pretentious glory, Ed is a guy’s guy who has us all saying, “Well, hello Mr. Bass.”  

British actor Ed Westwick has a personal fortune ballparking $5 million dollars, as of 2020.


Born in Hertfordshire, England to a professor father and psychologist mother, at a young age Edward Westwick knew that he did not want to follow in his parents’ academia footsteps. When he was only six years old, Ed began his acting training at a local drama school where he developed his acting foundation. After continuing with London’s National Youth Theatre, Ed landed small roles in films like 2006’s Children of Men and Breaking and Entering.  

An Englishman In New York

But one year later, Ed landed his breakout role as the womanizing Upper East Sider, Chuck Bass, on the hit show, Gossip Girl. Ed was immediately launched into the limelight along with his unbelievably attractive cast. Soon the cast covered every magazine from Out to Details as the world became entranced by these spoiled teenagers who had New York City dangling from a string.  

But Ed wasn’t only gracing magazine covers—the tabloids were having a field day with the British import as well. In 2008, Ed made headlines when he was spotted getting hot and heavy with Drew Barrymore. But later that year, things really got heavy for the star when he began romancing Gossip Girl castmate Jessica Szohr. The two remained an off-screen couple while onscreen, the incestuous cast hooked up with…everyone. The pair was a NYC paparazzi staple for two years before they called it quits.  

But with a romantic comedy, Chalet Girl, hitting the theaters in 2011, we’re not worried about Ed finding himself a new Gossip Girl, or Chalet Girl for that matter, to take to the premiere.

Defining Quote “During my senior year in high school, two students at my school flew down to Venezuela for spring break and came back with almost a pound of cocaine to distribute.”

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