Zak Bagans Net Worth

How much is Zak Bagans worth?

Net Worth:$35 Million
Profession:Professional Actor
Date of Birth:April 5, 1977
Country:United States of America
1.82 m

About Zak Bagans

Zak Bagans, whose full name is Zachary Alexander Bagans, is an American actor, author, television personality, paranormal investigator, museum operator, and film director, and producer. He first gained national popularity in 2004 with the creation of the documentary film “Ghost Adventures”. Throughout the 2010s, he continued to not only act but produce and create television projects such as “Paranormal Challenge”, “Ghost Adventures: The Aftershocks”, and “Deadly Possessions”.

American paranormal investigator, actor, television personality, museum operator, and author Zak Bagans has a net worth of $35 million dollars, as of 2021. Bagans is the principal host of the Travel Channel series Ghost Adventures.

How Did Zak Bagans Get So Rich?

Working as a paranormal investigator and using that profession for television projects helped him become very rich. In the early 2000s, he met and befriended Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin who offered him to use his paranormal abilities and create his own project. Zak agreed and decided to produce an independent documentary film with the three that can follow them and paranormal activity in Nevada.

At first, the show was an independent film, however, it was later picked by SciFi Channel in 2007. One year later, Travel Channel picked the right for the film, and thanks to its success, it was transitioned into a television series. Since then, there have been over 19 seasons and 225 episodes watched by millions in many countries around the world such as Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands. At first, Zak was able to earn no more than $2,000 but now, thanks to the success of his show, his net worth now exceeds $30 million.

Why is he so famous?

Bagans became famous after the release of his documentary film. He was born on April 5, 1977, in Washington, D.C. He spent most of his time studying history and sci-fi, which was his main hobby. Zak is of Czech, German, and Italian descent. He developed an interest in paranormal activity and supernatural creatures during his pre-teen and teen years. In January 1995, he attended the “Glenbard West High School” in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Shortly after his graduation, he enrolled at the Western Michigan University.

In the late 1990s, he decided to leave the Michigan University and enter the Motion Picture Institute from which he graduated. In February 1998, he and his sister took part in the “Wheel of Fortune for Family Week” in Las Vegas, Nevada. At that time, he was working as a DJ for weddings in various venues. Towards the new millennium, the paranormal investigator began encountering ghosts and other paranormal objects. His first encounter was with a ghost of a suicidal woman that haunted his own apartment.

What Makes Him So Successful?

The main reason why this multi-talented television personality is so successful is his many professions. Concurrently with starring, producing, and running all 19 seasons of “Ghost Adventures”, in the 2010s, Bagans also starred and played an important role in the creations of spin-offs and other similar shows such as “Ghost Adventures: “Serial Killer Spirits”, “Screaming Room”, and the most recent, “Quarantine”.

Since June 2011, he’s also been hosting a competitive reality show titled “Paranormal Challenge”. Besides all of these, since 2016, he’s been sporadically making appearances on another paranormal project – “Deadly Possessions”. Besides his work as a ghost hunter, Bagans is also known for his time in the museum and for his books.

In April 2016, he opened a museum based on the show “Deadly Possessions”, which includes many of his collected haunted items. Among some of the biggest attractions in the museum is Bella Lugo’s “mirror”, Jack Kevorkian’s “Death Van”, the “Peggy Doll”, and the “Dybbuk box”. In 2011, he released his very first book with Kelly Crigger. The son was titled “The Dark World” and it became a New York Times best-seller. Most recently, besides writing for the “Skeptical Inquirer” magazine, Zak published his second book title “Ghost Hunting for Dummies”.


Zak Bagans is known for so many reasons. Although he first gained national popularity with his abilities to hunt and talk to paranormal objects, now, he has transitioned into an actor, director, and author among many other professions. His name is almost always associated with mysteries, as well as paranormal activities and objects.

Ever since his first appearance on television, he quickly became memorable thanks to his unique personality. Now, he is more active than ever, and he continues to act and host his show “Ghost Adventures”, which became a world phenomenon that attracts millions of viewers.

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