When I first went on Buddhist retreat I was 21 and went with the landowner of my Muay Thai gym and current employer in Phuket, Goong. The retreat took place in April 2012 over Songkran. It was me and about 45 Thai people for a 10 day (daily)fast and meditation and teaching retreat led by Ma Keow near Nakhon Si Thammarat. As much of the teaching was taking place in Thai, Ma Keow took me aside for some private tuition. At the end of the ten days she gave me half a dozen books. One of the books said on it, “Don’t seek. See.”. The trouble with wanting something, or not wanting something, is that it does not properly allow a person to see what is actually there. A kind of opaqueness covers a person from being able to see because they are engaged in what would be considered an exploitative activity. Wanting. One need not want at all only be and do and in general, want the good life for themselves but cling to no specific wants at all.

The Bad