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By the time Belfort made his 1997 UFC debut, people pretty much knew the deal with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). So when Belfort, a man with a BJJ background, entered the UFC 12 tournament everyone basically expected him to play the ground game.

Instead, fans saw a fighter with some of the fastest and most explosive hands ever. First, Tra Telligman fell via TKO after 1:17 in round one; then Scott Ferrozzo fell the same way after only 43 seconds, giving Belfort a heavyweight tournament win. All told, his first four MMA victories came by way of (T)KO in a mere 3:04 combined.

Brazilian mixed martial artist, currently signed to ONE Championship Vitor Belfort has a net worth of $7 million dollars, as of 2021. Belfort previously competed for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He fought in the Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight and Middleweight divisions.

First they were fighting, then sleeping.

  • Date of Birth: Vitor Belfort (Vitor Vieira Belfort) was born on April 1, 1977 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Training Camp, Fighting Organization, and Nickname: Belfort currently trains with Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas, Nevada. He fights for the UFC and goes by the nickname, The Phenom.

Getting Into Fighting

According to an interview at Xtreme Couture MMA, Belfort first got into fighting through Carlson Gracie. Initially, he was training with one of his students, who told him that he “needed to train with Carlson,” because he “was too tough for the other guys in the gym.” In fact, at age 17 Belfort moved to the United States with Gracie, eventually receiving his black belt in BJJ under him before they had a falling out.

MMA Beginnings

Belfort made his MMA debut at Super Brawl 2, dismissing Jon Hess by KO after only 12 seconds. He then went onto win the UFC 12 Heavyweight Tournament before defeating Tank Abbott, a legendary MMA fighter, by TKO after only 52 seconds at UFC 13. Unfortunately for him, he then lost to Randy Couture when “The Natural” dominated him in the clinch. This fight served as Couture’s breakthrough fight.

Vitor Belfort vs. Wanderlei Silva

It was thought by many that Wanderlei Silva, also known as “The Axe Murderer”, was going to be the next big ticket item in the UFC. But then Belfort destroyed him by vicious TKO at UFC: Ultimate Brazil in only 44 seconds, once again reminding the masses of his amazing explosiveness.

Vitor Belfort UFC Champion

After matches in both PRIDE and the UFC, Belfort received a shot at the UFC light heavyweight title via a rematch against Randy Couture (UFC 46). After an errant thumb opened up a cut on Couture’s eye, he won. Due to the circumstances, the UFC pitted the two against one another again at UFC 49. This time Couture won his belt back by way of decision.

Fighting Style

As was indicated earlier, Belfort has a background in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Along with this, he certainly has solid submissions on the ground and takedown defense. That said, he is most proficient at the stand up game, where he has regularly demonstrated an ability to take opponents out viciously with his hands. He simply possesses excellent boxing skills.

Personal Life

Belfort is married to Joana Prado, a Brazilian model perhaps best known for the character H she portrayed on a television show. They have three children together, including one son named Davi, and two daughters, Kyara and Victoria. Belfort’s sister, Priscila Belfort, was kidnapped on January 9, 2004 and eventually killed. A woman identified as Elaine Paiva later confessed to participating in her killing, which was done in an attempt to help pay off drug debts she had.

Some of Vitor Belfort’s Greatest Knockouts:

  • Belfort KO’s Matt Lindland at Affliction: Day of Reckoning after only 37 seconds in round one- Lindland was considered a top two or three middleweight when he entered the ring against Belfort on January 24, 2009. One vicious Belfort left hand dropped him several rungs in the rankings.
  • Belfort TKO’s Marvin Eastman at UFC 43 after only 1:07 in round one- In a nutshell, Belfort threw some lightning fast punches that opened up one of the worst cuts ever seen in combat sports on Eastman’s head.
  • Belfort TKO’s Wanderlei Silva at UFC: Ultimate Brazil in only 44 seconds- In the end, this one wasn’t even close.
  • Belfort TKO’s Tank Abbott at UFC 13: Back in 1997, when you destroyed Tank Abbott it made big time waves. Such was the case here.

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