How much is Dave McClure worth?

Net Worth:$5 Million
Date of Birth:January 1, 1966
Country:United States of America
1.79 m

Who Is Dave McClure

Dave was born January 1, 1966 in West Virginia. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematical Sciences Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University. In 1994, computer genius McClure founded a technology consultancy company named Aslan Computing. He also worked as a Director of Marketing for PayPal for a while.

As of 2020, McClure’s net worth is about $5 million but most of it is in the form of shares in start up companies whose value is highly speculative for now.

How did McClure get rich?

Entrepreneur and investor Dave McClure is a founder of famous business accelerator 500 Startups. In 2011, he said in one interview that he has only about $1 million in liquid assets. Well, that was back then and since he was about to enter a new reality TV series The Bazillion Dollar Club, his wealth increased considerably.

Today, he’s one of the best known angel investors and constantly searches for promising startups, especially in IT industry. For this purpose, Dave started seed accelerator and investment fund called 500 Startups in 2010. As of 2013, the fund really did invest in more than five hundred different businesses.

In 2015, Dave McClure and Brady Forrest were picked for a new investment reality TV series on SyFy channel called The Bazillion Dollar Club. However, SyFy decided to cancel the show shortly before it’s premiere. We think that it’s a big shame and it certainly had potential. We’ll hope that one day McClure will receive another offer to invest his net worth on the TV screen.

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