Tim Tebow Net Worth

How much is Tim Tebow worth?

Net Worth:$3 Million
Profession:Professional Baseball Player
Date of Birth:August 14, 1987 (age 35)
Country:Philippines-born America
6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)

About Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is a professional baseball player that plays in the minor league (AAA) for the New York Mets organization. He is also a former NFL quarterback, having played for the Broncos, Jets, Patriots, and Eagles. Tebow has been a college football analyst and broadcaster as well.

Born on August 14, 1987 in Manilla, Philippines, Tim Tebow is one of the greatest college quarterbacks of all-time. He played at the University of Florida and won the 2007 Heisman Trophy award. Tebow led the Gators to a National Championship in 2008 when they defeated No. 1 ranked Oklahoma 24-14.

American former professional football quarterback, former professional baseball player, and broadcaster Tim Tebow has an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars, as of 2023. He is currently a free agent.

Tebow holds many school records for the University of Florida. He passed Emmit Smith for most rushing touchdowns in a season with 37 in 2008. Tim Tebow was awarded an ESPY in 07′ and 08″ for “Best Male College Athlete”. In 2009, Sports Illustrated named him “The College Football Player of the Decade”.

The youngest of five children, Tebow’s parent’s also attended the University of Florida. His father, Robert, met his mother, Pamela, during his sophomore year. Pamela was a freshman at the time. The couple wed on June 12, 1971, prior to Pamela’s graduation.

Completely home-schooled with his siblings by his parents, Tebow lived in the Philippines until he was three years old. The Tebow’s then moved to Jacksonville, FL. His parent’s strong religious beliefs in Christianity contributed to Tim’s upbringing. Tebow played football at Trinity Christian Academy while he pursued his homeschooling graduation. He was recognized for his outstanding home-school performance with a special reward after he graduated in 2008.

While Tim Tebow is widely acknowledged as a historically great college quarterback, his fame stems from his religious background. Tebow was selected by the Denver Broncos with the 25th pick in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. Many scouts were questioning Tebow’s ability to succeed as a quarterback in the NFL leading up to the draft.

Most experts and analysts sited Tebow’s poor throwing mechanics as the reason he’d struggle to excel at the next level. Although he was a dominant quarterback in college, many NFL coaches and executives weren’t sold on his potential professionally. Taking Tebow in the first round was controversial and the Broncos general manager John Elway was criticized for the pick.

Tebow had an otherworldly level of competitiveness. Unfortunately, it didn’t help him become a successful NFL quarterback. He saw little playing time in his rookie season as he played in nine games (three starts). Tim served as the backup and was usually put in the game only when the team was in the Wildcat formation. He finished the season with 654 yards, 5 touchdowns, and 3 interceptions.

Tim Tebow did have a marvelous moment of glory during the 2011 postseason. The Broncos hosted the Steelers in the first round of the playoffs and Tebow led them to an overtime victory. He threw for 316 yards and 2 touchdowns including the game-winning pass in overtime.

During Tebow’s brief NFL career, he frequently praised his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in interviews. In interactions with reporters at press conferences, Tim consistently expressed his faith and beliefs publicly. While not the first Christian professional athlete, very few (if any), essentially preached the gospel through the media. Spreading the word of Jesus through the mainstream was unorthodox, and, to some, uncomfortable.

Tim Tebow built his wealth from his earnings in the NFL as a quarterback. According to Sportrac, Tebow earned approximately $9.7 million from his four years in the NFL.

For his rookie year, Tim Tebow made $1.7 million in salary as well as a signing bonus as a Denver Bronco. Tebow’s second season was far more lucrative, as he raked in $6.8 million in his second season in Denver. After being traded to the New York Jets, Tebow’s earnings for 2012 were $1.1 million.

ESPN has also been a source of income for Tebow, as he worked in broadcasting for the network from 2013 to 2017. While it’s possible his efforts as a college football analyst paid well, his earnings from ESPN remain undisclosed. Overall, the paychecks from the NFL are what made Tim Tebow rich.

According to Rising Apple, Tebow received a $100k signing bonus in 2016 when he joined the New York Mets. While big-league ballplayers make big money, those of which are in the minor leagues do not.

It would have been better financially if Tebow’s NFL career panned out. Yet since he was an All-State baseball player in high school, Tebow went on to pursue his baseball career. You might mistakenly assume Tebow is making hundreds of thousands of dollars in the minor league’s. According to Forbes however, the most Tebow is earning in the minors is $2,700 per month.

Tim Tebow exhibits a fierce competitive nature unlike any other when on the playing field. While a lot of NFL player’s fathers also played professionally, that wasn’t the case with Tim Tebow. His father ran an orphanage and would organize various Christian missionaries.

The tenacious drive to achieve victory when playing the game is likely a top reason for his success. Tebow had the athletic build and measurements (6’3″, 245 lbs) to be a great football player. His outstanding work ethic and unwillingness to give up on his dream is also what makes Tim Tebow so successful.

Many speculate that Tebow got his opportunity with the Mets to attract more fans due to his celebrity status. Every time he would promote his religious beliefs, he arguably grew his cult following more. Although his preaching and almost reciting sermons to reporters rubbed some people the wrong way, other people loved it. Especially, most other Christians.

There was something incredibly appealing about Tim Tebow to believers in Christianity. They wanted him to succeed and rooted for him on at every opportunity. Despite batting .194, Tebow’s Mets jersey, is one of the top sellers based on his popularity.


The story of Tim Tebow’s rise to fortune and fame is right out of a Hollywood blockbuster. A goofy white kid from a sheltered environment trying to pursue a dream of playing in the NFL is exciting. It would be average if he failed to make it, but he went on to be a first-round draft pick.

Although his NFL career didn’t turn out as he’d hoped, it wasn’t for a lack of trying. Tebow was relentless in his pursuit of continuing his football career, but it wasn’t meant to be. Despite his professional football failures, he’ll always be regarded as one of the best college quarterbacks of all-time.

Most people don’t like it when someone insists on forcing their beliefs upon them. It seemed to occur naturally coming from Tebow because of his Christian upbringing. Whatever the case, God was good to Tim Tebow. He has an estimated net worth of $3 million and slowly, growing.

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