Holy what! Did that really just happen?! Did I really just unlock that door and throw out the key?

“What happened????” you ask as you curiously wonder where I’m taking this blog post.

Well, I’ll tell you what happened…. I just lost my virginity! WOO HOO!

NO, I’M JOKING!!!! That’s neither here nor there.

In all seriousness, I just opened a door that until recently I feared would always remain closed. I just took a chance that I’ve been aching to take for far too long, unlocking the possibility for new experience and growth…as well as regret and mistake.

When we take this kind of step we allow ourselves to begin walking into an unknown abyss – another phase of our lives – a new you, let’s say. What lies before you is void of restricted definition and filled with mystery except for what your imagination and willpower determines should belong.

What did I do that brought on this resolution to move forward, you ask? Well, that’s not all that important when it comes down to it. We all have our own specific stories and paths, but in the grand scheme of things these stories and paths are all relatable.

What is important, however, is the act of entering into this unknown, scary abyss, and then continuing to walk through it on your own terms without letting fear force you to turn around and run backwards for dear life.


Each and every one of us has the opportunity to start anew and to open and close doors. However, entering into this mysterious abyss of starting anew isn’t all butterflies and rainbows. As I said above, it opens the doors for two possibilities you must be prepared for: opportunity and regret.

  • OPPORTUNITY – When you walk away from an old you in order to begin a new you, endless opportunities start to show their faces. Now is your chance to set things in motion. Now is your chance to plan, create, and solidify these opportunities.
  • REGRET – When you start a new you, it is mandatory you leave behind parts of the old you. You must walk away from certain relationships, places, people, activities, and routines. You must risk the loss that can resonate from walking away from these things in search of something better. It is hard as hell, but you must do it.

For instance, you face opportunity and regret when you walk away from a serious relationship — what if you were meant to be? What if you can’t find someone that loves you as much? What if you miss him or her when you lie alone at night? What if you loose them forever? What if being on the rebound takes hold of you and you end up accidentally sleeping with that weird guy at the office that Facebook Pokes you literally every day?!

That’s the regret taunting you to turn back.

Remember why you closed that door in the first place though. What if leaving that relationship opens a new window to meet someone that is truly compatible with you? Someone that gives you the kind of love, or space, or respect, or fulfillment that you need? Maybe this is the time to truly come into your own. Maybe you’ll meet some hot, amazing, fabulous heartthrob with a cute butt that gives you as many back massages as you want!

That’s the opportunity knocking at your door waiting for you to walk through.


You’re scared. I know. I am too. But it’s a good scary. Is there any better kind of scary than the heart-pounding, exciting uncertainty of looking at the future and seeing an empty canvas that you get to paint yourself?

Yeah, you could screw up. You could paint something that wouldn’t even sell at a garage sale in North Dakota. You could paint something so ugly your grandma wouldn’t even think it’s pretty!

But you could also paint a masterpiece that will hang at the Met. You could paint something exquisite, that you’re proud of, that people admire, and that inspires those that come across it.

That’s what I plan to do.


If you moved beyond your fear, what doors would open to you?

Let life scare it out of you.


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