Bob Mortimer Net Worth

How much is Bob Mortimer worth?

Net Worth:$5 Million
Profession:Professional Comedian
Date of Birth:May 23, 1959
1.7 m

Who is Bob Mortimer

Bob Mortimer was born on May 23th, 1959, in Acklam, England. He studied a Welfare Law at the university, participating in the punk movement and founded a band titled Dog Dirt during his studies. After moving to London, Mortimer started working as a Southwark Council’s solicitor, later opening his own private practice.

Mortimer is now an English comedian, podcast presenter, and actor. He is known for his work with Vic Reeves as part of their Vic and Bob comedy double act.


Popular comedian Bob Mortimer is best known as one half of the comedy double act Vic and Bob. His most notable works are Vic Reeves Big Night Out, The Weekenders, The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer, among others.

As of 2021, Bob Mortimer’s estimated net worth is currently $5 million dollars.

How did Bob Mortimer get rich?

In October 2015, Mortimer married his long-term girlfriend Lisa Matthews after 22 years of relationship. They have two sons together, Harry and Tom. Mortimer married her just half an hour before a serious heart surgery. His bypass worked and he recovered, but we guess this health problem made him re-evaluate his life priorities.

In 1986, he visited the Vic Reeves’ comedy show in Goldsmith’s Tavern and he was so impressed by his character, he approached him. They started creating the next show together and became good friends. Mortimer and Reeves also created a band titled Potter’s Wheel. In 1989, the duo made their first TV appearance. Since then, they have collaborated in various shows, including the BBC sitcom House of Fools in 2013 and the live tour 25 Year of Reeves and Mortimer: The Poignant Moments in 2015. However, the first part of the tour had to be canceled due to Mortimer’s triple bypass surgery.

On 29 December 2017, Mortimer and Reeves starred in a relaunch and new singular episode of their comedy Big Night Out for the BBC. The show has been remade and subsequently renamed to Vic and Bob’s Big Night Out. The episode retained all elements of the classic Big Night Out formula, comprising various comedy songs, skits, characters, and sketches. This was the first time the Big Night Out series had featured Mortimer’s name in the title. A full series of Vic and Bob’s Big Night Out began on BBC Four in November 2018.

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