Yung Joc Net Worth

How much is Yung Joc worth?

Net Worth:$3.5 Million
Profession:Professional Rapper
Date of Birth:September 20, 1980 (age 42)
Country:United States of America
5 ft 7 in (1.71 m)

About Yung Joc

Yung Joc is a famous African American hip hop rapper. He was born with the name Jasiel Robinson on April 2, 1983, in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Robinson is famously known by many for his hit single titled “It’s Going Down”. Yung Joc’s father, Mr. Stanley Tucker, helped him start his first label Mastermind by giving him the connection to a Revlon gig. Joc had the chance to write a jingle for the company’s advertisement thanks to his father owning a hair-care product company.

In 2005, Yung Joc officially started his career as a rapper. The viral project “It’s Goin’ Down” was released, which featured a little help from his close friend Nitti Beatz. Immediately after the release, record labels were looking to do business with Yung Joc. From this spark of success he managed to sign a deal with the record label, Bad Boy South.

American rapper Yung Joc has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million dollars, as of 2023. Joc’s 2005 hit single “It’s Goin’ Down” caused him to become an almost overnight sensation in the hip hop community.

Shortly after that, Yung Joc released his first album New Joc City. With the help of the record label, it was a success. Joc continued to increase his fan base. Further, in his career, he released a single hit titled “I Know U See It”. This song alongside “It’s Going Down” did very well and became tremendous hits. These singles are considered to have been Joc’s tipping points into global fame. They made Billboard’s Hot 100, gaining the #3 and #17 spot on the charts.

In 2007, tracks like “Bottle Poppin” and “Coffee Shop” were released to the public as a part of the Hustlenomics’album. This was now Joc’s second album released and he wasn’t planning on stopping there. As he began to raise more awareness of himself, Yung Joc decided to add an increase to his fame and popularity by working with other artists. He continued to take his career to new levels year after year by being consistent and releasing new content.

Not only is Mr. Joc a rapper he is also a father and an ex-husband. He was married to a woman named Alexandria Robinson for 13 years, from 2001 to 2014. She is the mother of three of his children. Yung Joc also has the responsibility of being a father to 6 children.

Let’s not forget he has also starred in many different movies and appeared in different TV shows, too. These include movies and TV shows like Merry Wishmas, Scared Famous, American Soul, and more. Yung Joc has been very successful in his career for years and now his success, fame and ever increasing bank account speaks for itself.

In 2008, Yung Joc and his career were at a known level and the fans and other artists had respect for his craft. He began to step out of his comfort zone and started networking with other rappers in the industry. This allowed Yung Joc to become part of viral projects such as songs like “Get Like Me”, “So Fly” and “Beep”.

Joc began opening more doors for himself and fans from all over the world began to support him and his music. In the following year, 2009, the mixtape Grind Flu was released by Yung Joc with the support of his label’s website Swagg Team Entertainment. The mixtape helped Joc keep his fans entertained while they waited for his next big album. As Yung Joc released project after project and collaborated with major industry names he began to get richer and richer. Not only was he starting to make a lot of money but his fan base and celebrity status were increasing at a very rapid rate.

His third album titled Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood was a success as it included the single hit “Yeah Boy”. Joc felt like music wasn’t enough for him and he decided to add a little change to his career path. His appearance on Vh1’s reality TV show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta as a supporting cast, showed his fans and the world that Joc can do more than just make music, he can also do well in front of the camera as well.

Everything hasn’t always been easy for this young celebrity. He has been through issues with other artists involving music and his career. He has also dealt with issues from the media. Despite the problems that have presented themselves in his path, he has waged on and battled through them resulting in longterm success for this rapper.

There was an altercation between Yung Joc and famous rapper Gucci Mane over a line that was said in a song. Gucci Mane released a song titled “F*ck The World” and created conflict between him and Joc when he made a comparison using Joc’s name in a belittling way. The lyric stated that Gucci was not trying to go broke like Yung Joc. After hearing this line Yung Joc became very angry and responded by saying that Gucci Mane is good at getting others to speak for him.

Further in Yung Joc’s career, legal issues transpired. Joc was able to make newspaper headlines when the media found out he was plotting to sue Block Entertainment and Bad Boy Entertainment for not paying him the money that they owed. Through all of this Yung Joc continued to live up to his name. He didn’t let anything stop him from keeping his respect as a famous rapper.

Yung Joc’s Total Net Worth

Still, through all of it, Yung Joc has been earning. His career earnings are estimated to have been as high as $6.5 million but he will have also had to pay tax on that.

Many rappers are based in Atlanta, Georgia, some were born there like Yung Joc, others have relocated to the city because of the massive hip hop scene. During COVID-19 and the Los Angeles riots, there was a larger than normal migration from Los Angeles to Atlanta. Still, even though state tax rates can be less than half of what they are in California, Yung Joc will still have had to pay some 41% in taxes when including federal tax. That is even after tax deductibles and legal tax considerations that can lower the amount of earnings that an individual will have to pay tax on.

Having paid taxes of about $3.83 million dollars, Yung Joc’s total career earnings will have been about $2.67 million.

Yung Joc is not married but does have 6 children which is a financial responsibility for him. While Yung Joc has seemed to stay out of legal trouble it was reported in May 2022, that he was arrested for child abandonment and released after posting a $1,300 bond.

It is unclear how Yung Joc has managed his finances, he may have some invested in securities. He has had quite some career costs however, including being robbed of about $70,000 worth of studio equipment. He has also allegedly needed to fight to get paid, in 2009 Joc has asserted that “I haven’t been paid any royalties for over a million albums sold.” It is possible that estimations on his total career earnings may be overestimated considering troubles that he has faced in business.

Overall, it is estimated that Yung Joc may have a net worth of about $3.5 million dollars.


Yung Joc, a successful American rapper, has been through the ups and downs of a celebrity lifestyle. However, regardless of his fame he still remained a man for his family. Creating wealth for himself with the help of his father has given him the life he lives today. So many milestones have been reached in this artists journey to success, allowing him to build a foundation for his future generations.

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