Aaron Carter Net Worth

How much is Aaron Carter worth?

Net Worth:$400 Thousand
Profession:Professional Rapper
Date of Birth:December 7, 1987
Country:United States of America
1.83 m

Who Is Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter, whose full name is Aaron Charles Carter, is an American actor, dancer, record producer, rapper, singer, and songwriter who rose to fame in the early 1990s as a pop and hip hop singer. During the first years of the 21st century, Carter established himself as a star among the pre-teen and teen audiences. Since his start in the music industry, Aaron has released five different studio albums and sold millions of copies worldwide.

Besides touring the world with one of the most successful boy bands of all time, Backstreet Boys, Carter also began appearing frequently on several Nickelodeon programs. All five of his studio albums have received multiple gold and platinum certifications in both Canada and the United States. Outside of music, he also gained attention for his appearance in “Dancing with the Stars”, the broadway musicals “Seussical” and “The Fantasticks” among many other one-off performances.

As of 2021, Aaron Carter has a net worth of only $400 thousand dollars. Which is surprising considering Carter has made well over $200 million dollars in his career.

How Did Aaron Carter Get So Rich?

Consistently releasing new music during his pre-teen and teen years really helped Aaron Carter become rich. His debut studio self-titled album was released in December 1997. The album was a commercial and critical success and received gold certifications in five different countries – Canada, Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Spain. To further promote his album, Aaron embarked on multiple tours and served as an opening act for the Backstreet Boys in their “Back Tour” from 1998.

In the fall of 2000, Aaron released his second album “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It). Just like his first, it sold out more than 100,000 copies in its first week and was certified gold and platinum in both Canada and the United States. Also, unlike his debut album, Carter’s sophomore project debuted at number 4 on the US Billboard 200 Chart. The young singer became a sensation and even caught the attention of Britney Spears who offered him to open for her 2000 tour called “Oops! I Did It Again”.

Why Is He So Famous?

The thing that really made Aaron Carter famous was both his music and association with the Backstreet Boys. He was born in Tampa, Florida on December 7, 1987. The family originates from New York City, which is where Aaron’s older brother, Nick, who’s part of the boy band, was born. Besides his brother, Aaron also has three sisters. His passion for music started when he was seven years old. At that time, he formed a local band with his friends named “Dead End” and Aaron served as the lead singer.

Two years after that, the “Dead End” split up as Aaron focused on pop music while his friends were more interested in the alternative/punk rock genre. In March 1997, he made his first solo appearance when he sang “Crush on You” by The Jets while he was opening in Berlin for the Backstreet Boys. Thanks to his performance and passion for music, at the age of 10, the young singer was offered a recording deal with Eden Music America and soon began working on his own music.

What Makes Carter So Successful?

What made Aaron Carter so rich and successful were his associations with the already established names Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys. After the release of his sophomore album, in 2001, Aaron made his acting debut by working an episode on “Lizzie McGuire”. Also that year, he began performing in off-broadway musicals such as “Seussical” and released his third album – “Oh Aaron”. The following year, Aaron released his fourth album “Another Earthquake!”. Both projects sold over 100,000 copies in their first week and were a huge success in both Japan and the US.

Throughout the next decade, Carter focused more on his acting and dancing as he starred in a variety of programs, starting with “Dancing with the Stars”. Among some of the television series that he took part in are “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch”, “Family Affair”, “7th Heaven”, “House of Carters”, and “I Heart Nick Carter” to name a few. After a short hiatus from the music, the singer released his most recent album “LVË” and soon began touring the world as both headliner and co-headliner.


Despite the multiple controversies that have surrounded him in the past few years, Aaron Carter quickly became a music sensation during his early years. For the past 25+ years, he has found ways to make a name for himself and has also become popular all over the world thanks to his acting, dancing, and singing abilities.

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