How much is Trent Tomlinson worth?

Net Worth:$1 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:July 3, 1975
Country:United States of America

Who Is Trent Tomlinson

Trent Tomlinson was born on July 3, 1975 in Blytheville, MO. His early influences were Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Keith Whitley and Prince.

American country music artist Trent Tomlinson has a net worth of $1 million dollars, as of 2020. His debut album “Country Is My Rock” was released in 2006.

Country Is My Rock

‘Country Is My Rock’ is an album for the guys and an album for the girls. There’s heavy rockin’ country songs and some ballads to please just about every one. Not only is the sound amazing but the songs are too. Trent co-wrote every song and helped produced the album. Some co-writers include Bobby Pinson, Anthony Smith, and Aaron Barker.

Trent Tomlinson managed to put together a fantastic debut album. After having off & on luck with the Nashville music scene in the past, he deserves to have his name out there & his music available for purchase. There’s a whole lot of substance in these eleven songs & Trent’s personal stamp is on every inch of the album.

In the first song, “Country Is My Rock,” Trent tells it like it really is. “Give me some Hag, give me the Possum over screaming guitars on top” is the declaration. To him, country music is what he is all about & is the only way to soothe his redneck soul. “Cheatin’ On My Honky-Tonk” shows a comical side of Trent. He makes his appearances at the local honky-tonk but after a few hours he sneaks out to be with his lady. “Angels Like Her” is such a spectacular song about a man who struggles with decisions he makes. He knows partying is what drove her away but he can’t bring himself to change.

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“The Next Time” rocks out with heavy guitars & lyrics about a man who wakes up in a cheap motel with a note from a lady he didn’t know at all. He says he won’t do that again – at least until the next time it happens. “Drunker Than Me” is the album’s first single & illustrates that Trent can write a humorous song that isn’t too “hokey.” “One Wing In The Fire” was written by Trent along with Bobby Pinson. “I can’t imagine what Heaven might be like – if me & momma make it without daddy at her side” Trent sings at the end of the song.

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